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Looking for vaccine-friendly pediatrician/family doctor in NH, ME or MA.

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My husband and I just had our first baby. We're not going to vaccinate our children, and our pediatrician has already told us she is going to give us a hard time about it. Does anyone know of any vaccine-friendly doctors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Maine? We're willing to travel for the kind of care we want our doctor to give our children.

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Dr. Oteri at the Wholistic Wellness center is very respectful of parental choice. She is in Amherst NH
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I'm passing on to you what someone passed on to me!

I don't know them yet, but I'm checking these out for us. 

Good luck!





Luke Huber, N.D.
Huber Natural Health, LLC
289 Main St.
Salem, NH 03079
ph: 603-890-9900
fax: 603-890-9933
Lynn Durand, M.D.
Family Tree Health Care
81 Hall St.
Concord, NH 03301
ph: 603-228-7245
fax: 603-228-7406

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When we moved here from NY I came to this forum and got Great advice (thanks NH mamas). 


Jill St.George is a FNP in Bedford, NH at the Bedford Family Wellness Center-a part of the Catholic Medical Center.  She is super sweet and very respectful of your choices.  My 3yo has a wonderful relationship with her.  She has never questioned me or given me any unsolicited information.  She is not terribly familiar with alternative or complimentary modalities, which is something to note.  There is one doctor in her practice I was also referred to, Dr. Gordon Thompson?, who was not accepting new patients 1 year ago.


Word on the street is that Dr. Oteri is no longer accepting new patients either.........but I have heard she is fabulous too.



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We have been bringing our DD to this doctor since she was born (she is almost 9) and we think he's terrific. Totally holistic. I can get a physical scheduled with him within the week and he always spends a lot of time to answer your questions at every visit. 


Dr. Alexander Angelov

990 Paradise Rd # 3
Swampscott, MA 01907
(781) 593-8775

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I hadn't heard Dr. Oteri wasn't accepting new patients. She would be my recommendation. It's worth a try, even if there's a waiting list. My family loves her!

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I had my baby a week ago and I STILL don't have a doctor...sigh!


The ones I was told about are not accepting new patients.  Any other arrows???



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When Dr. Oteri left to start her own practice, she referred her patients to Jessica Dumais, APRN of Willowbend Family Practice in Bedford. The number is 603.663.8060. If Jennifer is unavailable, I (think) Dr. Michael Mattin would be respectful of vaccination choices, but we haven't had him as a doctoc for our children, so I'm not positive. She also referred patients to another doctor, but I can't remember the doctor's name or practice. I can try to find out if you don't find a doctor soon.

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Congratulations on the birth and welcome to motherhood, which is always a work in progress!

Laura Bridgeman is a naturopathic physician in Waterville Maine, whom I would like to have for my family, but money is too tight these days, though I'm not absolutely certain it would cost more, just depends on what our insurance would cover with her, but last I knew, she does take Blue Cross Blue Shield.


As for what we do, Three Rivers Family Practice in Waterville is a typical family practice in every way I can tell, except that they seem to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, on being osteopathic, and supportive of natural and least-invasive approaches. They never asked us anything about vaccines and seem fine with us not vaccinating, and they don't seem to expect us to bring the kids in monthly or whatever for "well child" visits. My kids haven't been to the doctor since their last yearly physical, for themselves, though they accompany me whenever I go. They seem respectful of the idea that there is no point in taking anyone to the doctor's office for routine viral illnesses, for instance. And Dr. Kelly was impressed when I declined the anti-viral medication when I came down with a light case of shingles while pregnant. She said I was the only person she had ever seen decline it, because even though it can only shorten the duration, most people would take anything she could offer. So she does seem supportive of a least-intervention approach.


I switched my kids to her because the local pediatrician seemed like a McPedi, like a massive, busy, high-turnaround, vaccine-pushing kid mill. I drew the line at the doc feigning fear and actually biting his nails in pantomime, saying he was so afraid for my baby if I didn't let her have the chickenpox vaccine, and from that point forward, my family doc is good enough for our kids too, we don't have a pedi, don't want one, and are much happier.


Hope you find or have found what you are looking for. There are some excellent holistic/naturopathic physicians around Maine, and many take insurance.

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I know this is an old thread, but for the mom that recommended Jill St. George, is she knowledgeable of vaccines?  I am also looking for a ped. that will talk through vaccines with us, as we have a lot of autoimmune issues in the family, including a preschooler with type 1 diabetes.  


Thanks so much!


We are in Amherst:)


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