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Long Term Rilatin Use

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Does anyone have good info on the long term effects of Ritalin? My DH has been on it for 26 years and I am really concerned about the long term consequences on his body (especially heart) of taking what is essentially speed for most of his life.


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I stumbled across this article, which you *may* find helpful (it only looks at a use period of 10 years though)




The results of this study indicate that the effect of stimulants on heart rate can be detected even after years of use, suggesting that the body does not get completely used to it. However, after 10 years of treatment, researchers found no increased risk for hypertension. In addition, none of the children reported any adverse cardiovascular events over the 10-year period.

The researchers do note that the effect on heart rate may be clinically significant for individuals who have underlying heart conditions. Therefore, children taking stimulants over the long-term should be monitored regularly for potential cardiovascular complications.





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