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TTC and Thyroid Meds; told to stop Armour

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I know there are other threads about this, but wanted to start my own. I met with a new Endocrinologist this morning (a female).  She demanded I stop my Armour (T-4/T-3 combo) medication today and start Synthroid. She said my T-4 (which is incredibly out of whack, even though my T-3 level indicates I'm hyper) needs to be in the right place for me to conceive. This runs somewhat counter to all the accolades I have heard about armour;however, in recent months my periods have whittled down from 3-4 days to 1-2.


We've been TTC since Dec/January. Took two months off/ not trying so hard. She wrote "infertile" on my chart. That sucked. 


On the other hand, I've had two miscarriages in the past; maybe she's on to something.


I am starting synthroid in the morning, repeat labs in six weeks, and if things aren't right at that point, go to a Synthroid (T-4 only) /Cytomel (T-3 only) combo.  She's also checking all other hormones.  I've started Vitamin B complex and D-3.


What do you all think?


in the TWW now, but did not pinpoint O so either 12 or 10 DPO.



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Would you mind posting your FT4 and FT3 numbers? A lot of the rave reviews for Armour are for the old formulation. I was diagnosed after reformulation; I tried Armour, Naturethroid, Westhroid, and the Canadian generic Armour before I gave up and switched to a compounded synthetic T4/T3 blend. With all of the natural hormone preparations, I had really low FT4 and high (often above range) FT3. I was active on message boards where most other people had the same problem. Above range FT3 isn't by itself a concern all the time, but for most people, low FT4 will make them feel crummy. 


I'm surprised/pleased that she's got you on D3 and that she's checking other hormones. The fact that she's not going only by TSH is very, very promising. Most endos don't even consider FT4 and FT3. Some people do really well with Synthroid if they don't have conversion (T4->T3) problems, so it's worth a shot. I'm doing well with the compounded synthetic blend.

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how do you feel? What is your tsh?  I only ask because they say the prime tsh for pregnancy is between 1-2. When my t3 is in hyper range I do NOT feel hyper. I STILL feel hypo. For me their test is wrong. I know what hyper feels like. jittery, talk too fast, mind wanting to scrub the eiffel tower. You may want to get a different endo if she is demanding anything based on numbers and not how you feel. Who cares what your t4 says as long as you are getting your t3 and the proper amount. Just WHAT level is it anyway?


You're not infertile until a year of trying and you've become pregnant twice in 9 months? You sound pretty fertile to me! Your problem is staying pregnant not infertility. You need to be seeing a reproductive endo for that. Someone who can test your progesterone etc.


I'm concerned if your t4's are "wonky" what in the world is going to happen when you take away your t3 (the only FUNCTIONING of the two for your body) and gives you t4 only (which tells your body to make t3 and then your body actually uses the t3).  I am going to assume she thinks your t4 is off because it is saying to make more t3 and she thinks you have enough. Perhaps you only need t3. Seems off to me anyway. Post your numbers :)

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Personally, I think you need a new Endo.

I only've been on Synthroid and Levothyroxine, and have had to trouble maintaining good thyroid levels, and I still have my thyroid (although it misbehaves), so I'm sorry I'm no help there. I was, however, unable to get pg until my levels were below 2 on the TSH scale
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Thanks ya'll -- All I can remember about the labs that sent me on this journey was that my T-4 indicated I was hypo and my T-3 indicated I was hyper.


I will post the most recent labs as soon as I get them. I will ask for a copy this time. You all have helped me to realize I need to be more diligent in monitoring my health.



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OH.. did you take your test right after you took your thyroid pill? Never take your thyroid (natural) before a test as it will skew the results since natural thyroid meds will be immediately released into your body as man made takes like 6 weeks to really get in there. If you just took a bunch of t3 of course it will show high since you JUST took it. Knowing hos stupid doctors are I've even been known to stop taking my meds for 3 days so I get the right amount prescribed to me. But I KNOW hyper and believe me at my weight... and taking 4 naps a day.. I ain't hyper lol

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I've conceived and successfully carried 3 babies while on Armour. I will never go back to Synthroid so long as I can help it. However, there are other options out there. I agree that you should get a second opinion. It's so hard when your Dr. says something that doesn't sit right with you. I think it's early to consider you infertile too. I'm so sorry mama. I hope you can get some answers soon. 

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I conceived my son while taking 90 mg Armour without any problems and didn't need to change the dose during the pregnancy. In the months after birth though, my levels went all over the place (from 11 to .014 in the span of weeks...) and I changed the Armour levels but had no symptom relief and I only healed after switching to a gluten free diet, limiting my sugar intake, and taking several supplements under the guidance of my doctor (including selenium, thytrophin pmg, magnesium, calcium, DHA, etc....). Now I am symptom free and on 60 mg Armour, still gluten free which from what I have read is critical to slow down thyroid destruction and avoid miscarriages. 

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Thanks, I've been contemplating Gluten free.


It looks as if my test results are indeed conflicting and that I may be having hyper and hypo symptoms at the same time. My doctor swears that I want conceive until my T-4 is higher, which is why she wants me on Synthroid. And that the too much T-3 has caused my periods to reduce to two days...


TSH: 0.228; Range: 0.45-4.5

Free T4: 0.9; Range: 0.61-1.76

Free Triodothyonine(T-3?): 6.2; Range 2.0-4.4


What do you all think?





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Uh Bull****? First of all according to what you wrote your T4 is FINE. Secondly T4 has NOTHING to do with your body and how it functions in this scenario. The Pituitary glad puts out the number TSH. It tells your thyroid how much T4 to have. Your T4 then adds one molecule and turns it into T3. That's the only job of the T4.. to turn it to T3. T3 is then USED by your body to regulate metabolism etc.


Unless you are looking at the overall balance and what nots if you have hashi's or are sick t4 doesn't mean much more than a barrel of beans. It's all about the T3. Some people don't have a working t4 nor a working tsh. Remember tsh is put out by your pituitary gland as an overall message of what to make. The pituitary glad (which could be broke) looks at the overall signals and makes a decision to send down a note to the T4 part of the thyroid gland on what it thinks it needs to be doing. This is why many people don't put a lot of power into the tsh because it's not the thyroid and it may not know what it's talking about.


Anyway.. How do you FEEL???Do you feel jittery? Did you take you rpill RIGHT before the test? Do you think you could LIVE with lowering your armour. Note I said LOWERING not chucking it! I feel hypo at .2 but that's ME. The tsh goal is 1-2 for ttcing but I would think it matters more on how you feel.


I also had a barbaric nurse put my on levo (synthroid). So I do take .05 of it just to shut her up and people are always confused when I go to the pharmacy and even my NEW dr is but let's it ride.


My doctor before said only people from the barbarian age used armour. I had gotten severely sick on levo and demanded armour. Man sooo much better!


Remember synthroid is T4 only. If you convert just fine or if it makes you feel better more power to you. But if YOU don't want to do this.. as him to hold up..  let you take 60 mg (actually I don't remember what dosage you're on) or ask to stay and retest and next time before you take your test don't take your armour for a few days like 2 or 3 before hand because armour IS immediate satisfaction. And your numbers will drop to maybe HER happy range.

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Thanks for your reply. I do have hashi's. My last miscarriage was in 2004 so quite some time ago.  I think i was functioning fine on the armour until they reformulated it, but after talking to the doctor -- several of my symptoms, it appears, could be linked to too much T-3: anxiety, headaches, mind running constantly, and scant periods. i think the synthroid is worth a try...


any other thoughts?



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