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Enki Teaching guides

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 Unschooling mom here, switching to waldorf curriculum this school year.  I am looking to buy the Enki teaching guide... should I start with foundations, early childhood, or first grade? 


I have a 7.5 year old (first grader?) and an almost 5 year old.



I am planning on using Christopherus for the 1st grader and....



not sure for the little one but little acorns sounds fun!




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I'm a little confused.  Enki has its own curriculum along with foundational guides that explain the Enki approach.  You can do Waldorf without doing Enki, which it sounds like this may be a point of confusion since you mention Enki alongside Christopherus and Little Acorn Learning.  If you do an Enki curriculum package, you get the foundational guides.  You could also buy the guides and incorporate Enki ideas with other resources like Christopherus.  Is that what you're trying to do?

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Hi there!

I was debating between ENki and Christopherus Waldorf, but it sounds like Enki might be a little overwhelming for me curric. wise.  Hoooowever, I am interested in potentially incorporating some aspects, but most of all I have just heard such good things about the teaching manuals that I figure it must be good literature.  Then, going to buy it, I realized I just don't know where I am in the progression... do I start at the beginning although the children are older?

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I thought the teaching guides were the same for all of them? From what I remember, everybody begins with the Foundations.  I think there was also some sort of credit if you bought the Foundations and then ended up buying the full curriculum.  I know the Enki Yahoo group is good, and also Beth can consult with you on the phone.


I used Donna's (Christopherus) Kindy book and it was very inspirational--although Little Acorn will give you more of a daily what you do approach.  You can download a one week sample for September on her site.


Good luck :)

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If you're looking into Enki my understanding is that the foundation guides are the same for all the grades, but the grade materials are different for each grade, so if you want to understand the ins and outs of how Enki works, buy the guides.  Good luck!

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There are Foundation guides and then homeschool/teaching guide for each level.  The foundations would be good for anyone parenting or homeschooling.  I personally have not found Enki overwhelming at all.  It is very organized and imo you get what you pay for.  I find that it is so easy because everything you need are in just a few binders.  It only takes me a short prep time each month to pull all my choices for the next block put it into a binder divided for each week and away you go.  I have a few things from Christopherus and they are ok, but I always feel the need to add to it and end up spending more in the end.

There is a pre purchase call that is pretty much one on one.  Amy does this call & is really great at helping you decide if Enki would be a good it.  There is also an Enki Facebook page.

Best Wishes for your schooling!

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