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indoor plants for air purification

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we put on an addition to our house, upstairs. what i didn't figure on was the smoke coming up from my husbands "smoking room" / breezeway. i closed off the heater vent in his room, but the smoke still comes up when we open the upstairs windows. as a last resort, i'm keeping the windows in the room above the smoke room closed, and am buying lots of tropical plants to put in the upstairs rooms.


has anybody else used plants for air purification? from what i've read on the internet, they can also help add humidity to the air, which is a big bonus (if true), as i suffer from dry skin all winter long. supposedly, they can even replace a humidifier.


anybody else have luck with this type of arrangement? how many tropical plants, and what kinds are best for you?


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we keep plants for some of the reasons you are trying-we don't smoke but we use them for the purification reasons


as with the tropical - you must have the need light!!!! they really do add humidity and that is really nice (we like it) we have one bird of paradise (over 5 ft) next to a almost 4 ft corn plant along with several others that require lots of water - we are unable to keep these in the bed rooms (not correct light) but where we do have them you can notice the difference


we do keep other plants near the windows and room that face the main road (easy in eliminating exhaust fumes- we hope) - the real key again is the proper light for each type


all you can do is try!





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spider plants are some of the best ones..  i think there's a list of the best plants and for what purposes, based on a study that nasa did.. here's one link to the list. 

we don't do the indoor smoking thing, but i can talk about humidity-- not only do plants increase it but they need help with it too.  you might think about putting pebble lined trays beneath your plants so that you can keep water there to help.  most of them like to be misted, too.  

we have a sunroom where we keep most of the plants, but sometimes i will shuffle them around for decorative purposes; they won't mind a week away from their light source so they can look pretty and filter a little air.  some of the ones on the list, like the mother-in-law tongue/snake plant and peace lilly don't really nead that much light. 

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