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Visiting Nashville

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I'll be going to Nashville in a couple of weeks to help out my SIL who will be there for a weeklong training for her job. During the day she will be gone and I'll have DS (7 mos) and her babe (8 mos) to play with! I'm looking for suggestions for places to go out with 2 babies like nice parks or gardens or cool local shopping... maybe a neat flea market? I plan to borrow, rent, or buy a double stroller.



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Cheekwood Park is lovely.  Also, the downtown LIbrary has an awesome storytime -- it is too advanced for babies?  Probably, but you still might find it fun.



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Centennial park is very nice and pretty close to Panera, Starbucks, Maggy Moos, and some other yummy places!
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Thanks! How about any great cloth diapering shops? In case I need a fix! Hahaha
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I have a two great friends that live in the Nashville area.  We went to Centennial Park and saw the Parthenon.  That was awesome!  I think there is a slash park in Nashville as well.

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