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chicken pox and pregnancy?

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My kids (2 and 4) are not vaccinated, and although I was given the vaccine in adolescence, my titers show that I am not immune.  A neighbor of ours was diagnosed with shingles and my 4 y/o has a lot of red spots/bumps on his abdomen and legs, and a couple on his back.  I originally assumed bug bites, because we get a lot of them whenever we are out in our yard, but he's gotten more and we haven't been out since.  They are itchy to him, but he isn't exhibiting any other signs/symptoms.


I guess we'll bring him to the pedi to get checked out.  My question is what would you do in my situation (19 weeks pregnant, not immune) if it is pox.  I would probably go stay with my mom to avoid catching (not sure if it would be too late for that) if that would help, but would you opt for the immunoglobulin shot for yourself?  From reading, there is about a 2% chance in my point of pregnancy of complications for the baby, which isn't much, but I want to weigh the options.  Any feedback on the immunoglobulin shot and any side effects/ warnings about it?


I've spent the past 27 years not catching chicken pox when others get it, so I'm hoping there's just something about my body that doesn't take to chicken pox!



eta: I'm now seeing that the immunoglobulin might not even be made anymore?  What's the most recent info on this?

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Unless your child had direct contact with the shingles lesions of your neighbor, it is doubtful they got CP from your neighbor.


If I was in your shoes, I would do nothing. Titres do not always reflect one's immunity. Some people show no immunity and never get a disease and others show great immunity and still come down with it.


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Thank you! He definitely didn't have direct contact with the lesions, so that is good to know.  When I think of the 2% in terms of other risks one might take, it concerns me less and less.

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