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which prefolds should i get?

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the diaper service which was gifted to us for four months is about to run out, so it's time to buy some prefolds for our 16 lb nearly 4-month-old ds.


i've narrowed it down to little lions and gmd.  looking at gmd mediums (the unbleached or perhaps the organic) and the little lions regular sized unbleached.  i'm leaning towards little lions because of the price, but i just noticed that they're 4X6X4.  the capris are 4X8X4, but they seem a little on the small size.


hoping to get some recommendations from those who have used these.

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I would suggest gmd unbleached. I like how unbleached hid stains better. I also think they hold up better. I use a snappi and love the width of gmd

I would also recommend going with the brown size. I gave my sister my old gmd yellows and they are getting small on her average size 5m old. She can no longer do a twist fold. I went straight from yellow to brown at 9m. Wanted to get them sooner, but they were out of stock.
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thanks for the response, but i actually ended up going with the little lions.  ordered them wednesday night and they arrived today.  nice, quick turnaround...i like that.


i ended up going with the premium unbleached indian seconds because they were only $12/dozen.  i figured, even if i hate them, no big loss.  anyway, they look pretty good (would never know they were seconds).  washing them right now, so we'll see how they turn out.


thanks again.  i might try gmd in the future.

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I know you said you made your purchase, but you might want to ask the service about when they sell theirs as "rags" (still VERY usable!!).  Our local service just went through and pulled out all their rags and I bought 50 toddler sized for $15 (yes, $.30/each!!) and they were selling infant sized for 100/$25 = $.25/each.  Extremely minor staining on a few and a few loose threads, but basically better than my current stash.

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good idea.  i did ask the service if they sold their diapers (they do for between $15 and $24/dozen which i thought was reasonable), but never thought to ask if they sold the ones they no longer use.  the service uses bleached chinese prefolds and i guess i was just looking to try something new (although if i could get them for as little as you're suggesting, i'd probably use them). 


thanks for the tip.  i may try that in the future.

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