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booo. TMI

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guys, my butt bleeds every single time I poop (which is once every three days or so, yes am battling a bit of constipation).   Ouchhhhhhh.   


I use Earth Mama's Butt Balm when I can remember (if it's a home poop, haha) and that helps some.  




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fiber, water, and walking. Use a foot stool when you poop so your knees are higher than your hips, and don't push.

eta: Ive dealt with painful poop issues and hemmroids for years :( I totally understand!

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Me too! I have a hemorrhoid that bleeds on the *ahem* large poops, especially if I can't poop for 2 days. And then I clog the toilet. redface.gif

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DDCC.  When I was hideously constipated, enemas worked wonders.  WONDERS.  Check with your HCP first, though.  The sodium can cause problems for some.  Stool softeners also did a lot for me.

The things you take for granted 'til them become problems...

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I would try magnesium citrate to bowel tolerance say 1000-1200mg a day. Most people are deficient in Mg anyway, so it could help on multiple accounts.

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