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Social Group Comments and Questions

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Welcome.gif  to our new social group!!


Please post here if you have any questions or comments about the social group itself. 


Please note that the group description and other group details (except the picture) cannot be edited at this time.  There is a bug that is supposed to be resolved in a couple of weeks. 

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Does anyone else use TapaTalk on their phone to post? I can't find the social group through there. If anyone does, please let me know! I do most of my DDC reading/ posting on my phone!

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I use tapatalk occasionally. I wonder if it will take a tapatalk update in order to access the social group? Might be worth bugging the developers about

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Amanda, is it an issue of finding the link to the group?  Or an issue of actually responding to threads in the group?

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It's finding the group at all. If you click on a link in TapaTalk, it opens a web browser instead of just using the app. The app makes the forum very phone friendly. In order to find the group, it would need to be listed under a normal forum. 


You're probably right, LilStar. 

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So how do you respond to posts if you cannot click on links?  Are you able to click on forum/thread title links, just not url's that are posted inside threads?   If so, then you could go to the MDC home page or your profile page and click on the "November 2011 DDC" link under a recent post... or does that not work either?  Could you click on a recent thread in the group that you posted in and then click on the links above or below the post to get back to the discussion section?


If none of this works, I would suggest posting in the Social Groups thread that is going on in the Questions and Suggestions forum:  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1327212/social-groups-are-here   They are planning on releasing a platform update in mid-September that will have a Groups button on the navibar (which may or may not solve this problem) and will allow us to edit our group description.

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I asked if we could move threads from the DDC forum over to our social group and unfortunately we cannot.  So we will lose all the serial threads like the u/s and belly pic threads.  Cynthia's only suggestion was an attempt to copy and paste, but that would seriously take forever.  Though if someone was interested in doing that, it would really boost your post count!  lol.gif

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How do I get to this social group from the main mothering.com/community home page?  The only way I can see to get to this is by going to my DDC, clicking the link for the social group, clicking another link that takes me here.  That a lot of steps!

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When they upload the new platform in mid-September (so any day now), there will be a Social Groups button on the navibar.  But for now you have to manually type in the url (www.mothering.com/community/groups) or click on the group link from our DDC forum or where ever else it is posted (like in your approval PM).

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O ok thanks!

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Looks like the new platform is being loaded right now. I can see the Groups button on the navibar now! But I'm also getting a bunch of errors all over the place when I try to jump forums and my Reply box is telling me that my browser is not compatible with the new rich text editor. Sigh... Hopefully it will all fix itself without me doing anything.
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Here's a thread about Tapatalk... I know some of you were having issues.
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