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Birdhappy I have a hard time losing weight, also. After I had my first when I was 18 I was convinced my body would bounce right back because I was so young- but the truth is, I was 20 pounds above my pre-preg weight when I got pregnant with #2 (I could have used 10 pounds of it, so it wasnt all just fat).  And when I got pregnant with THIS baby, I was once again 10 pounds heavier than with #2.


This pregnancy has been very different for me as far as weight.  I have only gained between 11-15 pounds so far.  My doc wants 1 pound a week from here out, meaning no more than 10 more pounds- I think its excessive because I started out at about 170, which is 20 pounds heavier than I should be at my height.


My body seriously holds on to weight while I breastfeed.  I just CANNOT seem to lose the weight, then when I quit I will immediately drop 10 pounds.  Its frustrating.  Its also a lot of the reason Im hoping to not gain too much excess weight these last 2 months.




Is it just me or is the last trimester dragging on...endlessly?  Haha.



Still hoping to hear from Luna soon :)  Hope things are going well!

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Sorry for your terrible night, Jaimee. The other night I only got 2 hours, as I couldn't get to sleep until midnight and got up around 2 and couldn't get back to sleep. DH had to be up for work at 4:30 and I had to drive him because we needed to pay bills due yesterday. No matter how hard I tried yesterday, I couldn't get a nap. I hope I'm not that tired when baby arrives. I'm laying BOTH of the kids down today for a quiet afternoon. Is your DD okay now?

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Oh I feel for you Jaimee. Owyn is cutting her very last molar right now and it's made sleep just awful around here the last few nights. Friday night, she went to bed normal but DH and I made the mistake of staying up late with friends we had over. We didn't get to sleep until around 1:30 in the morning, then Owyn was up at 2:30 just inconsolable. It took us over an hour to get her back to bed and my sleep was so interrupted it took me another hour to get back to sleep. Then, we were up at 8 for the day with a long day at the town's country fair and riding in the parade and homemade egg roll night at a friend's house. We were exhausted all day! She had two more bad nights, then last night I gave her some Motrin before bed and she slept much better. I actually got to sleep from 9:30 until almost 8 this morning! (with only one interruption when Owyn woke up from her Motrin wearing off, she went back to sleep easily though)

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Yes, thank you, my dd seems fine today.  She's active and eating normally.  I think that she over ate.  We've had this problem once in the past, too.  She is a very slow and finicky eater and sometimes we resort to the whole, you need to finish your dinner to have dessert technique and while most of the time she will stop herself when she's full despite wanting dessert, I am wondering if she over ate this time.  She says she ate to much tofu, but she also says that she wasn't full when she ate her ice cream.  I dunno.  I just feel awful for kids when they have tummy aches and throw up.  I know how much I hate it.  We have had several talks today about listening to our bodies and realizing that it's just not worth ice cream to feel so yucky.  But it's a lesson everyone has to learn and it seems to get harder as we get older!


I am hoping for an update from Christina as well!

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Hello girls smile.gif
Just wanted to update you all! It has been a crazy last few days but I am a mommy!

Our boy was born last night at 10:52pm at 33w2d.

He is doing great, though he is in the NICU and will be for a bit. He is breathing fully on his own and hasn't needed assistance in that area!
He is on IV nutrition for now until his gut can handle foods through mouth.
I am pumping every 2.5 hours and have collected up lots of yummy colostrum for my boy!

I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, but I plan to visit baby three times a day.
I got to hold him skin to skin this morning and that was so nice.
I want to be able to do that at least once a day.

I will say i had about as opposite a birth experience as i was planing for,
But i pushed through and persevered and got a vaginal delivery!!!
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Congratulations Luna!!!  joy.gif  It's so great that he's breathing on his own and that you got to have skin-to-skin with him!  And it's awesome that you've been pumping so well and got your vaginal delivery.  Super Woman!  We all look forward to hearing more updates!  grouphug.gif

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Congrats Luna!  Glad your little guy is doing so well, and its great to hear you got to deliver vaginally- even if it wasn't what you pictured.  Hang in there while baby is in the NICU, don't be afraid to PM me if you need some support.  We live in the same-ish area, let me know if you need any contacts for resources or support  thumb.gif

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Congrats, Luna!!! So glad to hear that things went as well as they did. It's awesome that he is breathing so well. Good luck with pumping and getting started with breastfeeding. Do they know how long it will be until he can eat by mouth? I hope he is discharged soon!  :)

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Luna, YAY! Congratulations!  I can't believe our first baby has been born!  joy.gif

Keep us posted on every little thing, we want ALL the pics and details!


Jaimee - I SOOO empathize with you. I am consistently getting 2-3 hours of sleep every night these days.  I can't fall asleep until anywhere from 5-7am, and I have to be at work at 8:30.  I might have to stop working soon because it's SO bad, and nothing is working.  I finally took a Unisom the other night (I haven't taken ANY kind of pill, save prenatals, this entire pregnancy, but the midwife kept reassuring me it was totally safe, and I was desperate), and guess what happened? NOTHING.  I just lay there till 6am feeling weird and dizzy and groggy.  In fact, I may have already written about it on this forum, but I can't remember.  I'm delirious, nauseated, and dizzy pretty much 24/7 these days.  It's quite extreme, and I'm getting a little worried about my health.  With insomnia at this level, I can pretty much guarantee I'll sleep MORE once the baby gets here.  Ugh.


jbk - Once I hit 170lbs I really started to panic.  I'm quite lean in "real" life (and I'm pretty tall - 5'9" - so my usual weight of ~140 is still pretty thin for me), and I have been obsessing over the numbers throughout this pregnancy.  I have to keep reminding myself that I don't weigh 175lbs (or whatever I am right now, maybe more), the two of us weigh a combined 175 pounds: me, baby, plus mini-internal-super-specialized-ecosystem for baby.  But it's hard not to panic about weight, the number on the scale.  We women have been indoctrinated well.

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My thyroid medication had to be increased again and I'm feeling so nauseous and dizzy. eyesroll.gif Hopefully my body will adjust in a few days so I don't feel so on edge. Has anybody else here had to deal with hypothyroidism and med adjustments while pregnant? I'm curious if I should expect to have a really rough adjustment period after the baby is born... I have this fear that I'll suddenly get really sick when the baby is out and my thyroid will go wacky. I haven't had a chance to address that fear with my endocrinologist yet.



I've had hypothyroidism for nine years now. It kicked in when dd1 was born. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I had to be monitored through my pregnancy with dd2 and through this pregnancy. My Synthroid was increased, as is typical, near the beginning of this pregnancy. I haven't had any side effects from that at all. There were no problems after dd2 was born, and I don't see why there would be this time. I'll probably have my levels checked at 6 weeks postpartum and my dosage lowered back to the pre-pregnancy amount. My understanding is you'd need to have your thyroid levels be off for a significant amount of time for there to be any symptoms. 

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Congrats, Luna, on your new baby boy!

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Wow Luna! That's so great that you are both doing so well, and that you got a vaginal delivery!  Who would have ever guessed you'd have had a September baby, right?!  So crazy!  Congratulations and I hope that your baby boy is released soon so you can get into a routine at home.   Does he have a name yet?  So happy for you :)  


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Congrats Luna!  I'm glad to hear that everyone is okay.  I can't imagine having to leave my baby at the hospital though!  :(  Hopefully he matures quickly and can go home.  :)

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Yay Luna!  I'm glad he's doing well and I hope he gets to go home with you soon.

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Oh my goodness!  Congrtaulations on your baby, I'm so glad he is doing fine.  With your milk and your attention, I'm sure he will thrive and go home with you soon!  I can't wait to hear the birth story and see the pictures if you decide to share.

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Great news - my boy's NICU nurse gave him foods by mouth via a feeding tube this afternoon and again this evening and so far so good! He is doing well! I have pumped for him and the nurse is putting what I've pumped into each feed! So he is already getting my breastmilk at not even 24 hours old! I feel so blessed!
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Congrats, Luna!!! I hope to see pics soon if/when you can! Sorry you didn't get the birth you wanted, but glad that things turned out as okay as they could have in your situation.

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Excellent news Luna. Congratulations on your baby boy. That's great news about feeding too!



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OMgosh Christina!!!  Congratulations!!!!!    I cannot wait to hear all about the labor, birth, and more about how things have been going!  Shall I start a birth story and/or baby picture thread?  I can't believe our first baby is here!   joy.gif

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OMgosh Christina!!!  Congratulations!!!!!    I cannot wait to hear all about the labor, birth, and more about how things have been going!  Shall I start a birth story and/or baby picture thread?  I can't believe our first baby is here!   joy.gif

I think that would be a great idea Jaimee!  Some of the November moms are approaching 34-35 weeks, right?

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