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I have no idea if anything like this would touch your anxiety, but have you tried anything like Rescue Remedy?  It's supposed to be instantly calming and it's all natural, safe during pregnancy.  Might be worth a try, even if it just takes the edge off?


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Jaimee, sorry about your lack of sleep. I can relate to the allergy thing. Dp has mystery allergies, and he will just sit around sneezing and coughing 300 times a day. I want to smack him each time, but I try very hard to keep it inside. I have no clue why he won't do something about it! I've given him lots of options as far as natural remedies go. And he has allergy pills. Why he could even, God forbid!!, go to the DOCTOR! Who knew?? But no, he just sneezes loudly all the freaking time. Is this just a man thing?



So I'm waking up now worried about the day. Blah. I do not like dealing with any anxiety or depression after having it under control for years. It scares me. I spent an hour crying on the phone to dp yesterday for no reason. Just crap like, "I can't handle this. Everything is horrible. I'm useless." Stuff that is so not like me anymore. But I feel like if I don't stop taking the meds, I don't care enough about my baby. I think the worst part is that no one understands. There is such a stigma attached to antidepressants. Even dp told me to just be strong. I hate it when people say that!! No one would ever tell me that if I was strong enough, I wouldn't need my thyroid meds. Like I could just regulate my own thyroid hormones by breathing and doing yoga, right? And maybe some homeopathic remedies? No! So why does everyone think that I won't be depressed/ anxious if I do those things? 


Ugh... sorry for the rant. I'm just feeling down. greensad.gif


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Okay I'm freaking out a little bit.  I don't think anyone can help with this situation but I just need to get it all out!

DH and I had planned on having our wonderful neighbors on call to watch DS1 during labor/birth, and we also have good friends 3 blocks away that could be on call as well.  Well, T-giving is one week after our EDD, and while I hope I am not still prego then, I might be!  I was induced at EDD+10days with DS1, and I'm trying not to anticipate going early this time.  The problem is, our friends (3 blocks away) are travelling back to OH around thanksgiving.  So they're unavailable during that time.  Our neighbors had said they would stay here instead of travelling to Seattle for the holiday, which we appreciated.  Well, I guess only the wife knew about that b/c her husband planned a big T-giving gathering with all their family in Seattle without mentioning it to her until yesterday!  Obviously I can't expect them to plan around my family/baby, but now I'm left with nobody that day/weekend and I'm so nervous. 


I hope that baby comes before then, but I can't help but get anxious about it now!  I thought I had such a good plan in place but now I can't think of anyone who could do it during those days (all the people that DS is comfortable with are either going out of town, or have no car. We only have one car, but we'll have it at the BC and we want DS brought up to the BC to meet his brother ASAP.)  We live 2700 miles away from family, and they aren't visiting for weeks after the birth.

I just keep thinking that babies come with it's most inconvenient.  T-giving would be SUPER inconvenient.  And then on the other hand I think our bodies go into labor when we know it's "safe".  So I don't know what to do, I'm just so anxious about it and can't think of a back-up plan!  I do NOT want DS in the room while I'm laboring, especially if it's the middle of the night ( I don't want to disrupt his routine).  I just don't think it's all that out of the realm of possibility that baby would come a week past-date.  


Oh please, baby, come before T-giving... please please please.



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Has anybody here experienced lower back pain so bad that you can't even tilt your pelvis forward? It's a Friday afternoon, I don't want to call up my chiropractor, she's a half hour away and I'm in no shape to even leave the house right now. But I'm in such crippling pain that I can't stop crying, I'm rocking my pelvis side to side and applying pressure to my hips since that's the only thing that seems to detract from the back pain. I want to do pelvic rocks because those always make me feel better but I literally can't tilt my pelvis forward/hunch my lower back whatsoever. I wish my DH was awake and could just apply pressure to my back for me. mecry.gif I don't know why squeezing my sides is the only way to get some relief. I don't think this could be sciatica because I don't have the shooting pain down my butt like people have said they get? I really hope I don't have a slipped disc again. If baby goes lower in the pelvis, can you have a harder time moving your pelvis around?

I am so ready for the baby to come, guys. eyesroll.gif I don't know how much more I can take. Oy.
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ARGH!  I finally was able to get my iron levels checked, and my iron is still low.  I feel like I am always struggling with anemia, even though I supplement like crazy.  I'm 36 weeks on Tuesday, I don't want to be dealing with this!!!!!  (I hemorrhaged after my first, passed out after my second even with normal blood loss, I was REALLY hoping to not have problems with my third).


It sounds like we are all very done with being pregnant.

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Joanie, I've been having bad sciatica lately and there's no hope of it letting up until the baby comes. SEVEN more weeks of this? I wish it were 4 or 5 weeks. :/ I'm almost positive it's the baby's position and I'll have horrible back labor.

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Oh my!!! It's October! We need a new thread!

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Originally Posted by IwannaBanRN View Post

Oh my!!! It's October! We need a new thread!

I know!!

Just real quick:

TalkToMeNow: rescue remedy is a good idea, and I'd also try Calms Forte, which is officially a MIRACLE WORKER in my book. I couldn't sleep at ALL, mostly due to anxiety/racing thoughts, and the calms forte has worked like a dream (pun intended). I'm sleeping all night and when I get anxious during the day it works wonders, too. And I was on antidepressants and anti-anxiety mere for many, many years, so I know how soul-suckingly cripplingly hideous withdrawal can be (not to mention depression and anxiety themselves). I'm thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way.

Jbk - I'm so sorry you're stressed! I wish so bad I could help out! Its natural to worry about these things, but all will be well. Promise.
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Ok, my turn for a small vent. This little guy did some kind of crazy thing last night. I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, and watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on my phone to cure my insomnia. Seriously. Anyway, he was doing all kinds of semi-painful moving around. This morning, he was way lower. His butt used to be in my ribs, now it's closer to my belly button. So I've been peeing a ton more, and there is so much pressure down low. I have all this cramping there, too, and it radiates to my upper thighs and back. Not pleasant. I'm assuming it's cramping from my body adjusting to his new position. 


On top of this, I am weaning of the antidepressant that I take mostly for anxiety. I'm definitely feeling some side effects from it, in addition to increased anxiety (of course). I know a lot of people don't "believe" in taking meds, but it's what I need and has been for years and years. Anyway, I want to avoid the potential respiratory effects/ jitteriness/ etc on the baby after birth. Even though the effects are pretty mild, and quite rare, I'm thinking in the hospital they'd probably put the baby in the NICU for observation. I'm just not sure how well me not taking the medicine for the next month + is going to work out...


I can definitely understand withdrawals from medication. I take clonazepam for total control of my Epilepsy, but I do get anxiety as well (the medication seems to help a little for both). Withdrawal symptoms for me also include insomnia, but I'm pretty sure my latest bout is due to other things. I become even more irritable when lacking sleep. I know many people do, but my moodiness is a bit more extreme than some. Doctors tried to tell me to go back on them, but I get warnings before seizures. They did say the risk to baby is less than the risk to me and they did say that they weren't JUST concerned about the health of the baby. They were concerned about my health as well.


FYI, I would normallly take clonazepam (benzodiazapine), but haven't had any in a couple of months and had cut down to as small a dose as possible early in pregnancy.


Don't neglect your own health and well-being while considering whether you're going to stay off your meds or go back on them. I know what medicated-related insomnia is like. It's awful and does nothing for one's mood.


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