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Help for Tinnitus?

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I have a new friend who has been suffering from tinnitus for nearly six years.It started with a stressor -- her father was dying and she then learned  her husband was also dying of lung cancer. Long story short, this woman has been plagued with this awful thing and she's about to the end of her rope. She's had MRI's and scans, been to many western doctors, and there are no observable/identifiable causes of this extreme distress. I am committed to helping her and she is very open to naturopathic/holistic remedies. Can anyone help/advise?  Many thanks and blessings!

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There is a great clinic at UNC Greensboro that can help. Have her check out their website: http://www.earcentergreensboro.com/audiology/tinnitus_therapy/uncg_tinnitus_clinic.php

They saved me! I was going off the deep end with tinnitus a few years ago. Good luck to her.
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1.  does she regularly take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (tylenol, motrin, advil, etc.?)

2.  has she tried supplementing with magnesium?  magnesium is a very common deficiency.  i'd try 800-1000 mg of Mg citrate, malate or amino acid chelate (read labels, you do not want any Mg oxide) for several months and see if it helps.  only possible side effect would be loose stools if she doesn't divide up the doses into several portions for the day.


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