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The ONE Thread Graduates: September 2011

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This thread is for members of the ONE thread from the Trying to Conceive forum. Some of you have started similar threads in the DDCs but this is an all-inclusive, cross-DDC thread. We have all made connections and friendships with ladies who got BFPs before or after us so this can be a central thread for us to catch up and for those on the other side of the One thread to keep up with us!


In bold, please tell me: Name, Due Date, how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive, what "number" child this will be, and anything else you would like to add.




Due August 2011

19-savah, conceived on 4th month (3rd temping), #2


Due September 2011

11-LovingBaby (Elizabeth), took 7 months (charting, OV strips), #3

27-ValH (Valerie), took 13 cycles (2nd cycle of Clomid & post-HSG), #1


Due October 2011

10-Yellowdart, tried for 5 cycles, #1

13-Nicolian (Nicole), charted for 2 cycles, #3 (#4 for DH)

23-not_telling (Jess),  took 3 cycles, #2


Due November 2011

9-TalkToMeNow (Amanda), tried for 4 months, #4 (3rd pregnancy)

12-TTCChloeorConner (Nicole), tried for 16 cycles, #1


Due December 2011

11-Mummoth (Teresa), tried for 4 months (conceived on month "off!"), #3 (#1 for SO)

30-LadyScientist, conceived on the first "real" try, #1!


Due January 2012

25-MommyMatsumoto (Anna), tried for 15 months (tried vitex, soy, acupuncture, and leaving it up to DH!), #2

Writinglove, conceived the old-fashioned way in one month, #1


Due February 2012

19-OdinsMommy0409 (Laura), got pregnant on the second cycle after a chemical pregnancy, planning a HBAC with boy #2!


Due March 2012

28-tantylynn (Teesha), after 20 cycles (1st cycle of Clomid), #1 


Due April 2012

13-belacmsage (Bela),  26, tried 6 months with opks, fertility monitor, preseed, vitex, soy, b-6 and male fertility drugs too! Finally, left it up to DH to decide when to DTD, did it A LOT and got her BFP!

26-vivica2, tried for 1 1/2 years, went through 1 m/c, 4 rounds of clomid, progesterone, instead cups, bbt chart, soy isoflavones, and on and on and on.... can't wait to get fat and grumpy!  #3


Due May 2012

8-RenoKirbyButtrs (Jamie), got BFP on second month trying after 11 years! on BC, #1

12-janellody (Janelle), #1, got her BFP on the first month trying after several months charting


Due June 2010

6-kylie1 (Kylie), pregnant after 11 months of straight trying, on-and-off trying for about three years or so, with acupuncture twice and lots and lots of charts!  #4 (#3 for her and #2 for him)


joy.gifONE Thread Babies! joy.gif



July 14th - Kayden (LivingSky)

August 19th - Reed Adam (jillybeans)




In Our Thoughts:





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Happy September!  Let's have some babies!


I think we might need to go look for updates on our August babies...

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Ohhh hello!  I never knew this thread existed!  I would love to join if you'll have me orngbiggrin.gif


Name: Janelle

Due Date: According to FF it is May 12, 2012, but I haven't gotten any confirmation on that yet.  I charted pretty religiously, so I am fairly sure it is right around there.

how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive: Well, I am one of the lucky ones.  I started TTC August 2011 and got my BFP August 31, so yep, first try for me!  I spent 3 months beforehand charting and getting the hang of it before August came along so that I would be ready to go and I think it paid off!  I am 5 weeks today :)

what "number" child this will be: First!

and anything else you would like to add. I have my first doctor appointment on September 22, super excited about that!  My symptoms have been mostly cramping, that is the major one!!  Also, I can smell EVERYTHING, hot flashes and headaches were my first symptoms and what caused me to take a test, and now my boobs are getting more tender with each day.  I hugged someone yesterday and said OW MY BOOBS lol!  Oh also kinda gassy!

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I had another appointment today and booked all the appointments until 40 weeks! I can't believe I only have one trimester to go... time has been flying.

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Yellowdart - Thanks for the new thread!!


Janellody - Welcome, and congrats on your BFP!!


Mummoth - I know what you mean about time flying, that second trimester does go by super quick!  This last month, however, is DRAGGING!  I'm so ready!

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Janellody: Congrats!!  A May baby!  I'll get you added tonight.


ValH:  You're welcome.  It's your projected birth month!!!  I'm so excited.  I remember way back when your baby was the size of a raspberry!  How time flies.


Yeah, actually it feels like time isn't exactly flying these days.  I know this babe of mine is probably going to be here in a month, but it's just so hard to wrap my head around that.  It's going to be so weird to not be pregnant!  

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Hi, everyone! Not having internet at home really puts a damper on my life. LOL


I know what you guys mean about time S.T.O.P.P.I.N.G. I swear, as soon as I went to bi-weekly appointments with the doctor, every day is taking three months! I'll be 32 weeks Saturday. Wow.


We had baby shower #1 this past Sunday. I can have a baby now. It's so weird. The spare bedroom used to just have a bed in it. Now it's officially a baby's room.


I can't wear my wedding ring anymore. Well, I could, but DH swore he'd behead me if they had to cut it off at the hospital. =p


I've been getting acid reflux the past couple of weeks. That means Conner's going to have hair, right?!?! It better mean something, LOL. I don't want all of this acid reflux for nothing.


He also had hiccups for the first time last night. It was sooo weird/crazy/awesome/neat. LOL


I think that's about it. I'll try to post more often, but it's finals week at school, so I won't be here at all next week...

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yellowdart - Our babies have gone from being raspberries to watermelons!!!  Or at least I feel like I'm carrying around a watermelon all day, every day.  And my hips feel it too.  I know what you mean about it being weird to not be pregnant... I think about it often, how strange it will be to have my body back again.  I think it'll make me sad not to feel the baby moving in there all the time.


TTCCorC - Good luck on finals!  I've always heard that heartburn = hair... I've had no heartburn, so I should have a bald baby.  I'll let you know if that holds true!  Aren't the hiccups the coolest thing?  This little one gets them all the time.  If they get really strong, you should video your belly while he has them, it's fun.  


AFM - Still waiting.  I'm only 38w1d, but I'm so impatient.  Between the lack of sleep and hip/pelvic pain, I'm pretty miserable.  But, after eight easy months, I'm trying not to complain too much, and enjoy my last few days of pregnancy.  

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hey ladies! i now have a raspberry baby energy.gif. :)  8 weeks tomorrow, and ultra sound to check dates (i charted to im sure but old-doc-smalltown doesn't believe me.) also checking to make sure its just one, he wont take me if i have multiples and i was on 100 mg clomid. *sigh* small town doctors are so silly!   still excited about the u/s though. next one wont be till 20 weeks, i keep them to the bare minimum, and i tell the tech, "keep it short!" haha


my raspberry baby is making me tired as a dog, all day, every day, and nausous all the time as well. *ugh*  seeing her will help. :)



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I had horrible heartburn/reflux with my DD and she was born with a full head of real hair.  I'm not talking the kind that falls out and then grows in with real hair... she never lost her hair at all and has always had gorgeous hair.  Maybe there is something to that old wives' tale after all.  winky.gif


Since I've already had heartburn and reflux for the last couple of weeks, I have started trying something that I'm happy to say works... apple cider vinegar!  It seems counterproductive, I know, but just take a swig and heartburn/reflux is gone.  You should try it!

Originally Posted by TTCChloeOrConner View Post

I've been getting acid reflux the past couple of weeks. That means Conner's going to have hair, right?!?! It better mean something, LOL. I don't want all of this acid reflux for nothing.


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I completely forgot to post on the One Thread Graduates. I hope it's not too late to join. 



Name: Laura

Due Date: February 19th, 2012. I just had my anatomy scan, and baby measured exactly according to my conception/ovulation date rather than LMP. 

How long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive: I had a chemical pregnancy in late February/early March, followed by a very long cycle, and unexpectedly got pregnant the next cycle. I was anticipating ovulating while out of town and wasn't really paying attention to physical signs of fertility. My temps indicated I ovulated the day I left for vacation, and we BD'ed the night before I left. 

What "number" child this will be: #2 just found out another little boy whom we'll name Dexter Daniel

And anything else you would like to add: I'm planning an HBAC, and I'm so excited. I love my midwife and trust her. I feel so much more confident and better about myself this pregnancy than I did with DS1. 

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Welcome, OdinsMommy - and congrats!  I'm due at the end of January and also super excited to be planning an HBAC!!  joy.gif

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I've been MIA the last little while cause we've been super busy {sorry!} Between work and feeling generally unwell the last couple months we also moved house, bought a car and had a whole lot of family stuff (weddings, etc) happening. I'm happy things are quieting down now though so I can get back to keeping up with everyone!


I'm 12 weeks 5 days today, I can't believe how fast time flies! I am feeling a little bit better, but I have pretty much had a cold, cough and runny nose since I found out I was pregnant. I catch everything! Ugh - so worth it though. I have the nuchal translucency scan on Wednesday (exactly 13 weeks). It will be the second time we see our little one, but the first time he/she actually looks like a little baby! I'm excited and nervous..sometimes I get anxious that something could be wrong. I'm trying to stay positive though!


So excited for everyone else! Can't wait to see some more baby pictures soon :) xx

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I got you added, OdinsMommy!  It's nice to fill in that February spot in the list.  smile.gif  Dexter Daniel is a totally awesome and cute name.  


ValH - watermelon sounds about right.  Not too much longer!  I keep looking for labor signs (37 weeks on the dot today) but I suspect it will be a while yet before anything moves for me.  More time to get the house clean!


TTCCoC - I'd never heard of the heartburn=hair thing, but apparently it's real!  They're both due to high levels of hormones or something.  They've done studies!  It doesn't work out in every case, of course, but yeah.  I've had some heinous heartburn, especially in the last trimester, and at a growth scan ultrasound last week the sonographer pointed out hair on my baby's head.  


Vivica - congrats on raspberry baby!  I hope the US went well.


Nice to see you again tantylynn.  We had the NT scan at 12 weeks and it was the first time we saw our baby, and it was totally amazing how baby-like she looked!  She was so cute back then, bouncing around on the ultrasound.  


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vivica - Hope your dating u/s went well!!  


OdinsMommy - CONGRATS!!  joy.gif  And welcome to the group.


Tantylynn - Hope things are slowing down for you!  I know that first trimester exhaustion can be so difficult, without all that going on.  


yellowdart - I've got no symptoms either, and I'm 39 weeks tomorrow.  It's kind of depressing.  Today I have been having a few more intense BH contractions, but nothing major.  And yesterday I had some almost painful pelvic pressure.  I just wish I could see a mucus plug or bloody show... something visible!  



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MommyMatsumoto - Yay for HBACs!!! Hope you're enjoying the second trimester!


tantylynn - Congrats on your pregnancy! Enjoy the NT scan and getting another view of your growing baby. Lots of positive thoughts your way


yellowdart - Thanks for the add. We're very excited about the name. We had a different name. However, once we had a confirmation of a boy, it just wasn't his name. Fortunately, DH and I work well together with names, and Dexter Daniel came within 48 hours. 

ValH - Thanks for the welcome! And congratulations on your miracle baby! 


Wow! What a day! I'm so happy that I know my midwife will be flexible with payments. We had a major leak develop in our roof and now have lots of damage to our bedroom ceiling, wood floors, and bedroom wall. Who knows what the attic looks like?!? Ahh, just typing that out makes me love my midwife even more. 


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I'd love to join you ladies!



Name: Jamie

Due Date: 5/8/12

How long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive: I expected a long return to fertility after 11 years on hormonal BC, but I got my BFP the second month trying! Thank you, grapefruit juice.

What "number" child this will be: #1, we're planning this to be the first and last. I know that's weird on MDC, but we're just small-family people!

And anything else you would like to add: So excited to be pregnant but really tired of being REALLY TIRED. sleepytime.gif

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Welcome and congrats RenoKirby!!  


So I'm frustrated this morning.  I feel like my employer is pushing me to go out on maternity leave after this week (I'm 39 weeks today).  Considering I'm having no symptoms, I'm thinking there is the possibility I could go to 41 weeks.  The only way I'm getting a fully paid 6 week maternity leave is by using every drop of vacation/sick leave I could save; if I go out early and go into early October before giving birth, that means part of my six weeks postpartum will be unpaid - not cool.  I get that me waiting to go out can cause some planning issues for them, but me going out early can cause some financial issues for us.  Ugh.  Now I'm just wishing this baby would come today and get it over with - then no one would have to worry about it anymore.  

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Well, I had my first appointment Aug 30th and saw the baby on the U/S. Heartbeat was 160bpm! So happy to hear the heartbeat and see the baby on the U/S. Our next appointment is next week Wednesday. I have to go in for a special U/S scan to look at the blood vessels and the placenta. I'm not really sure how they go together but apparently this will tell the doctor if I have a higher-risk of preeclampsia again this pregnancy. I'm really hoping everything looks ok because I really do not want a repeat of last pregnancy with the migraines, bed rest and hospitalization. I'm so excited to be out of the 1st trimester soon!    

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The heartburn = hair thing was definitely true for me. Heartburn was my very first symptom of pregnancy and continued throughout the entire 38 weeks and 1 day! It got progressively worse, until nothing short of presecription strength Zantac would help (and I refused to go to prescription strength, so I just suffered with it at the end). Kayden has a TON of hair, was born with all of it, none of it has fallen out at all. It's going blonde now which is kind of cool.

I'm not posting much but I'm checking in daily waiting for our 38+ week ladies to have their babies! Good luck to you ladies and I can't wait to see baby pictures!!
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