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I am a little jealous of you ladies who are farther along than me.. because I am being hit by some major nausea and food aversions lately... ugh.  I was hoping to avoid this part of the pregnancy and be a lucky one, but I guess not!    My first doctor appointment is this Thursday and I will be exactly 7 weeks then, so I am definitely excited about that!  This being #1 for me, I am excited to finally see a doctor and make this  "real" as right now it's just me and my pregnancy tests and nausea, which isn't very exciting.

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Tomorrow is my appointment with a nutritionist. DH is taking the afternoon off to attend, we're hoping to get some information on how to feed this kid, DH, his mom and grandpa are all diabetic. I don't have GD, so I hope that's a start! 


My mom is taking the kids for a sleep over and one of my after school care kids is going to work with his mom on Friday, because it's a pro-d... I need to talk to the other mom and let her know it'll be a boring day for her DD here,a nd hopefully she'll make other arrangements so I can have the day off!

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hers my info, must have forgotten!



 Name, -vivica 

Due Date, april 26th

how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive. 1 1/2 years, 1 m/c, 4 rounds of clomid, progesterone, instead cups, bbt chart, soy isoflavones, and on and on and on....

what "number" child this will be, #3

and anything else you would like to add.- i cant wait to get fat, and grumpy!


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Just wanted to pop in to say HELLO!  

Hope everyone is doing well.

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I'm okay, I guess. The nutritionist appointment went fine, except that apparently I'm only eating 1300 calories a day. She wants me to increase it & I've been trying but I'm not sure how well I've done. DH's mom died yesterday, so he's driving up north to see his brothers today. He's a wreck and I don't know what to do.

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Mummoth - That's a lot to deal with while pregnant.  hug2.gif  Hugs to you, and to your DH too.  

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Originally Posted by ValH View Post

Mummoth - That's a lot to deal with while pregnant.  hug2.gif  Hugs to you, and to your DH too.  

Thanks... one problem seems to have solved the other for now. I think I'm an emotional eater yummy.gif

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mumuth- im so sorry for the loss of your mother-in-law. what terrible news. i hope your family heals and finds peace. hug2.gif

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Mummoth- Sorry about the loss of your MIL, but at least you're eating more now. =p


AFM: 33 1/2 weeks. Whattt??? 47 days until my due date. I might have a panic attack. Also, we FINALLY got internet at our new place. I swear, I could kill AT&T. I HATE that stupid company but it's the only one my apartment allows us to have for internet so I'm stuck with them for a year. Ugh. It took us THREE WEEKS to get internet. sdlfjlsakdfjlaskjdfoiawuerolksajfdlj. =D

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Name: kylie1 (Kylie)

Due Date: 6th June 2012. 6/6/12 winky.gif

How long it took to conceive and what was done: 11 months of straight trying, on-and-off trying for about three years or so, with acupuncture twice and lots and lots of charts!

Number: #4 (#3 for me and #2 for him)


Honestly, I still can't really believe that I'm here! #4 seemed almost like an urban legend by the end lol.gif


I've got some names picked out, but I'd like your opinions on them.


Boy: Caleb Jacob

Girl: Khloe Kelsey


I like how the boy name rhymes slightly, and I've been dead-set on the name Caleb for any of my boys (who so far I've none of!), but my DH isn't big on Jacob for a middle name. I like the alliteration for the girl, and it would be the same initials as me (KC), but she might not appreciate other kids not knowing the spelling...

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TTCCorC - It's kind of funny to sign on and see you on here - I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't seen you around in a while!  Glad you were able to get internet again, finally!  


Kylie - Welcome and congrats!  I like the names you have picked!  I'm especially partial to Jacob, but that could be because that will be our little one's first name... whenever he decides to get here.


So today I'm 40w1d.  I'm officially "overdue."  We've tried a few of the old wives tales to get things started (bumpy road, long walks, bouncing on exercise ball, BDing, nipple stimulation, spicy food), but so far I have nothing but sore hips and heartburn from it all!  I'm just not ready to try the castor oil yet.  Luckily I'm having a pretty easy pregnancy, so I'm not exactly miserable yet... just very anxious to meet baby Jacob!   

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Val, pop that baby out!!!


I wish I was further along. I'm over this. LOL I had such an easy 30 weeks... Ever since I hit week 30, I just want to die. LOL I'm so uncomfortable, swollen, short of breath, nauseous, etc., etc., etc. OVER. IT. =D


I wish I could take off work now. DH said I could... But I feel bad.

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TTCCoC: Oh man, that was my story too. Mine started at 33 weeks. Up until then it was like - hey, this is a breeze! Then suddenly it just got brutal! I wiped out and did stop working at that point eyesroll.gif So don't feel bad if you do, you're not the only one!
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HI everyone!  I've been neglecting this thread, sorry.  shy.gif  I've been neglecting a lot of things that don't involve carbs or naps...


Everything should be updated to here.  I went stalking for our August babies... nothing from Savah, but jillybeans had her baby Reed on 8/19 (see http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1326463/reed-is-here-updated-with-pics for the details!)  Hoping for an update soon from lovingbaby too...


ValH - I hope you're off having your baby RIGHT NOW, or otherwise getting an awesome massage or something.  We're anxious to meet baby Jacob too!


TTCCoC - Sorry it hit you - I had some really bad weeks around 32-34 weeks, just adjusting to life as a huge person (plus my MIL was visiting splat.gif).  I feel like things have gotten a little better for me, maybe?  Or at least I've adjusted better.  I did stop going to work, so that's probably part of it.  The weather got cooler.  I gave up on trying to have a sleep schedule.  My mother-in-law left.  So, hopefully things happen to improve it a bit for you too... if not, at least you're close to seeing your babe.  :/   Hang in there.  


PS - anyone feel like doing the thread for October?  I can probably do it again, but I might be somewhat of an absentee threadkeeper if I end up having my baby ever...

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TTCCorC - I had a hard time around probably 30-32 weeks.  I was just exhausted, worn out, achy, etc.  It only lasted about a week and a half to two weeks for me, and then I was back to almost normal.  I guess my body just had to adjust to my size, maybe?  I hope you find some relief soon!


yellowdart - You're getting so close!!!!  Yay!!


So, I'm still pregnant, and not dilated at all.  Because I wasn't dilated, we couldn't do a membrane sweep today, so I'm pretty bummed about that.  On top of that, the doc wants to induce next week - he wants to do the foley catheter on Tuesday, and start meds on Wednesday if nothing has progressed.  I'm having a pretty hard time coming to terms with the fact I might have an induction.  DH seems excited to have a deadline for when the baby will be here... I'm all weepy because it's not happening like I wanted it to.  We still have the option of canceling the induction, but then getting it rescheduled if this little one continues to be stubborn becomes the issue.  I'm just in a blah mood today.  

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Thanks for the input, ladies. I really hope my body is just adjusting to this never-before-seen size and it gets easier. Do you see the misery in my face? LOL


Here I am. 33w6d...


2011-09-30 21.07.36.jpg

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TTCCoC, your belly looks great! winky.gif Here's hoping the exhaustion'll clear up and the last few weeks'll go smoothly.


I've been so tired lately myself. Weird, for 4w2d. I just want to nap...yawn. DSD, DD1 and DD2 are on school holidays (we live in Australia, and the school year here is different because the seasons are different), so that might be unachievable lol.gif

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