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Been asked if i was pregnant.... twice. In two days. Ouch.

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So i recently gained 40 pounds and on my small frame it's a lot.

I also recently started working at a convenience store. Two days ago a young guy came in and asked if I was pregnant and  said he was told I was pg just by someone who comes into the store.

Yesterday a lovely elderly woman was encouraging me to take care of myself since there was 2 to think about now.

YIKES. I know my belly is round but dang.

I used to weigh 108 lbs so this is new territory to me. I have started sit ups and going to start walking in the morning.

Anyone care to hug me and encourage me?

I think it is due to my medicine and possibly turning 30 and possibly my thyroid.

I could just cry and laugh at the same time.


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I may not have too much to offer but I know it sucks when no one responds to you so here it goes!


I lost about 25 lbs over the last year (I ended up losing another 10lbs after I got really ill, then gained back about 5). What really helped me was doing a low carb diet. When I dieted before I was always hungry and didn't make it more than a few days on any plan. When I did low carb I was almost never hungry, which was a big change for me. I also worked out at the gym, doing water aerobics, treadmill, elliptical, weight lifting, etc. Even after I lost so much weight my belly still looks flabby, so I think I probably need to do more core strengthening exercises. I recently started exercising again after my long bout with illness, and so far I have done some biking and walking, not really to lose more weight but to get my strength back after being so ill.


My husband has recently lost about 28 lbs by biking to work (6 miles each way) and cutting out fast food and soda.

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Thanks! I will def try the low carb idea as I think that adds to belly ? I also have cut out soda. Well,,, one a day for now. I am going to give exercising a go.

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Yikes!! hug.gif I can really relate, I was always 108lbs too (weird that we were both at that exact same weight!) I have gained a ton -- well, a lot for me at least, at my highest weight ever -- and it's partly due to thyroid/chronic fatigue/nearing 30/leftover baby weight... but also really due to inactivity (much of which is the result of the chronic fatigue, toddler, etc.!) I was trying to do simple exercises laying in bed and take a walk every day, but TBH it doesn't happen much. I really need to work on that. The good thing about exercise is that you benefit from it in other ways, even if you don't lose weight... unlike dietary changes, which to me seem like so much suffering for so little payout! I am also trying to eat a lot less & stop when I'm full. Unfortunately, the things I'm doing don't seem to be helping (even my thyroid meds do nothing) so I'm pretty frustrated & wearing a lot of baggy clothes. greensad.gif Hopefully if you just cut back on the carbs & get moving a bit more, the weight will come right off for you...

On a funnier note, for about a year (when DS was 1-2yo) I was convinced I was pregnant & the pregnancy tests were just wrong... lol because my belly was really growing, I look 5mos pregnant... I've finally accepted in the last 6mos or so that it's not a baby, I'm just fat now. lol.gif
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When I was going to the gym, I had a friend that would exercise with me. It really helped a lot to think, "I know I don't feel like working out today but she will be there waiting on me!". So maybe finding a friend that will walk with you, ride bikes, play a set of tennis, or whatever you enjoy doing will encourage you to keep at it. It is HARD to want to exercise with chronic fatigue (I have lung issues and can get really fatigued to the point where it just aches to move!) but I did do better with my fatigue when I was exercising regularly.

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I have fibromyalgia- or whatever it is... chronic fatigue etc... so I have to go slow... but I am going to try.

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Could you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? I was small at one time got pregnant with my second gained some weight while breastfeeding. I had the huge tummy was asked all the time when the baby was due. Finally went to the dr,and got diagnosed with PCOS,and insulin resistant.


Anyhow cut out all carbs,and fruit except blueberries. I ate lots of meat,and veggies.Stuck to stevia.Ate lots of cinnanamon. Drink lots of green tea,and brown rice protien powder,and whey.


It took 9 months but I lost 50lbs ,and I didn't exercise. I would stick to walking or tracy anderson method.Get a rebounder trampoline.

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Originally Posted by Emilie2 View Post

I used to weigh 108 lbs so this is new territory to me. I have started sit ups and going to start walking in the morning.

Anyone care to hug me and encourage me?


First of all, HUGS! Second, doing situps will not blast away any fat in the stomach like people think they will. Spot reducing fat is very very hard to do. You just find an exercise regimen that works for you and it comes off. BUT, the situps will strengthen your abs and obliques, making it EASIER to burn fat there. Lowering carbs and sugars will help alot too. Of course, fruit sugars are okay, but sugary snacks or eating alot of bread with that spaghetti dinner should be a no-no when you're losing weight. I learned that the hard way. I had started working out last September and not lost any weight, despite lifting weights, walking and starting to run. After 2 months, I cut WAY down on sugars and carbs. Here's a cool way to cut the carbs, especially if you like sandwiches. Just make an open-faced sandwich with the same amount of ingredients in it. You get your calories without the extra carbs. I also drank less milk(milk has half of your recommended sugar intake) and ate fat-free dairy(yogurt, sour cream, etc) I dropped 15 lbs in 6 weeks. Good luck!


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Thanks. :) So far I am still gaining... not losing and it is due to a antidepressant they have me on... very yucky. I am going to try to switch meds. I think I am bloated in my belly due to constipation and stuff so working on that ( sorry if tmi)  I know it will be good for me to exercise overall but it s hard to get in the routine.

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It is hard to get a routine, especially if you have a full schedule. The truth is, if you have an hour to spend on your bum during the day, you can spare 15 minutes to burn some calories. I always went to the gym super early in the morning before the kids would wake up. I had to go to bed earlier in order to do that, and it seemed just fine that way. :) I hope switching meds helps you. When I was on the Depo shot for birth control, I gained 20 lbs. Yuck!

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I am divorced so have no one to watch kids but they are in school so going to work out while they are gone on weeks I don't work so much and than after they are asleep during the week.

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ONE benefit of being with someone, I guess. lol Even if you don't get along with them at the time, they still have a responsibility to get up when the kid wakes up crying.

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I started walking today. Did 3 miles with myfriend. It was great. I am a little sore but that's to be expected but I am excited to take this step.


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One thing that helped me was to set a monthly goal of how many miles I'd go that month. I usually set my goal for 30 miles a month.

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I don't have a thyroid anymore... wouldn't suggest it! I hope you totally rock your body out and kick the thyroid problems in the butt!!!! :D!!!! Really though!!! The prozac type pills make me sad for you... hugs.. I am actually working out way more because I am so close to asking for those.. sometimes I just get waves of emotions.. some people have it easier than me and sometimes I just can't stand having all these med issues..it is overwhelming.. 


I started watching bodyrock.tv and today was actually my first time trying it. I went for a walk in the country and after each house (far apart but not too far, and up hills too) I stopped and did some like she does. I did low-jacks (10) high jumps (10) situps to knees (50), and push ups (10)...I did one of those after each house on my fleece sweatshirt. I felt really awesome to begin!!! I have been watching and reading a lot and the whole research and study up actually helped me, I think I spent about 4 hours ... or internet time here and there and gained a lot.. I wanted to hear her as a real person and I watched a lot of those videos as well. 


I still look pregnant because my posture is so poor and I have a slipped disc.. I demand this will all change.. and everything. I want this cloud gone!!! But weight? Ehh.. I wish I was fat.. I mean.. just know this.. if I could have that as a problem I would take it! To me it looks so easy from here! I face different ones and it just feels scary. 


I have nothing to say about carbs, diet, etc. I eat like a pro about 85% of the time. This took me a long time to do. I eat vegetable and real grains (rice, buckwheat, etc) and tons of smoothie options. When I eat out I try to get to a subway and get a salad.. yesterday I did and really wanted two because they skimped me, but I went to 7-eleven and bought nuts instead and had some pumpkin seeds in my bag. When they say diet over haul, you gotta think huge.. like fries? what? huh? no thanks.. like everything... I would get a bpa free double wall water cup with straw and name it your best friend.. the straw really helps you consume more. Oh, since we stayed out late all day, I also had a falafel, but I can't feel right on the bread, asked for more toppings (veggie salads) and only one falafel... it was amazing... eating out is rare to be "Amazing" ...sometimes I do go back to the old ways, but it feels like caution for the next two weeks. 


Diet = you gotta think huge changes.. huge.. Yes, you should totally do this.. kick it... because dropping a bunch of the animal, cheese, bread, etc, is going to kick the other problems away.. it is hard dude, really hard, but that is how it goes and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are the New You!!! and so happy about it! Take calcium chews, eat plenty of seeds and nuts and take a multi and ****fish oils and B-12***** (for the emotions) and while you figure out how to eat more than a grapefruit and oatmeal for breakfast, cucumbers and carrots snack, salad for lunch and stir fry with rice for dinner, you can screw with your diet without depleting your nutrients to much. :D

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