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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

I'm neither working nor going to school but I'm still here!  Reading along cheering all of you on!  I did work FT for a bit with Nora and PT with her as well, so I know what kind of dedication it takes to keep pumping at work!!


You ladies ROCK!!


Congrats to Tear - coming up on the summer must feel wonderful!!

You are too sweet!  


Nettles! You are still around! Yay for communicating w DH to make the feedings more efficient. If it makes you feel any better, i find that DD eats the most with DH...i think it is a father/baby thing :-)  So, coconut oil helps? I would like to hear about that.


Yay for more ladies being here! Do we know if there are any SAHMs pumping? It would be interesting to see how they are holding up.

I started with 10-11oz than it went up to 12ish (freaked me out but I did not dare complain) - but now I am back to 9-11 range. Funny how that works. Just had a week off w my mother being here so we will see how it all works out next week.


wishing you all milky days!

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don't remember where i read about the coconut oil - but i looooove the taste so i have cooked with it as well as when i make the baked oatmeal, i make it with coconut milk. eat.gif

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i luv the coconut oil too, been using it to cook but not regularly - this gives me a good incentive to do so.




do you guys pump in front of your babes?

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Luckily I've been getting enough milk at work, so I don't have to pump at home. I seriously don't know how I'd do it if he was awake though. I can't even wear my hair down or wear a hoodie with strings on it, or he just makes a beeline to me to pull at it.

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haha, I hear you cat! She gets mad and yells at me now when she sees me pump. At first I was not sure if she really was getting mad at me but seems like she knows what is happening (mama is stealing my milk).


Lately she is sleeping in late (!) so I can pump while she is sleeping but she leaves me next to nothing to pump (chomps down before I get up). 


I just want to leave her a fresh batch before I leave but lately it is just an ounce or so.

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