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Really starting to miss...

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Blue Cheese


I've been fine up till now... but 9 months is a long time to go without.  Especially as I can find beer compromises (small glass, non-alcoholic, etc...) when the craving gets strong enough but oh how I miss blue cheese. 


Anyone else finding pregnancy restrictions chafing yet? 


ETA: having a sex drive, at all

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Red Wine - especially the last few bottles of our saskatoon wine


Subway - for some reason I desperately want the cold cut trio


Being touched and wearing a bra without getting itchy - my skin has been so sensitive.  DS2 loves to stroke either DH or I to lull himself to sleep (think of a kneading cat) but now I can't stand the sensation - it's just too much.  I've coped with wearing a sweater to bed, but it's been too hot and I end up being very uncomfortable.  Now I just use my body pillow as a barricade to block me from his touch at night.  greensad.gif

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being able to wear my regular clothes.  i don't have that much in the way of maternity clothes and they're always kind of ugly. 


being able to get jacked up on coffee.  to the point where your ears buzz.  and you can clean behind the couch.

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Red wine!  DP and I used to share a nice bottle of wine on Friday nights to relax and watch movies, and I miss it.  We can still relax and watch movies, but I miss the wine. 

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Hildare - you just made me snort.  I miss the days of being jacked up on coffee - especially since i think that was the only way I ever managed to keep up with DS1 & DS2. 

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... am i really the only mama who thinks it's ok to have a beer or a glass of wine now that we're past the 1st trimester?  i had a guinness on draft the other day and it was deeeelicious.

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No!  I have no problem with drinking lightly after the 1st trimester (no half growler for me though :).  I just wasn't missing beer until now.  And, now I am really missing it.  Hildare - Your guinness comment made my mouth water.    And, your coffee comment cracked me up.  My 2 cups of half caf are pretty lame.


Zakdat - I spend half the night removing DD's hands from my body.  I can't stand to be touched these days.  I'm itchy, I'm achy and being petted gives me the creepy crawlies. 


Does anyone want to argue that blue cheese is ok?  I'd love to be persuaded! 

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Originally Posted by hildare View Post

... am i really the only mama who thinks it's ok to have a beer or a glass of wine now that we're past the 1st trimester?  i had a guinness on draft the other day and it was deeeelicious.

My problem is that I don't just want one glass!  orngbiggrin.gif


As far as getting jacked up on coffee - I miss being able to have a full cup of coffee without feeling jacked up.

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Shoot!  I've been eating blue cheese all along because I didn't think it was bad! I thought it was just brie and the like. Oh well. Although the only time I eat it is cooked in mashed potatoes (delicious!), so that would kill anything right?  Sigh. 


I miss wine and beer with dinner. Desperately.  I'm waiting until the third trimester, and then I will allow myself half a glass once a week or something.  But I can't wait!  It's funny, I also cut way down when we started trying to conceive, and it wasn't a problem. But now that I KNOW I can't have, I desperately want it.  Especially with Italian food or Indian food. I also miss a nice Vodka Martini, but that will have to wait a lot longer. 


Yeah, and finding something easy to eat for lunch, since I can't just bring in a sandwich and I tend to eat all the servings from dinner rather than save any for leftovers. 


And wanting sex.  Me too. shake.gif



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I'm missing wine... I will occasionally have a small glass in the third trimester....but am really missing having a nice supper with DH after DD is in bed with a bottle of wine....awhhhhh

But other than that I eat cold cuts, any cheese, sushi.....
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Originally Posted by parsley View Post

Does anyone want to argue that blue cheese is ok?  I'd love to be persuaded! 

I will.  I eat most kinds of soft and raw cheeses after doing some research last time around.  Listeria is vanishingly rare - like 2-3 cases/million people.  Yes, consequences can be drastic, but cases have been reported from eating not just soft cheese and lunch meat but also raw veg (I think it was mushrooms?), pasteurized but subsequently contaminated milk, coleslaw, etc.  


I decided that it's just such a small risk that I refuse to worry about it, although I do avoid queso fresco and in general try to eat food from clean high quality sources.  I also do eat oysters and sushi (not the mercury-laden fish, so alas no tuna), but I don't do alcohol (mostly because I don't metabolize it all that well).  I also sleep on my back without worrying about it!!  So maybe I'm just a reckless pregnant lady.  smile.gif


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So someone tell me about sushi... I read the danger is that if you as the mama gets sick, that could hurt the baby... just wondering. I didn't touch it at all with DD but with this pregnancy I can't stop thinking about it and my birthday is in a couple weeks and I'm going to sushi but planning on vegi stuff... whatcha think?


As for wine and beer: MISS MISS MISS!!!!! I know I wouldn't want just a taste though in the third trimester, I'm sure that's exactly what I'll have. I have a bottle I can't wait to open. Problem is, I hate for it to go to waste and don't want to open it till I can enjoy the whole thing within a couple of days. Last pregnancy I had wine almost every night when I was 2 weeks late... trying to relax and it tasted sooooooo good. I don't know. This pregnancy I'm just holding off as long as I can. The feeling of drinking, the relaxation of it, the way it winds down and rounds out the day... aaauuuggghhh.


I want sex... but by the end of the day I'm tired and don't want to be touched... SAD.


And I miss sleeping on my stomach... that just ended recently. :(

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treerose!  you need THIS!  or something like it.

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I think what we choose to eat and drink is all about assessing the real risk of those foods and drinks. For example, we know Japanese women continue to eat raw fish throughout their pregnancy and European women will drink in moderation as well. I'm far more likely to suffer an accidental fall or car accident while pregnant or other natural pregnancy complications than I am to get listeria or other illnesses from soft cheeses, deli meat, or raw fish.


I don't take unnecessary risks but just appropriate risks, because I feel that if I didn't that I also wouldn't ride/drive a car or walk around my tiled bathroom. I don't live in fear and don't want my child too either so assessing real risk is important to me. I respect other's choice to refrain from those things, mainly because I understand that increased anxiety can be unhealthy as well. 



As for what I miss: I miss foods smelling and tasting normal rather than this enhanced wonderful or enhanced awful smell. I also miss not getting hypoglycemic every 2-3 hours. I realize why I gain so much weight while pregnant as my body is constantly telling me to eat every 3 hours at maximum. 


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I will have an occasional beer, but the problem is that when I have beer, I want to smoke the occasional cigarette. And that option is completely off the table, so.....

Right now, all I want in the world is a pumpkin beer and a clove cigarette. Its my fall tradition. Sit around a bonfire, possibly have a mason jar of bourbon being passed around...

I didnt miss drinking at all until today. Its cold and my friends are having a potluck with a bonfire and I know I will be ready to go home for bed at 9:00. Boo.

Other than that, I have really only cut out caffeine.
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Wine and beer, I know a little it's ok but DH does not drink and is not comfortable with me having a glass. It's a small sacrifice that I'm willing to do. Other than that I eat soft cheeses cold cuts and sushi.

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Keria - my DH is the same about drinking so it's not worth it. However, I'm leaning towards the sushi for my birthday!!!!

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Hildare, that's awesome! I saw on WOOT! the other day a wine decanter with a vacuum stopper - sooooo tempting! :)


And Adeline's Mama, I feel the same way about drinking and the occasional smoke. I "quit" smoking a long time ago but even when DD was older I would sneak out once a week or so for one in the cool morning hours when I had a break or with a glass of wine in the evening, especially if I was with someone who smoked... That's not an option at all but I tell you when I most want to smoke is after a doctor's appointment or blood draw (shudder)!!!!!   Hang in there! Almost halfway. :)

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The thing I miss most is my energy!  I'm a lot less exhausted than the first trimester but still tired most of the time.


I miss wearing my regular clothes and having more options about what to wear...I borrowed a bunch of maternity clothes with my DD and don't have too many right now.

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I totally drink a glass of wine or beer every now and again - what I miss is drinking HALF A BOTTLE of wine and getting a buzz, haha

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