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What is toddlerhood?

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Is it strictly an age thing? Is it developmental? I have a 10.5 month old, and although he is definitely mostly baby, I'm starting to see the toddler-ness creep in and I'm wondering at what age I could accurately call him a toddler. Is it different for everyone maybe?


I guess I'm curious how btdt moms define toddlerhood.

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I consider a toddler someone "toddling" around.  About a year to 2 years.  

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I consider toddlers to be those who can walk, or are very close to walking. Seeing how the word to toddle means walking unsteadily (as they do at first), I think this is pretty much what defines when that stage has been reached.


Although of course we can see typical toddler behaviors before they walk. I remember thinking that DS was fast leaving his baby times behind at around the same age your LO is (10 months). He started walking around his first birthday and as soon as he was really walking he just seemed more boy than baby, kwim?


Amazing how short the baby times are, eh?

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I generally think 1 and 2 year olds are toddlers. My kids are early walkers but I just called them "walking babies" in that 8-12 mo. stage.

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I agree with the others, it's more ability based than age IMO.  My girl has been doing "toddler" things since 9ish months.  That's when she started walking, and her vocabulary exploded.  She's 11 days away from her first birthday and speaks in (short) sentences. "It's good" "I love you" "I did it!" ect.  


I also think it has to do with their "look" My cousin has a baby a month younger than Lila, but he's bald as can be so that makes him look more babyish than my girl who has always had a head full of hair.  He's also a big ol chunk of baby! He's got the most adorable baby rolls, and my girl has always been bitti.  He outweighs her by 3 or 4lb, and so does  my nephew is 3mo younger he's also a big baby.  


I think toddler is when you start seeing them as little people vs babies.  


Baby Lila ( End of May)



Toddler Lila (end of June)



Those pictures were taken a month apart (to the day!) but she's babyish (imo) in the first one and definitely toddler in the second.  


Current Lila (end of August)

2011-08-30 13.51.20.jpg


Maybe my girl is a bad example.. she's always kinda been a little person! 



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I don't htink my son qualified as a toddler until 15-18 months. definitely abilities based.

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So when's the end of the toddler phase?  My dd is 2.75 yrs old, but is very much like a 3+ year old in so many ways... what's the accepted definition of the end of the toddler phase?

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Hmm tricky question! I guess I considered DS a toddler a little before he turned a year. He started walking & talking early but still seemed so "baby" to me until 10 or 11mos. Now he is 2.5 and starting to outgrow the toddler phase... I'm not sure what exactly makes me say that, it's something to do with his confidence and way of interacting and a bit of a slow-down from that rapidly-changing span of time...Babyhood he was completely reliant on me, toddlerhood he's been more independent, and now he's becoming so self-sufficient. He's more in control of himself too.

But in general, I think 'toddler' is roughly age 1-3.
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