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Have you been hit with morning sickness yet? - Page 3

Poll Results: Barfing yet?

  • 27% (12)
    No, not even nauseous!
  • 22% (10)
    No, but I think it's coming soon.
  • 43% (19)
    Yes, but just a bit.
  • 6% (3)
    I am now best friends with Ralph.
44 Total Votes  
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Oooh! Popcorn with lots of butter...sounds kind of yummy. I might just have enough energy to get up and make it. 

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Hello Nausea- welcome. I am 6 wks 1 day and I ran to the toilet today. It's making this pregnancy more real...

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Ugh, I finally barfed this morning.  :(  I felt pretty queasy from the moment I woke up.  I got DD ready for school, ate a slice of apple that wouldn't fit in her lunch box, then went to brush my teeth...I didn't even get the toothbrush in my mouth before I started gagging.  I barfed right in the sink.  Then I turned to go to the toilet and spewed all over the wall.  Oopsie.  Luckily it was just apple, so it wasn't too bad.  I still hate throwing up though.  :(

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I finally threw up this morning too. 


Not all over the wall, but all over the entire toilet. It SUCKED! I thought I was done, made it half way back into the kitchen and turned right around and b-lined it for the toilet again. 


I feel MUCH better now.


DP says to make sure I eat in the am's, even if its just a cracker. And apparently some of the girls in Q&P say that sour patch kids are good for nausea. 

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I am either eating, hungry, deciding what to eat, or nauseous.  OH and after eating, I need to burp.  That is not to say I actually burp.  Most of the time, I just NEED to burp but can't.  Along with the needing to burp, my digestive tract has decided to imitate a secret military detention center.  What goes in never seems to come out.  And no one is ever sure why.  No one is even sure why it went in there.  And just this past week, cravings have started to give way to aversions.  I know I need to eat.  I just don't want to.  And when I start to resign myself to it, the smells overwhelm me so badly that I can't always bring myself to do it.  Dp nearly gave me a total breakdown by making an improvised tuna casserole last night.  I woke up from a nap because of the smell and then literally fled the house.  I was hungry and there was food, but there was no way I could eat it or even cope with smelling it.  Usually I have gained a good ten pounds by this point in the first trimester, but this time I thought I had gained weight because my pants won't button but it turned out it is just all shifting to my belly and boobs from god knows where.  I still have leg muscles but I guess I must be losing arm muscles and cheek fat or something because I haven't gained a pound.  (Which makes the ankle, heel, and knee pain a COMPLETE mystery.)

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Well, I was doing okay this afternoon until all that talk about cheese yeast.  Blech. orngtongue.gif

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I'm having a really tough time this week, particularly at night. Keeping myself fed is a real challenge, because everything sounds disgusting. I almost cried trying to eat some bland chicken and veggies. I've lost some weight and my face is looking gaunt. I'm super tired and miserable, no fun.


At this point I think I have tried just about every home remedy for nausea. Sea bands, ginger gum, you name it.



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I am starting to feel less and less nauseous!!!  Hoping I am on the tail end of it and hoping to EXHAUSTION leaves soon as well.  Haven't thrown up in a few days!

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Yesterday I had about a 12 hour reprieve from the constant nausea I've had the last couple weeks.  Although it's back again today, that was sure a nice glimmer of hope that there will be an end to this phase.

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Well, maybe this is temporary, but I'm at 8w 5d and I feel a lot better today. I'm making a healthy dinner and I'm excited about it (this is a big deal, I've been hating healthy food lately!)


In general, the nausea hasn't been nearly as bad, but it's still there. I get pretty nauseous driving in a hot car, I've noticed, and that hasn't gotten any better.

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Ok so please tell me what I can try for nausea?  When you say "ginger" what do you mean exactly?  I don't really know what to try and I am dying here with the constant nausea... :(

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The B6/unisom at night has helped quite a bit with my morning sickness.  I also take it in the morning if it's a bad day.  Today has been a bit less than usual.  I'm hoping it's a trend that continues as it's been about 3-4 weeks of pretty bad nausea/puking.

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Hey Janellody- You can try Ginger just about any which way ;-) Raw, just nibble a peeled bit, there are normally some great natural ginger candies at places like whole foods, or health stores. And, ginger tea made either from the raw root itself or just ginger tea bags like you can buy in the store. There are even ginger tablets you can get as a supplement in health food stores, or GNC. You can also add ginger to dishes, peel some of the root and grate it into stir fry dishes, or anything you think it might be tasty in. There's also the 'real' gingerale actually made from ginger that you can get at Trader Joes or a place like Whole Foods...and occasionally in an ordinary grocery store...it looks like a 4 pack of bottled bear.


Personally, ginger doesn't seem to do much for me. But, I took someone else's suggestion about sliced lemons, and it's working WONDERS. Just add a sliced lemon to your water, and keep some handy in a baggy when you're out and about for smelling or even tasting purposes. lol...it's working for me :-) I also have a tea from Twinnings (?) that is a mix of lemon and ginger and it's helping some. 



So, today the nausea upped the ante from an hour or two mid-morning to full on strong nausea complete with gagging and extra saliva ALL DAY LONG. O.M.G. It's coming!!! *sigh* I think the only thing keeping me from throwing up this morning was the nasty disgusting state of our bathroom...apparently throwing up in a dirty toilet is just not something my body is going to allow at this point. I am relieved though...in fact, I'm giddy...my symptoms have been SO mild compared to ds's pregnancy that it's WONDERFUL to have a real indication that things are going well ;-)

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Thanks pregnova!  That helps.  We have a Trader Joe's, I would love to find some ginger ale, how do I know if it's real ginger?  Is it nasty?  I will also pick up some lemons and ginger candies if I see them.  I need to try something as this sucks right now!!

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Canada Dry ginger ale is actually made with real ginger, although I prefer Boylan's. It tastes like normal ginger ale but a bit stronger.


Ginger candies are a bit intense for me, but I've had luck with ginger gum.

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I'm at week 8 today and although I've suffered from nausea for the past two weeks, it hit hard core last night. Also, I'm peeing much more frequently. A sign that my HCG levels have increased? It really sucks. I'm feeling so sorry for myself.


Luckily I'm able to get in for acupuncture in an hour, this has helped a lot in the past two weeks.

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I think, if I remember right from my previous pgs, I feel sicker when I am tired. 


But, whew.  I actually threw up yesterday. I haven't done that since my first pg!  Anyway, I am feeling sick all day long now.  I guess that negates the "i hope everything is okay because i feel good" line. 



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So I'm not quite 6 weeks yet (will be on Saturday) and I've only felt nauseous a couple of times and it was upon waking when I was hungry.  Should I be concerned?  When does it usually kick in for most people?  I had progesterone and hcg levels done on Monday and they came back great, but I'm kinda bummed out that I have a lack of pg symptoms. 

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No, don't be worried!  Count your blessings!


For me, it seems like 7-8 weeks is when I notice it the worst.  I was surprised to be feeling it so much already. 

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This is my second consecutive day without much nausea (I'm nearing the end of my 9th week, at 8w 6d). I hope this means that I'm done with it.


The cravings and aversions are still there, though.

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