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Have you been hit with morning sickness yet? - Page 4

Poll Results: Barfing yet?

  • 27% (12)
    No, not even nauseous!
  • 22% (10)
    No, but I think it's coming soon.
  • 43% (19)
    Yes, but just a bit.
  • 6% (3)
    I am now best friends with Ralph.
44 Total Votes  
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Thank you Just1More and Maryamrose! I know everyone is different but reading both of your last posts gives me hope that I can get through this! I'm 8w today (by MY count, 7w5d by doctor's) and it's the WORST! If I can get through this week, then the next... I don't care if I still have nausea, I just hope it doesn't get any worse. 

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I agree, I am only 7w3d but if it slows down around 9 or 10 weeks.. that is good news.  I am just going to cross my fingers and hope for that!!!  Cuz I am dying over here with the constant nausea!!

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Mine is pretty much gone at this point.  I'll be 10 weeks Monday.  I keep up on my protein but I'm not as in a rush to eat in the morning as I was 2 weeks ago.  This is how my last pregnancy was too.  By 11 weeks I was completely m/s free. 

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I'm at 8+1 and hoping the worst is over, last week was awful. 

I've been keeping some Clif bars in my purse, so I can snack on them if I'm out of the house and have to go more than a few hours without eating. It's helped a lot, thankfully.

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I hate to say this, but I meant that, for ME, it really STARTS around week 8.  Then I have several weeks of feeling it pretty strong.  As much as I hate to be doom and gloom, keep it in the back of your mind that it might be around a little longer...

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whistling.gif I'm ignoring your last post J1M and pretending I'm one of the lucky ones who sees a decrease in nausea during weeks nine and ten. Has to happen to someone, right?  This just really sucks.

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I've been nauseous for weeks now. However, today I broke my perfect record and puked for the first time during pregnancy. I'm 8 weeks 2 days, and today has been much worse than previous weeks. It's been dry heaves all day. 

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Here's hoping for all of us. :)

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I hate to give this update, but I just have to - the nausea is back. I had a two-day break, which was amazing, but it's been pretty tough for the last few days. It's definitely better than my worst week (which I think was week 7), but right now at 9w 3d, I'm queasy a lot and have a ton of aversions. No vomiting yet for me, though (does burping up stomach acid count?)

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Oh Maryamrose, I'm in the same boat. I actually feel a bit of relief occasionally. An hour here, an hour there. And I feel like I'm getting better overall... until I'm not. A couple of times a week I have a big setback that I feel takes a while to recover from. It's so frustrating. For fun I went over to April 2012's group and read some of their strings, they are all starting to feel better! There is hope for us, it's coming!! 

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I thought I might avoid the whole throwing up this this time around, but no such luck. My friend and I were watching a movie, and there was a really gross scene, and I just lost it. :( 

Then yesterday was all about the puking. So it looks like gingerale and soda crackers are my new best friends for a while.


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my doctor told me today to try 50mg of B6 at night to help with the m/s. She also said I could try Unisom for it, and lots of ginger. And then she also gave me and rx just incase those didn't help me! 

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Wow. So today has been the worst day ever. I'm still getting over this reallly awful cold...so there's snot dripping down my throat constantly and I'm constantly stuffed up and having to sneeze, and the nausea just won't let up. Today was nothing but dry heaves all day long, and I spent most of the day praying I wouldn't throw up (i HATE throwing up!!!!!) 


I hope it's so bad because of the cold...because if there's weeks of this left...yikes!


Last time I had bad nausea with very occasional vomiting that lasted quite a bit into second trimester. This time, the nausea started much later in the pregnancy so...fingers crossed it also goes away early??

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I'm about 8 weeks and I feel like total CRAP, I've been nauseus for nearly 2 weeks.  Forgot how much I was able to rest w/ my 1st pg, and even with my 2nd because I'd lie down when my toddler slept for an hour (though I didn't think I was so well-rested at the time!) Now, with 2, who do not yet know why I am acting so miserable and lazy.......torture!

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I just crossed 10 weeks and I still feel awful every evening :( 


I did find a store near me that carries a wide variety of ginger beer (like ginger ale but much stronger ginger flavor), so I bought four different bottles. Hopefully one of them will settle my stomach!

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I'll be at 11 weeks tomorrow and I still feel nauseous at night. It's still pretty bad at night (though last night was more tolerable, I don't know if this is a trend though). I have very little nausea during the day anymore. Trying to stay strong for another week or two!


I don't know if this works for anyone else, but Jolly Ranchers help me feel a little better.

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I'm at 10w1d and life is tolerable. I still have icky tastes in my mouth all the time and smells drive me up the wall, but over all I feel like each day I'm getting a little better (knock on wood!).

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I will be 10 weeks on monday and I am hopeful it will start getting better... so far it hasn't.  :(

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I'm coming up on 12 weeks and FINALLY feeling some relief. I still get waves of pretty severe nausea, but at least it's not a constant any more. Hopefully some of the rest of you are starting feel better too!

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That's great news! I'm also feeling better at 12w 4d. I'll still occasionally get nauseous if I smell something funny but definitely nowhere near as bad as before. I did throw up a grand total of once in the first trimester (at 11w 6d, hah!) but oddly started to feel better after that...

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