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Chemical Free Baby Bedding

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I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and of course I am reading everything I can so I can do and provide the best for my baby. In the search for my baby's crib and mattress, I came across a video in YouTube posted by CBS news about dangerous flame retardants. I was in total shock when I watched the news and started looking frantically for more information.  What I understand is that mattress manufacturers have to, by federal law, put hazardous chemicals on all mattresses in order to make them fire retardant and to meet governmental standards. This is to prevent fires but they are making things worst because our bodies absorb all these poisonous chemicals while we sleep. These cancer causing toxins cause more damage to undeveloped children including brain damage or severe allergies.  Thank God I have not yet purchased a mattress but I need some help! I don't know where to go to buy a chemical free mattress for my baby. Is there anyone out there that has some suggestions?

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I don't know anything about your financial situation, but...


Do you have any old wool blankets laying around? If you do, it isn't too hard to cut one to fit over a baby matress. Just cut it to size, attach a rubber band to keep it in place. Cover with a 100% organic fitted sheet and your baby will not have direct contact with the mattress, which will help.


Though, does the IKEA mattresses contain these chemicals too? Reading their website, they seem to be just ordinary matresses in mini format? No strange chemicals, beyond the ordinary polyester stuffing etc.

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There are lots of mattresses that dont contain these chemicals, and I dont think it is required by law for the flame retardants to be put in them.  It might be in CA, but I dont think anywhere else it is, they just do it.  These chemicals are in your carpet and furniture as well BTW.

Anyway, you just have to look, there are plenty of organic mattresses, and yes they are more expensive.  I would not just put a blanket over the mattress because the off-gassing gets into the air as well.  Also note that it is not just the flame retardants that are harmful, but also the plastics and such that are used.  Never buy anything that is made of or with polyester, acrylic, any of the synthetic fabrics because they are made from petroleum, oil.  Look for a mattress containing wool.  But, personally, if you want to do what is best for your baby, co-sleep!  Dont even have a crib, at least not for awhile.  Sleeping with your baby is SOOOO beneficial.  Look up attachment parenting.  And it is so much easier to breastfeed at night, also super beneficial for you and baby.  Then you have to worry about your own mattress.  Look at places like TheOrganicMattressStore.com and organicgrace.com(they have a site wide 10% off sale in April for earth day) for mattresses for both you and baby.

Here are some articles to check out http://www.healthychild.com/search/?ordering=0&searchphrase=all&searchword=mattresses   This whole site it good for researching about the health of your baby, I recommend looking at all they have to say.  Make sure you look into vaccination including the articles on this site.

There is a lot to learn.  Good luck.

Oh, one more thing for you, this very good video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvzDHGLEUyw&feature=watch-now-button&wide=1 


Feel free to PM me for more info:)

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We sell chemical free baby products and bedding and have pretty extensive information available on our website.....



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Yes it is horrible that they put flame retardants in baby mattresses!!! I We got our mattress from the organic mattress store in Hellertown PA. Flame retardant free!!! We were pleased with the service and it was shipped quickly. (Keep in mind that wool is a natural flame retardant which is why they are able to get around the federal law.) The only other way I know is getting a prescription from your doctor to have a mattress made without flame retardant.

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what they all said--natural wool-topped mattresses.  or, thereś a natural cotton futon available as well (w/boric acid as flame retardant--a lesser evil, i suppose?), that is twin size so lasts longer/more versatile as baby grows.  we have the latter, from northernnaturals.com.  the best crib mattress i know of is from savvyrest.com.  we have an adult-size mattress from them, and i ADORE it. 

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