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How about a ROLL CALL?

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Let's put our age, baby #, and EDD.  And how you are feeling today.


I'm 34, baby # 4 (7+ year gap between babies), EDD 5/2/12.


I'm feeling ok.  Tired and nauseous are my main issues but ran some errands and did a little cleaning.  Still don't really feel "pregnant", just ill.  I don't think it will really register until I hear the heartbeat in a few weeks.

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I am 22 and this will be my first baby. My EDD is May 1st :)


I feel great, very alert, a bit body/muscle tired and my boobs have been big and sore for a few weeks. A little bit of dizzyness and I am thirsty a lot. A bit hormonal/emotional too.


All in all, thrilled to be pregnant! It's only starting to sink in for me, I was very calm when I got my BFP and am just starting to get super excited a week later :)

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I'm 30 this will be baby #5 (I have 4 boys already 8,6,2,1) There will be about 21 months in between #4 and #5. My EDD is May 18. 


I feel okay today. Exhausted and hormonal, but otherwise okay. 



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I'm 26, this will be baby #1 for me, and my EDD is May 3.


I'm having weird cravings and aversions today. Scatterbrained, thirsty, and a bit tired (but not exhausted yet). I'm going shopping with my husband for new [maternity] shirts. My breasts have gotten a lot bigger already and I'm bloated, so I need them.

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I am 28, this is baby #1 for me and my EDD is May 12, 2012.


I feel fine for the most part, my worst issues are cramping and headaches, although my boobs get more sore every day.  No food aversions, but a little snackier than normal.  I have been getting the  "stood up too fast" thing going on a lot when I stand up, you know where your head feels weird and you can't see anything for a couple seconds.  I am guessing that has to do with being pregnant since it all of a sudden started a couple days ago.  Now I try to get up slowly...

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Hi Ladies :)

I'm 28, and this is baby #4 for us.

I am more tired than usual, and I feel so bloated. I feel like I did when I was 3 or 4 months with my last pregs. lol

Last night I was having the worst cramps ever, I haven't been too hungry. Food tastes good at first and then I am done.

Obviously I'm scatterbrained a bit also, instead of 'done' in my last sentence I typed 'dumb'. haha

I haven't really been sleeping as much, but yesterday I took a nap :)

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Hey everyone!  I am 31, this is baby #2 and my due date is May 3.  Just moved over from the April group because I had my first appointment and u/s today.  I guess I was correct in feeling ovulation (a week late), so instead of being 7 weeks along, I'm just 6 weeks along.


I am feeling terrific, but of course really tired.  My early prediction is that this is a boy because I am feeling so good.  Now I need to go find some wood to knock on!

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Hi mamas,


I am 33 years-old, this is my 5th baby!, and my estimated due date is May 9, 2012.


I have a 10 yo DS, 7 yo DS, 4 yo DD, and a 20 month-old son. 


I feel pretty good physically, but totally thrown for a loop with this pregnancy!  I sometimes feel a tad nauseous, dizzy, and tired.  I work at home while my kids are at school and care for my youngest and it has been really difficult to get anything done.  Hopefully that will end soon! 

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Hey ladies :) I am Jessica, WAHM to 3 little girls and one on the way! I am due May 13, 2012. I am still in the process of trying to talk hubby into a home birth! I am to the point of telling him he doesn't have a choice because I want this so bad! Anyway, I am feeling ok. I have more energy this pregnancy, but have a weird aversion to meats. I can only eat eggs and fruits and veggies :) Looking forward to getting to know you ladies!!!

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Hi.  I am Heather.  I am 32 and SAHM of 2 boys.  My EDD is May 12th.


I have been tired, a bit crampy and so moody/emotional.  Not feeling much morning sickness yet though.

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Hey ladies :) I am Jessica, WAHM to 3 little girls and one on the way! I am due May 13, 2012. I am still in the process of trying to talk hubby into a home birth! I am to the point of telling him he doesn't have a choice because I want this so bad! Anyway, I am feeling ok. I have more energy this pregnancy, but have a weird aversion to meats. I can only eat eggs and fruits and veggies :) Looking forward to getting to know you ladies!!!

hi mama4peace, I work at home, too!  It is pretty wild WAH with little ones.  Never a dull moment. ;)


Hi Heather Marie, I've been a bit crampy and emotional, too.  a bit anxious.

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Hey ya'll!  I'm Sarah.  I'll be 30 on Monday.  This is baby #2, there will be a 10 year difference.  EDD is May 7th.


I don't have a lot of symptoms yet, some light craming/achiness.  Food aversions.  SUPER sensitive boobs.  I get light waves of nausea here and there, dizziness too.  Nothing major though.  We have a midwife interview Monday (happy birthday to me! :D)

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Hi!  I'm 34 and this will be baby #3, take 3.  I have a 5 year old son and 3-year-old daughter. We've been ttc #3 since January 2010 and have had 2 miscarriages since then too. So I'm really praying for a sticky baby.  


I feel tired, have headaches and dizziness, and lots of menstrual-like cramps.  Still don't feel pregnant and still don't feel the way I did with my two successful pregnancies. Just got bloodwork back with my hcg levels and progesterone and I need to do progesterone injections once they arrive in the mail.  It's scary to think it's so low but I feel good knowing we are doing what we can do to make a nice home for this baby!


Oh, forgot to add - the EDD is 5/13/12, the same exact due date for my dd, who was born on 5/5/08.

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Hi everyone! I'm Alissa, I'm 25 and this will be baby #2.  My just turned 2 a couple weeks ago!  I will transition to SAH/WAH towards the end of this pregnancy which is really exciting and scary!  My EDD is May 7th.


I am feeling great still.  I have had 2 headaches in the last 24 hours which is really unusual for me, but that other than that feel totally normal.  Can't wait to get to know all of you and praying for sticky babies for all!

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Hi everybody! I was finally able to join the group! (It wouldn't let me at first but I just kept clicking "join group" over and over and finally, it worked! orngbiggrin.gif


I am 27, and will be 28 when the baby is born. This is baby # 3 for me! I have two boys. An 8 year old from a previous relationship (he doesn't currently live with me) and a 3 1/2 year old  with DH. I am a speech therapist and I work for a school system, so the timing works out perfectly - I am due May 11th, right before school gets out for the summer. I'm thrilled that I'll have a few months to just relax and bond with baby before even having to think about going back to work. I am really looking forward to a home birth (my first home birth!)


I am feeling great! A few mild cramps here and there...but other than that, no symptoms. No sore boobs, no m/s, no aches or pains or aversions really....I just feel normal. I'd actually like to feel more pregnant, ha! 


I am really looking forward to getting to know you all! 

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I will be shocked if this baby is a girl. Seriously shocked. I just have a feeling its a boy. I honest to goodness don't care either way - just alive and healthy is all I really pray for - but I'm pretty sure it is a boy for a few reasons. lol

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Hello May mamas! I'm 25 and this will be baby #2 for us. DS is 15 months old. EDD is 5/5/11. Very excited to be having another May babe!

I've been feeling great, just a little crampy the last couple of days and not much of an appetite (nothing sounds good). Looking forward to getting to know all of you and so excited that we finally have our own DDC :-)

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Hello, I'm 29 (will be 30 when baby arrives), and this is #1 -- we are thinking this is the first and the last. Due 5/8/2012.


Boobs are killing me, a little nausea. The bloating is unreal - I've already incorporated some maternity pants and a belly band. The pants are a little big but my normal pants are really uncomfortable, so I'm kind of in limbo.


I don't notice the extra trips to the bathroom except at night. For awhile I was waking up at 5:30, this morning it was 2:30.


I am curious to know from you more experienced mamas what sort of clues one gets about gender. In my mom's family, we went more than 30 years between baby boys (1977-2009). So from that I feel girl vibes, but then there's my dad's side, and my husband's genetics, etc. Not that gender selection is genetic anyway.


Also, do all doctors do beta testing and/or 1st trimester ultrasounds? I would really like a confirmation to ease my worries but haven't even been given an appointment at the OB yet.

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I'm 25, and this is baby #2! I'm due May 7th. DS is 21 months, so they'll be almost exactly 2.5 years apart. This will be our first home birth, and I'm really excited about it!

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I'm Em, 27 and this will be baby #2 for us, due within days of DS's 2nd birthday.  I don't know my EDD yet, but early to mid May is what I expect.


Smells have begun to bother me, and occasional headaches (normal for me whenever progesterone increases).  Tons of bloating; with my abs relaxed, I look 4 months pg, but it's all soft and squishy and mostly sucks in if I try, though my FIL asked if I was PG two days before I found out!

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