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Ultrasound thread

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I figure we could use a spot to post our ultrasounds :)




This is today, 10w4d :)




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ok, I can't resist!


Awwwwwwww! Its a baby!!!! love.gif Congrats :)

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Yay! and so cute already!!! wohoo!

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Awww, so sweet!

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Little feet!


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Thanks for posting. So adorable. :) 

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Awesome!!!  Congrats!


I had my u/s 2 weeks ago, and am positively itching to get a peek/hear or SOMETHING of this little person to know all's still well in there (even though I have no reason to doubt it). 

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Crazy to think that's what they look like, so tiny and hidden away in there!  Thanks for sharing - if we do one I'll definitely share:-)  I found a website with 3-D photos of babies at each week, which is fun to show the kids with each new week - crazy what technology can do these days!

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So neat!  Thanks for sharing! 

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Thanks everyone! But we totally need more ultrasound pics up here. Please, if you get one and wanna share, do so!

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Here's our pumpkin!  This was taken 2 weeks ago, at 8 weeks 4 days.  :)  :)  :)  So happy to see a little head, and arms and legs!  And, of course, that precious little heart swishing away.  Dd thinks it looks like a gummy bear.

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I'm calling my little one "The Gummy Bear" but only based on Internet photos of a 7 weeker. I think your looks way cuter than a gummy bear. Congratulations!

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Yay SweetPotato!  love.gif

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From last week, 10+5 measuring 11+1.  love.gif  Midwife says those flippers are toes.


usound cropped.jpg

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awwww!  biggrinbounce.gif love it!

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Awe! I love seeing these! Cute!
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  • IMG_5506.JPG
  • Our little peanut!  A week ago measured at 8weeks 3days.  Maybe one of you can answer me this, does that mean the fetus is 8weeks 3days and my pregnancy is more like 10 weeks, or is that the estimated length of my pregnancy?  This is my first time, i'm still learning!
  • (please ignore the bullets, i'm not sure how to get rid of them)
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Tarabelle, it means that they are estimating the pregnancy to be 8 weeks 3 days (so conception would have been approximately 6.5 weeks before the ultrasound).

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Just had my first US yesterday. Everything looks great, heartbeat was around 160bpm..... does anyone have any exp with how fast/slow for a potential girl/boy? We're not finding out the sex of the baby but any hints I may get would be fun.

The pics looked so much nicer on the screen at the ultrasound, they were so blurry when they printed!


It was all so exciting, I hadn't even heard the heartbeat at my first MW appt a few weeks ago so I was happy to see everything growing and thriving as it should joy.gif







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