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We had our second ultrasound yesterday! The baby measured perfectly at 9 weeks with a heartbeat of 171. We were really excited to see the baby wave it's little arm at us.

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omg!  they are all so cute!!!! cant wait for mine tomorrow. :)

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First of all, it is so cool to see these photos.  I am admiring my little one vicariously through your pics!  As for heart rate, 160s is normal for either gender this early in pregnancy.  I think the old wives' tale says faster heartbeat = girl, but I'm not certain and I've never heard anyone confirm a hunch based on that alone.  I do remember that my DS2 stayed consistently at 145 throughout preg...

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Just had my first US yesterday. Everything looks great, heartbeat was around 160bpm..... does anyone have any exp with how fast/slow for a potential girl/boy? We're not finding out the sex of the baby but any hints I may get would be fun.


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These pictures are so cute...my early one I didn't get a photo, I wish I had thought to ask.


So if slower heartbeat is a boy and faster is a girl, I must be having a hermaphrodite LOL One day it's 150, another it's 170+

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the pictures are neat. Makes it easier to imagine my little one. I also found the site with the 3-D pictures. I will post mine when I get them, but it won't be until 20 weeks.

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The wives tale is fast=girl slow=boy, but it doesn't really mean anything. From what I remember during my first, the heart rate can fluctuate depending on if the baby is being active or not. So a higher heart rate may just mean that the baby is moving around slot and vice versa.
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It really is an old wives tale. They told my dad I was going to be a boy based on heartrate. Considering I'm gestating my second, I think they were just a little bit wrong.

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Hey ladies!


Anyone familiar with the genital tubercle theory? Anyone have any "nub" pics to share? I'm 12 weeks and still trying to figure out if my baby's nub is male or female in its direction!

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8weeks 6days, measuring at 9weeks 5days! Woohoo! Heart rate was 190! I'll be thinking of girls names. wink1.gif

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Hey ladies!


Anyone familiar with the genital tubercle theory? Anyone have any "nub" pics to share? I'm 12 weeks and still trying to figure out if my baby's nub is male or female in its direction!

I am:) I'm on a site that prides itself on nub guessing:) LOL Can you post a pic?


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That's a great profile!

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Nat, do you think that little nub is indicative of a girl?


I'm going to get "nub" pic next week. I'm an ultrasound tech so I've just been checking myself when I have a chance and from what I can see it looks more so like a girl with the angle more parallel to the spine. I'll grab a pic next week when I'm back at work!

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that is interesting! i have no idea what to look for but im hoping for a girl. :)

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I couldn't get my scanner to work, so I had to take a picture. 9 weeks! Baby was pretty active and everything looks great so far.

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Haha! The "Baby" caption on the photo up there really cracks me up. I love it. 


We won't be getting an ultrasound until the 20 week anatomy scan, so it's fun seeing the photos from all of you and imagining what my own baby looks like. :) Thanks for sharing.

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Such an unexpected surprise to see this. Normally my dr. doesn't give ultrasounds at all except for the 20wk one.

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autumngrey - how great to see your little one move! Happy day!

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AWe, thanks for sharing autumngrey! I won't see baby until December 2. Thanks for letting me get a little possible preview! :)

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