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baby girl.jpg


Profile pic of our little girl. We had some cute pics and a very obvious pic that she is in fact a she. Excited

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Here's some GIRLY PARTS and MORE!



girl (Medium).jpg

Do you see "three lines"? I'm not sure I know what that means.






Here's the bottom of a wee little footsie.

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This thread is turning into fetus porn with all the bits/nubs pics. lol.gif


These pics are fantastic! I love the stretched out little dude on the last page.


I'm having a level 2 done on 12/5, I'll be 21 weeks. I'm starting to get excited about it (and the excitement is completely overwhelming my concern for zapping the babe with all that sound energy.)

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Thursday, that sucks.  I can't tell anything from that photo either.  Our one photo was the skeleton-face type, and I really don't care for that.  I don't know why; that's just not what my baby looks like, IMO.  I like the profile pics--with DD, she had this perfectly turned up little nose, and sure enough when she was born she still had the little turned up button nose. 


saudade, that's what DD's potty shot looked like.  This little girl's "lines" were more parallel and defined.  Maybe it has to do with how high the u/s machine is set or how it's tuned? 


AbbieB, from what I've read u/s is less potentially bothersome to babe than doppler.  Don't worry! 

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wow, lots of girls huh. I love these pictures, they are all so cute. Flavorful yours is especially good quality.

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Nine days. NINE until I get to see my little one for the first time. I'm getting nervous and excited at the same time. Somehow DH learned that at some places you can bring a RW DVD and they'll give you a copy of the whole thing. He's psyched, and it's the first non-stoic express about the baby that he's given me (husband is very reserved in anticipation, pretty emotional in the moment). Pretty cool!

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9 days will fly by..except the night before, i was so excited I couldn't sleep. It's super cute when Hubs show emotion or let you know they are excited abut something. Mine is in general quite reserved.

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Abbie, hurray for u/s day! Mine is on the 5th too. Excited hardly explains.


Rosie, my DH is the same way, with everything. It works out for us because I'm the excited/emotional/worrier up to the event and when I get into "work mode" or whatever the occasion requires, I'm the one who calms down while he amps up. So we balance out well. Hopefully the pattern continues or this is going to be one miserable last 4 months as I'm emotional and he slowly slides into it too. Our clinic provided the CD for the first u/s we had in October, which was completely unexpected (both the u/s and the CD). It's one of the coolest baby treasures I could have imagined. DH was baby bonkers as we went home with digital files in tow (now back to calm, thankfully!).

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autumngrey - You describe how DH and I balance each other as if you knew us very well. Sounds like our relationships are similar. :) 


Yeah, I'm guessing the night before my US will not be restful. How I'll focus on class that morning I have no idea. 

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SAM_7508.JPG YEYE! Everything is perfect this morning, 19w 5days and the placenta is way up and away from the exit! HIP HIP HORRAY! I couldnt be more happy! S/he was very active and sucking fingers :) 

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Whoohoo! COngrats on the great ultrasound! :)

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20 Week U/S -- IT'S A GIRL!!!! joy.gif


Baby.png         4D-Cropped.png


Girl Parts




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We chose not to find out sex.  I was actually more worried about finding out if baby was looking normal and healthy!  I've been super paranoid this time around.  Like worrying whether baby has legs.  :) I have only been feeling fists, not feet... and it turns out that baby has probably been hanging out transverse and kicking the placenta, cushioning the blows for me.  So that's why I haven't felt feet... not because they aren't there!  Phew!


Here's our bub!


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What a great shot!

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I am so excited for everyone!! I love the US pictures! We have our US on Friday at 10:30. I am so excited I can hardly sleep. Looking at all the great pictures is making me more excited!!! :-)

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20w5d Ultrasound  It's a Boy!!!!!!!









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YAY! That looks like quite the clear shot! :) 


I'm headed in for our US today after class, at 2PM. Any of you ladies have experience going to your GYN practice for a mid-pregnancy ultrasound without doing an prenatal visits there? I'm with a MW for the rest of my care, but wanted to see my favorite doc (been with her since 15yo) for my scan. I'm a *tad* bit concerned that the nurses will be flustered and difficult at my chart. (Or lack of chart, as it were.)

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This is our little mystery baby at 20 weeks (a little over a week ago).  We decided not to find out the gender, and are very excited love.gif


20 weeks profile.JPG

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Looks like a BOY to me, MommaHen! wink1.gif

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.....it's a pretty clear profile shot. Head on the right, torso on the left.

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