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@Saudade... Funny that you got that impression too... I have been in a mind set since I found out that it is a girl... UNTIL I saw this little one in u/s.  I started thinking boy right when I saw his/her face.  The lo reminds me of my youngest DS, cute little button nose and BIG feet.  love.gif  DD wants a sister SOOOO bad though!  She already has two brothers.  I sure hope that she handles it well if this is a boy!  For me, though... as long as this baby is healthy I am a happy Momma!

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Cute profile MommaHen! 


SFMB - Do you want to move this thread over to the new forum? I have ultrasound pics but I will wait to post in the social group. :)

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Do I just need to post a new version on the social group?

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Yeah, I would have started one, but I figured it would be nice for the original thread starter to do it. I posted a notice and a link to the new thread in the gender thread, and in the new one I posted a link back. 

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Started the ultrasound thread in the social group.

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OK, so my husband thinks I'm crazy but I had an ultrasound yesterday. I am 18 weeks and 2 days and the tech said "I think it's a boy". I asked if she was 100% and she said no but she was pretty sure.

The picture on the left is the ultrasound from yesterday.The one on the right is a picture of my son taken at 17 weeks and 4 days. They certainly don't look the same. On the left, I see 3 lines all the same length, however, it's protruding (not flat) But in my sons you can clearly see the bottom and top separately. Thoughts?

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ALKMommy - this group is pretty quiet as it is April 2012's due date group You might want to try and find your due date group or post your questions in the general pregnancy forum. ....all 4 of my babies were a suprise so I'm not any help with the ultrasound pic.

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That's pretty definitely a boy; turtle shell and head. 

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