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Is it possible to hs and work p-t??

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I'm putting feelers out and exploring our options. My 7 year old is in public school at the moment, but despite being very bright and capable, he is just not succeeding - mostly due to his attention issues - and I am feeling very strongly that I should hs him.  I have a job 2 days a week that pays very well - more than I could make anywhere else for even triple the hours. It is in a school, so I can only work during the days and can't take my children with me. My parents watch my daughter during that time, but they would not be open to babysitting my son when they feel "he should be in school."  I'm feeling in a bind between what our family needs vs. what my son needs for his education. 


Does anyone have any creative options?  How do other people handle the logistics of working and hs'ing? 



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that sucks that they wouldn't be open to watching him 2 days a week.. :/ that would be a great solution imo - i would look for someone who would be willing to watch him.. maybe someone who homeschools or has a small in home daycare but preferably a homeschool family so that someone could be sure he was doing some of his work on those days so you wouldn't have to make up time and so it wouldn't feel for him like he was just with a babysitter.. i would hope that after a while of htis and seeing him doing better with homeschooling that maybe your parents would change their minds about it and be ok to keep him while you work ..

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It is totally possible, as I am doing it right now!  I have a wonderful babysitter/nanny who works for me two days a week.  She takes the kids to whatever classes or activities happen to fall on those days, they go on hikes, to museums...basically all the same stuff I'd do if it were me! 

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That's great to hear that you're making it work, Mere! :)  Can you tell me how that works in terms of what paperwork you submit to your state?  I think here, I have to list all supervising adults and their education.  Does the state accept people outside the family?  And does the state ever do "visits" to make sure hs'ers are doing school when they say they are???  This is all new to me, and I want to get my ducks in a row to find the best solution.  Thanks!


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I know a homeschooling family with 2 parents working part-time who have found other homeschoolers willing to take their daughter on days when they both have to work.  They offer either to pay or to exchange child care.  It might be hard for you to set up something like that right from the start, if you don't already know other homeschooling families, but once you do know some it might be a possibility.  But, really, don't you think if you told your parents you were definitely taking your son out of school, and would be paying someone else for childcare if they couldn't watch him, that they would change their minds? 

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