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Yet another midwife education thread

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Can we chat about the different schools that offer CNM. I keep hearing that frontier makes you find your own clinical site. And honestly thats about all I know. I think I have some time to decide about schools. I am about to graduate with an associates degree in nursing. I guess some schools do take ADN, but I keep reading that most people applying are BSN.

Anyway, please share your knowledge on the topic.
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Oh boy - I was just looking at the DNP programs that are now taking over the MSN programs for nurse-midwifery this morning.


And I was getting overwhelmed. Instead of a 2 year program, it will be 3 - though states are not yet requiring DNP for licensure. ?


I did see that Frontier still offers the MSN - though some universities look like they're fazing it out in favor of the DNP.


I consistently hear GREAT things about Frontier - and have a friend who graduated from Frontier a few months ago.


Picking out a clinical site is not as daunting as it sounds. There are intensives in KY that you have to attend as part of the program.


The thing that I most liked about Frontier when I first looked at it was that they doubled the clinical requirements for graduation than was required by the AMCB (ACMB?? --- the CNM-credential-awarder not sure of the letters).


And now I'm liking that it's only going to be a 2 year program - as opposed to a 3 year....


I have a Bachelor's of Science in another field - will have an ADN in 2012- looking at midwifery programs to apply to.

Some accept (or have accepted in the past) non BSN nurses - you'll have to see. Are you looking at any other programs besides Frontier?

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I really have no info about ay other CNM programs. I am hoping to apply to Frontier next summer. I am also hoping to get a l&d job in the mean time. I hear that looks better? I dont know. Im just trying to get as much info as I can right now so when the time comes, I will be prepared with my next steps.

I am looking into a few doula programs right now. I thought maybe that would help also with my chamces of getting in to midwife school.
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I have looked at a lot of CNM programs and I have decided on Frontier.  In fact, I just sent the rest of my application packet yesterday in hopes of getting in the class starting in February!!!! I can't wait to get started.

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I would start looking at State Universities in your area.  In this area (midwest), University of Minnesota has a great DNP program in Midwifery and/or women's health.  It's a three year program, they work to find you a clinical site (in a 6 state surrounding area) and, in addition to online coursework and clinicals, you would need to commute to Minneapolis three times a semester for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, crash course.  It's not a bad option if you live in the area.  

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there are a few state universities around here. But none that offer midwife. There is a school called shanandoah that is kinda close to me. Well, its in northern va, im in central. But the closest one that ive found offering cnm.
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where in VA are you? I'm also in VA, and just finished up the "bridge year" at frontier, for students who have an associates degree in nursing. you spend one year in bridge classes, then move on to the MSN program classes. No, you dont get a BSN in the process, but you graduate with your MSN. I'm really liking Frontier so far (most of the time---but nothing is perfect!). If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!



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Hey! Im in richmond. Where are you?
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