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Announcement Ideas?

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How will you announce your pregnancy to extended family and friends.  I feel so lame doing it on Facebook, but honestly, that's the quickest and easiest way to go.  I was thinking about posting a picture of a bun in the oven, and just seeing who gets it first. 

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That sounds like a cute idea. We were planning to wait to share the news, but we were at a BBQ with our close groups of friends the other day and some one just looked at me and said, "You aren't pregnant again are you?" Ummm,,,,,,I think the hesitation to answering the question gave me away. As far as family goes, we have a birthday dinner coming up in a few weeks and we're going to announce it then. Then I'll probably post something on FB just for those that haven't heard yet.

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I have told most everybody already that I am close to, so the only other thing I would have to do is post on facebook lol... I have a million acquaintances that I would never call up and tell, so FB is most appropriate for them.  I am not sure HOW I am going to tell.. I always liked the idea of showing a picture of my positive test.. but by the time I tell it will be down the line some, like 10 or 12 weeks I think, so maybe that is dumb.  Not sure yet, the bum in the over idea sounds cool!!

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We told our families last weekend.  Dh's family got together for a Labor Day BBQ since his parents were in town and since we don't all get together very often, he slyly suggested we do a group picture.  Dh was going to take it and instead of saying "Say Cheese!" he was going to tell us, "Say, Jenny's pregnant!"  But a friend ended up coming to the BBQ and when his family saw that dh wasn't going to be in the picture they suggested the friend take it.  So he whispered to the friend what to say and when he said it nobody believed him because he is a total jokester.  They all were like, nuh uh.  Are you serious?  LOL  Oh well.


Everybody else is finding out little by little.  My 6 yr old step-daughter let the cat out of the bag to a friend of mine today.  We aren't announcing it to anyone or spreading the news though until after my 10 week appt.  I like the facebook picture idea.

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We told the world today via Facebook LOL I decorated my BFP and posted it on my page. Lame, I know, but I didn't feel like hearing all the comments (this is our 4th) and seeing people's facial expressions. We are happy and wanted to announce it to the world!!!

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OH told his parents alone - because they have "other" ideas about unmarrieds having babies, and we figured it was best that way.  Since I've miscarried before, we're waiting until 12 weeks (if we can keep it quiet that long...) to tell my parents, and the rest of the family/friends. I want to tell most people in person or by phone, and then we'll make it facebook-official. :)

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we have already told most important people: DSD and her mom, our parents, friends, my bosses etc.

i wanted to keep it a secret longer, but he wants to tell the world and tbh so do i :)


im not big on facebook, i just figure some people will tell other people and eventually everyone who needs to will just know :) 

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I want to do a family photo with everyone holding a sign. My DH will hold a sign saying "What!?" and my son will hold a sign saying "It's a baby!" and my daughter will hold one with an arrow pointed towards my belly saying "Yeah, it's in there!" Or something like that... still working out the details. I'm also not sure of A. where to take the picture or B. when or C. who will take it or D. whether the kids will actually hold a sign long enough for a photo. I need to do this ASAP though or I'll never around to it!


I've told immediately family (parents and siblings) and one close friend already so this will be just for facebook.

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We're telling our families this weekend with picture frames of all their grandchildren (including an extra spot with a picture of DS in a Big Bro shirt and a note that says "to be replaced May 2012"). In a few weeks, we had already planned to have our close friends over to celebrate us finally finishing our bathroom remodel, so we're going to put Jeffrey in the shirt again and let things be until someone notices. 


As for FB, I'm planning on using our Halloween costumes. We're, as a family, going to be Where's Waldo/Wenda, so I'll put my status to the effect of "where's baby?" or something like that. I'll be 13 weeks-ish.

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For our parents and just very close friends I sent an email with a picture of DD wearing a shirt that says "I'm going to be...a big sister"  In the email all I said was "DH and I thought you might want to look at this cute picture of DD"  The only problem was that I had to call the in-laws and make them open the email (since it had been a week and we hadn't heard from them!) and then call me back after they looked at it.

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I haven't told anyone yet and don't plan to until I see a heartbeat at least and maybe beyond.  With our first 2 we told people right away.  I had ordered a shirt for my ds that said "I know something you don't know" on the front" and "I'm going to be a big brother" on the back.  With our 3rd pregnancy, we were planning to tell people at about 7 weeks when everyone was coming over to our house for a party but then we miscarried at 5 weeks.  For the 4th pregnancy, I wanted to wait until we passed that point at least. I almost told people and our kids around 6 weeks because i started to feel pregnant but then at the u/s around 7 weeks, we found out the sac was empty so I was really relieved we hadn't told anyone.  I may tell my 2 best friends if I feel like it next time I talk to them. It's just such a horrible feeling untelling people so with our last 2 pregnancies being losses, I want to be more careful this time.  I am so looking forward to telling my kids. I'll probably wait until after the first trimester so I can feel more secure about the pregnancy.  

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I think we're just going to announce it at Thanksgiving, in a big old "we have something to tell you..." although the second we say that everyone will know. There's pretty much only one thing newlyweds announce to the whole family like that. ;)


We've told our parents already because I was freaking out, and after the ultrasound at 7 weeks I plan on telling my two best friends. My basic rule is that I'm telling the people who I'd also want to tell about a miscarriage. 


A friend of ours waited until they knew the gender to say anything on Facebook, which makes sense to me. I'm not sure if I'll say anything on Facebook or not.

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I made it "facebook official" last night, lol.  I know it's early, but whatever!  I said "*my husbands name* is having another baby.... and I think it's mine! ;-)  I got a lot of response! LOL! 

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this is number 5 for us.... so I have no idea how to tell. I usually wait like pst 12 weeks, anyways.... so I have a few weeks to figure it all out.

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lindsay, I love how you announced it on fb! how cute! 

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I have told most of my really good friends and most of the family.  We are taking the kids to WDW in October and I think I am going to buy some my first Mickey Ears and post a picture to announce on Facebook.  

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Lindsay - I love that announcement!!

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You gals & my DH are the only folks I have been "announced to".

We are going to try & keep this on the down low for a while.


How long do you think it would be possible to keep this secret??????

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I may steal Lindsay's idea for our FB reveal, its really funny.  Or I may say something like "You know you are a Bruins hockey fan when you don't tell people your 2nd child's due date, you just say it will probably be during the Eastern Conference Finals."  

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Yea, I'm seriously thinking of stealing Linsday's fb announcement too! Linsday, would that be okay with you? orngtongue.gif That is so clever!!

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