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Job after baby comes

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Does anybody have a job- or have had a job, that required you to travel (around the US) a couple times a year-during the first 2 years of your baby's life? 

I am not happy with my current job and just found one that I might want to take instead...it could be the perfect job in every way but one catch: I'd have to take a 5-7 different trips (to different US locations) (probably just 3 days tops) over the course of the next two years.  My baby is due in 3 weeks. I don't have to start this job until January so I'd get the first 3 months "off" to be at home with my newborn.  I have a husband so he could take time off on those days that I have to travel....

I'm just not sure if this is wise or not...

My current job sucks though....it eats at me and my energy level...


any thoughts or stories or advice would be appreciated (I'm kinda freaking out bc baby is due in a couple weeks and i just want to do what is best for him....)


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5-7 trips of 3 days max over 2 years is not that much. I would definitely consider it.


I work in a field that really requires travel if you want to be successful, and my last position in particular had a LOT of travel. IME it's tough to leave a small baby overnight, but if the baby can come with you with an adult to care for him/her, then it's quite workable. I know a number of women who did exactly that -- they just took the baby with them until the kid was a little older.


If your DH can take the time off, could he possibly come with you?

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I agree with Pi- it really doesn't sound like that much. Of course, I never left my ds overnight until he was 3 1/2 (for 1 night and I had put him to bed and was back shortly after he woke up) and then not until he was 7.... so it's not like I was leaving my ds when he was a baby! If it would be possible for your dh to come with you (with the baby) for these trips I would probably really consider the job. Even if your dh can't come with you, I would still consider it because 18ish days out of 2 years is NOT a lot at all. My dh travels for work a couple times a year (out of the country) and will miss far more than that of our kids lives. He managed to get his boss to agree to no traveling until January, and then he'll be gone for probably 2 weeks. He'll likely have about 2 more trips in 2012 at about 2 weeks each trip.

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I also think you should definitely consider it. Over the course of two years, 5-7 trips of only a few days each really isn't that much, especially if papa will be able to stay with the baby. Also, take into account the stress of your current job. You mention that it eats at you and your energy level, and FWIW I feel like that kind of daily stress and aggravation is much worse in the long term than a few stressful trips a year for an otherwise great job.


This is of course just my opinion, but I feel like baby will benefit much more from having a happy, non-stressed mama who is gone a few times a year than a mama who is always there but is stressed out and lacking energy. Good luck, whatever you decide!

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I can't tell you all how helpful your replies are!  I just met with the person who is offering the 2nd job and everything about it is perfect...part-time, 10 minutes away, (not to mention the work is ideal and it is at my dream job organization!)  I am going to take it but she said "wait until the baby comes and we'll touch base in a couple months to see how you feel then...and we won't fill it until January!"  So I couldn't be more at ease about it now.  My mom is a 24 hr drive from me (I'm in NC, she is in MN) but she said she'd come down and nanny on those times when we might need her for a week or something.....we'd work it out.

I agree- daily stress is much worse than 4 days of stress a couple times a year....so much better!


It felt so supportive to hear your stories and replies!  THANK YOU!

Now I can just relax and get this baby to come out in the next couple weeks!!


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