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EDD May 21, 2010

Poll Results: Do you consider lines this faint do be BFP's or wannabe's? New test to be posted monday so get your vote on and lets see what happens. :-P

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That probably seems so weird. Yes I am early in my pregnancy. And by early I mean AF is not even due until the 12th. Not to mention I had a late ovulation. I would put myself at about 7dpo right now due to the late ovulation. I had bought some wondfo opk and pregnancy tests from amazon. I had given up on the ovulation tests because I just figured no way could I ovulate so late, but low and behold they gave me a + on Sept 1st. On the 2nd I had all the normal signs of ovulation so I knew the timing was right.


I began taking hpt's from the wondfo package about 4DPO. I know that is way too early but who doesn't start early when TTCing. wink1.gif


I usually get + tests around 8DPO. Of course I gave up on the 6th day and cried like a baby. On the morning of the 7th I said what the heck and used my very last test.............to my amazment.........BFP!!!!!!!!


So faint that only a TTCer could see it lol. But it's there. Since I had taken quite a few of the tests already I knew it was not an evap or  mistake. Deffinantly a BFP. Only bad thing is that I am out of that brand and have tried several over the counters today (3 different brands to be exact) all of which were BFNs. I know I will not get a store bought test to test positive until monday or so. But it is so hard to wait that long!!! I have had issues in the past with miscarriage and I just am so very nervous!


So hello all my May mamas and congrats!!!!




Oh by the way, this makes baby number 5 for our happy family. Hoping for a boy!

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To my eyes it looks like an evap, but I'm about as far from an expert as you can get. Fingers crossed that it's a BFP!

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I really hope I am not sticking my foot in my mouth right now lol. But I am about 99.9% sure it's a BFP. The line began collecting dye within 45 seconds and the color of the line in person is deffinantly pink. It isn't greyish or anything. It is clearly pink. I used the wondfu tests which I googled a few moments ago they are said to be pretty sensative. A woman said she tested + with wondfu and negative with everything else and went in for a quatative test a few hours later and her levels were at 7. There are many similar stories online about BFP's on that brand that don't register on any other test for several days. I tested again with a new choice test right after reading your post and I had what I could easily call an evap. I saw the line well within the time frame but couldn't say it was pink. So probably a shadow. But I have just throw in there that all the other wondfus I took this week had zero hint of a line and no evap even days after they had been taken. bag.gif Yes I'm a freak. I keep old opk's and hpt's in a secret spot to compare negatives until I get so frustrated I throw them out haha. Very sure it's a BFP but I am more worried about having a chemical pregnancy and like always I will know about it because I have to start testing early like I have OCD. I am just waiting to see that line slowely get darker. I need some peace of mind right now. Either a darker line or m/s will suffice.

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I can see a faint line.  It looks like my squinty line that I got from a dollar tree test at about 10 dpo.  I got a much darker result at 12 dpo with an equate early response test.  Hopefully in a few days you will get that dark line!

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You are sooo early for testing.  I think you are driving yourself crazy by testing that early.  I know it's hard but wait a few days and test again and then you won't have to guess and guess and guess about whether you can barely see it or not.  I test with FRER at 10DPO and it was faint, you are only 7... implantation can happen right around 7-10 which means it's too early for anything to be tested.. wait a few days! :)

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Carlito's wife ~ hi there! I am a POAS addict as well, so I understand your compulsion to test early....however....7dpo is super super early! I do see the line on your test. I have to say, though, that those internet cheapies drive me nuts. The ICs I had were supposedly very sensitive and my second line was super faint until 13dpo. FRER gave me a faint line at 10dpo and a BFP at 11dpo. My best advice is even though it is so so hard...wait 3 days, and test w an FRER. Here is a pic of my crappy ICs: :-) 

photo (4).JPG

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Yeah you are all right! I am literally driving myself nuts and I am trying so hard not to continue testing! I have two FRER in my medicine cabinet but I want to try my hardest not to test again until I am at least 11DPO. I went from yup, thats a slight BFP to, oh crap! Maybe not. I have no idea for the time being but I am just going to have to wait it out. No more testing for me. From calculations 11DPO is on monday. I really wish I could hold out until wednesday though. Anyways if I did then I would probably see AF by then if not pregnant and could save myself the use of two tests. I am not fond of frer at all because in my experience I get BFP's with equate +/- 3-4 days sooner than frer but I am sure not spending more on tests at this point. So FRER it is and monday is the date. I am feeling so stressed about it. Took a BFN New Choice this morning. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I may have used a bad test. I looked at it a few times again today and thought why the heck is that line pink? So disappointing.

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Hopefully it's just b/c it's still really early.  I didn't get my dark BFP until 12 dpo, and by that point it was very obvious, the line was forming as I was still POAS.  :-)  I hope this is it for you!  Good luck.

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I agree with PP, I also used the IC's and got a line that looked very similar to yours at 9dpo. I went out the morning of 10dpo and got a digi to confirm. It took a really long time for my IC's to get dark! I would wait a few days and re-test just to make sure. Good luck!

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Well..I am curious, but have nothing to add to this conversation. I know that is no help whatsoever joy.gif Keep us updated!

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Just a quick update**BFN with FRER this morning. No doubt about it that IC was a total fluke. Upon more research on the brand discovered that a vrey thin pink line is BFN. There were a few women who experienced that. I am currently 9DPO. I did not expect a BFP today but kind of just wanted to prove to myself that the IC was wrong. If that thing picked up a + then any other test would have by now. I am crampy so I attribute that AF gearing up. She is due on tuesday so if she is not here by then I will test on wednesday at 12  DPO. I am considering this month a scratch so depending on AF I will be leaving the group in a few days unless my TTC rollercoaster is not over for this cycle lol. Will update before I leave just to let you all know. Good luck to you all in your pregnancies!!!!!!!!!!! thumb.gif

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Aww...Thanks for the update! Sorry it wasn't this month :(

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I stand corrected. AF is due today which really explains the crampiness. Today is CD28. I forgot I had O'ed late this month. Leaving the group ladies. But thank you for the comments and entertainment. Bye bye. blowkiss.gif

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Originally Posted by Carlito's_wife View Post

I stand corrected. AF is due today which really explains the crampiness. Today is CD28. I forgot I had O'ed late this month. Leaving the group ladies. But thank you for the comments and entertainment. Bye bye. blowkiss.gif

Sorry to see you go!



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