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I'm not sure where to start

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Hi everyone.

I could really use all the help that I can get. I can't stop thing of homeschooling as of lately. My son is only 1, but I am really interested in homeschooling and want to learn about it. We are a lower-income family so I am not even sure if families like us could even afford it. I just want to explore all my options and was wondering where you think I should start. Share with me your favorite resources. Thanks so much! =) 

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  "You Are Your Child's First Teacher"; "Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves";  Home Education Magazine and website;  author John Holt;  "Creative Play With Your Toddler"


Inspiring books unrelated to homeschooling, yet somehow fit in:  "The Tracker" by Tom brown Jr; "Farmer Boy"; hmmmm, I'll think about that too.  There's more, I just have to think.


Places and groups:  Library (check the events calender);  Zoos (same, check for special events);  Junior Ranger program offered by the Nat'l Parks Service;  4H; special focus community groups; festivals (bluegrass, mushroom, salmon, Cambodian, whatever);  Mountaineers; etc etc etc.


This is off the top of my head.  Our family is unschooling.  When they were little I was inspired by the Waldorf philosophy, but I was too unschoolish to dedicate myself to it.  (There are home-based waldorf curriculums available online.  Oak Meadow and Christopherus are 2.)


To save money, avoid curriculums unless you have very good recommendations from someone you know.  And find out about the laws in your state.  We don't have to "declare" until 8yo, and oversight is minimal.  This allows us the freedom to educate as we see fit (and save a whole lot of money if we need to.)  I am a big fan of "delayed academics": a fancy way of saying that it really is better to let kids be kids!

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Second John Holt...and what really helped me decide was Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves.  Yes, its written from an unschooling viewpoint, but I think it would be really helpful for any homeschooler.

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Growing Without Schooling back-issues are available online, and some articles are archived online as well.  Again, a John Holt/ Unschooling focus.

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Thanks so much to you both! I am really open to all types of homeschooling, and even unschooling. I think what is holding me back and mostly my partner is how you prepare them for college, if that is what indeed what our children decide to do. Hopefully some of these books can answer all the common questions/stereotypes. 

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