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Wow! Great story, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations! She's lovely. So glad to hear that she's here!

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I LOVE the pic of her nursing, so sweet!  You rock Momma!  I had a similar experience with my fourth that was 8.15 vs. my third that was 7.15.  Mild shoulder dystocia and some serious pushing on my part!

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Aw. So cute.  Enjoy your babe.

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Sooooo sweet. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story and pics. love.gif

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Woohoo! This is awesome! Let us know when a name comes too...she is so cute and chunky! I think you and I shared the same guess date. September 19th, although I rarely utter it out loud! I hope some of this prodromal labor that Im having all the time follows through soon too! :-) Congrats on a great birth and a healthy little girl!

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Congratulations!  I love the pictures, the nursing one is incredibly sweet.  Enjoy your little (big) girl!

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Congratulations, and thanks for posting your story and pics so quickly!! Sounds like an awesome birth and wow, big girl!!! Great that you had no tearing. Hope you and baby girl are feeling good.

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congrats! she is beautiful!  <3 your story, thanks for sharing it!


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Yay!  :)

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We finally decided on a name.  She will be called - Patience Renee  heartbeat.gif

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Congratulations! She's just adorable! joy.gif

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Congrats!  She is beautiful, and so is her name.  ;)

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I finally got some computer time so I'm trying to make my way through all the stories and pics of those gorgeous babies!  She's beautiful, huge Congrats!

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Congratultions! You look radiant and she is sweet. flowersforyou.gif

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Congrats! What a wonderful story and beautiful pictures! I'm getting all teary eyed!smile.gif
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