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Oh Heavens My! Pure cuteness Jbouck.  Are those baby legs in the first picture? So cute.


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Thanks smile.gif they are an off brand of baby legs that my mom found on amazon. I love them!
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I just loaded some new ones on FB. For those not on FB here is one of my favorites from this past month.


Picture 074.jpg

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He's so cute, Lyn!!




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His eyes are SO blue!!  Beautiful!! 


Becky - OMG he's a giant.  LOVE!!

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Sorry everyone on FB, had to reshare this one here:



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She loves him until it HURTS! :D

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yay for cute babies!! Growing way too darn fast, though.
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Hi, all... 

I just came out of the wood-work in the lurker thread.  Thought I'd introduce my little man.  Meet Kai.  :)  He's 4 mos old in these pics.  :)




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Aww! A new adorable baby :D Welcome and yay! :D

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I love this thread. All these babies are so sweet. Here's Malcolm - he turned 4 months on Christmas









Mal and Dad hanging out

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Sweetie boy! I love nursing shots! What a lovely family you have :)

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So many cute, lovely baby and family shots! Adorable. I love seeing all these babies grow~

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Here's some pics of River from the last couple of weeks... he'll be 5 months old on Saturday!


Crazy psycho baby!




This pic isn't all that great of quality, but I just love his beautiful little face in it:




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Cat - Awww!  That picture is wonderful!! love.gif


Mares - Oh my gosh!!  Malcolm is a stunner!!  And that pic with his daddy?  swoon!


And welcome Kai!  Such a cutie!!

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Here's a very recent one of DS; its one of my favoritesluxlove.gif



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Oh the big sisters! My goodness, so lovely. These babies are really showing some personality in these pics as they grow. What chubby, round perfection, across the board!

These are 4 month shots of my little Gus--a peanut compared to a lot of these guys!photo 3.jpgIMG_1285.jpgIMG_1350.jpg

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So many cute babies!  I've admired them all but have been bad about sharing my own pics.

Here's Maisie at Halloween (she's a garden gnome)




And here she is at Christmas.


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The garden gnome is too much cute!

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Garden gnome = my favorite idea for a baby costume ever!

DH has taken to making forts for Eleanor, lol although from the look of this picture, they are mostly for his enjoyment wink1.gif

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