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Originally Posted by Tamera View Post



I haven't been on here in a while so I love seeing how all the babies are growing! Such big cuties!

I love this one :) I love the monster baby and the sweet smile on the victim :)


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All of your babies are adorable!  I really wish we lived close together so we could raise these munchkins together.  I'm having a rough time lately with the lack of a "village".  


Anyway.....I haven't posted pictures since Christmas.  I must remedy that!  


Nik & Livvy



Me with all of the kids.





Nate & Livvy





Constantly playing with her tongue means she often has this expression on her face.


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Jessica, she is a doll!!  I miss seeing pics of her!!  And your other kids are gorgeous as well!


Look at this big boy drinking from a cup!!  I can't get over it!  He's growing too fast!!






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Oh, yay, Jessica! Your family is beautiful! :D I know that tongue-sucking face well ;) She's precious!

And woo Finn! :D

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Thanks!  They are adorable, but the boys are desperately in need of hair cuts!  

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I took this one of Seth last night while his brother was in the bath.


Picture 193.jpg


This poor boy hardly ever gets to play on the floor as Aiden is always trying to stick a finger down his throat or in his ear.


He's sitting up now too


Picture 176.jpg

The cushions were just a precaution as Aiden hadn't gone to bed yet when we did this.

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Aww! Those EYES! :D You have some lovely boys, Lynn! Yay for napping so that Seth can play! :)

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The box from my new KitchenAid mixer :D He really liked it. I moved him from that one to the bigger one after a bit, so he could see us :)       

Six months old tomorrow!!

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Yes!  Kids LOVE boxes!! So fun!!!

He's really such a cutie, Becky!


Poor Seth being a pin cushion for his big brother!!  He's geting so big and handsome!!

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I'll have an order of Charlie please.  When should I expect delivery?  LOL


Baby Finn is getting so big!  What a big boy drinking from a cup.  Elliott loves cups too.  He is obsessed with straws.

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This is a repeat pic from Facebook, but it's too cute not to share.  Here is the cutest snowman you have ever seen:


snowman suit.JPG

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Bree! Your snowman is SO cute! Aww! :D Not sure how I missed that one!

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FB repeat for our non FBers!!



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Carrie, so cute! I forget, does Finn have teeth so he can chew off little bits, or is he gumming that apple?

Here are some recent pics of Anika:

She likes to hold the spoon

Lord Helmut, says Papa
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No teeth yet, he's just mostly licking and some gumming.   He stole that apple from me (I'm not big on sharing food with babies, but this was an exception!) but when I do hand him peeled wedges, he might gnaw off small pieces.   Bigger pieces he just spits out, thankfully!


A is such a cutie!!  Look at her holding her spoon!!

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Finn's first taste of peaches!



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Haven't put any up of Ada in awhile.  Here is a couple pictures I took of the girls today.  Haven't gotten Ada's 6 mos check up yet we've all had some horrible bug like the flu and been running a fever for about 5 days, so her appointment was rescheduled for Mar 1st.  Can't wait to see how much she weighs and has grown!


Still not sitting up unassisted but we're getting there.




Ada with big sis, Sara Beth!



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I love Lord Helmut!


Yum, peaches! Finn is such a good sport with all the new food he's trying lately.


Bethany, OMG so cute! I swear your girls could be twins except for the age difference.

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I know I'm not on here much, but I always love looking at the pictures when I do get a chance. Everyone is getting so big! I love the food pictures. Ella and Maya are loving solids. Everything we have tried, they have loved! Favourites are avocado and squash. Here are some current pictures of the girls!



Ella playing with her toy alligator.



Maya covered in avocado!



Getting a taste of love on Valentine's Day.



My two big girls sitting up so well!


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Love all these!

I haven't been on here much - it's hard to keep up with more than one place (I'm on FB, mostly!). Here are a few of Finn!

Untitled by VeronicaVPhotography, on Flickr

Untitled by VeronicaVPhotography, on Flickr

baby on blue by VeronicaVPhotography, on Flickr

IMG_2896 by VeronicaVPhotography, on Flickr
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