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I know, he rarely looks like a baby now! It's very weird!!


And yeah, I love the naked sleeping so much :) We sleep that way, too, so it's super snuggy :D

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How many pictures can you all take?



Same old shirt, different baby (Malcolm on the left, Clementine on the right (about 10 months older than Malcolm in this picture))



















Don't worry, the flat iron wasn't hot or plugged in













Malcolm and Miss Ellie



Babies trying to escape





Malcolm with a nine week old baby


Be honest, that was too many, wasn't it? I'm sorry! He's just so darn sweet.

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No not to many at all!  I was smiling for like a whole minute and a half as I scrolled down, down, down!!!!  joy.gif


I LOVVVVEEEE the overalls, the swings, the park pictures, the both of them on the swings (i have so many of those pics myself!) and I LOVVV4EEEE  seeing him with Michelle's Ellie!!!  So wonderful!


share more!!!

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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

share more!!!

privateeyes.gifyeahthat.gif!!! I LOVE the pic with them both with their hair standing on end. lol... And Beckily, what a sweetheart sleeping boy! Anika is starting to look more toddler than baby, too. She's just short of 11 months!
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Love all the babies!!! Except now they're all almost TODDLERS! How did that happen!? Ellie will be 10 months tomorrow... I just can't believe I'm even thinking about her first birthday.

ReeTee and Mares, thanks for sharing the photos. I can't remember the last time I got on the computer, so it's nice that you all get to see my sweet girl.

Also, I am convinced that Malcolm looks exactly like a fat Ewan McGreggor.
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Yes, they ARE turning into toddlers, aren't they? That's why I love looking at DS when he's sleeping, because then he's still my teeny tiny little itty bitty baby boy. :) 


We went camping last weekend and had a blast. I think River wonders why we ever spend time indoors afterall, he could be outside all day. 


Ready for dinner: 





Checking out the hibiscus on the trial:





Nap time!





Snack time





Family portrait stillheart.gif



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Aw, those are so cute! I love the family picture, especially the look on River's face. And the napping picture? So familiar with the fell asleep in the ergo and got put down pose. Too cute.

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I have such little time to post, but I'm LOVING these pics! Gorgeous baby/toddlers! Cat, I can't wait for school to be over so we can go camping. DD loves being outside, too. We also just got a membership at the museum of play for rainy days. They have a great area where babies can practice crawling and pulling up and cruising, which is exactly perfect for Anika. 11 months old yesterday! luxlove.gif Here are some pics:

Road trip to Boston, baby!

Snack in the park

Standing up to play these days

The Museum of Play ROCKS!

REALLY rocks!

OK, I'll stop. loveeyes.gif We're off to go strawberry picking. We found a place actually selling them after the cold snap we had this spring. Keep sharing those beautiful pics!
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Oh my goodness, look at Anika! She looks like such a little girl. My goodness, what a sweetheart.

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Becky, your baby is so angelic! He's become much more boyish since the last photos I saw of him.


Mares - so many adorable photos! I love the one where Malcolm looks asleep in the swing. And of course, seeing Malcolm with Miss Ellie is wonderful.


Cat, I can't wait to go camping again. Your pix make me want to go today! River has such a beautiful smile. Actually, you all do...your family photo is full of joy.


Tear78, Anika girl is too cute. Her expression in the park photo makes me want to squeeeeeze her! Happy 11-months, Anika~

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Thank you !!
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Water table fun!





King of the BBQ!!




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Hi Ladies! My oh My your babies are all so amazing! I miss all of you who aren't on FB, I have barely been on here because I didn't have a comp. and was only able to use my phone for a long time, now I have a comp. again! Hopefully I will get back in the habit of posting here too! Here are some pictures of Eleanor:


10.5 months old playing in the mud



She loves playing with the end of my braid

yoga shot1.jpg


9 months old, trip to San Diego



First time at the ocean, with her papa :)



7months playing with her toes and snacking



6 months old!


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jbouck it's great to see you! You and Eleanor are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the picture of her so proud and covered in mud! smile.gif Oh, and we have the same diaper covers: LOVE them! smile.gif

Carrie, Finn looks like such a big, gorgeous boy! love.gif
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Those are great pictures! Aw! :D We haven't let Charlie in the mud yet. Next warm day! .. I hope we get another warm down. I'm cold :P

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Eleanor is such a cutie!  She's so chubby and adorable!!  I also can't believe all those teeth!?  Wow.  Impressive.


I love your hair, too, Jbouck.


Snack before bed tonight...



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I finally got some new pics from my camera


Picture 035.jpg

Seth found his brother's sippy cup. It took him next to no time to figure it out either.


Picture 079.jpg

Birthday cake before icing.


Picture 086.jpg

After icing.


Picture 080.jpg

Homemade birthday banner


Picture 089.jpg

Cake Time. I love how excited he got when we sang to him.


Picture 141.jpg

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. He ate more than his big brother did.


Picture 123.jpg

I know this one is fussy but it shows Seth standing up by himself.

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Thanks guys! I always feel so scraggly, I'm glad you like my hair Carrie :)

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oh woooonderful to see all these baby pics!!! here's one of Ali V!
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Hi, Faerie Princess!!

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