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How toxic is bear fur?

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How toxic is it to eat teddy bear fur? (That huge bear that was on sale at Costco a few months ago)



To make a short story long.. My child is pdd-nos 2.5 (autism).  She has a few fetishes... one being eating/sucking inedible things. I think it started when her dad discovered she was collecting carpet remnants in a little toy car when she was a year old. It was a new carpet and shedding the little v's. Since then she started sticking them in her mouth. Then when the carpet stopped shedding she turned to dog hair. It's totally vile and the wads of wet clumps make me yack. She eventually stopped swallowing most of it and used it as tobacco. When she drank from her bottle she would dig into the carpet until she had a nice wad in her fingers and stick it on her cheek with the bottle. You just can't get all the hair out of the carpet no matter what. The dog got fleas from the neighbors so had to get some Advantage and I've been on the clock trying to hide the dog or the hair. She'll just pluck it right off the dog if she can't find any. Her own personal walking apple tree. So now my roommate bought this bear and it's awesome. She can hug it forever (she's a hugger and makes it very difficult to move 20 hours a day). It gives her a lot of sensory things she needs.. but now she is biting it and tearing the fuzz out. Thing is the fuz is slipperier than hair? I think it slides down her throat easier. :(


Her poo has always been like wiping sand off her bum and takes dozens of wet wipes until I give up. It's weird but I've never seen carpet or hair that I've noticed. But now... this is the second time I've seen bear fur come out of her bum. it ties itself into a 2 inch string. I pulled one out but the other one was out on it's own. I know you don't pull string out of a cat's bum but what about a baby?


I know this is totally disgusting and not behavior I want. I do try to chase her down with chewlery. I don't want her getting sick or bound up. She's had this behavior over a year so it's nothing new and I do think she is doing a tiny bit better. I'm hoping she'll get bored of it sooner than later. They things she eats... I'm shocked she's never sick. *shiver* She hasn't had any tetnus shots or anything. Just worried about this string thing.

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I am sorry you are ealing withthis issue. I have no personal experience with a child and strings in poo but I did have a dog who did this (ate strings/ binder twine ect). What the vet told me -which makes sense- is if you give a very gentle tug and the end of the string is there and comes out then that is fine. But in any animal (and I imagine human)if there is a string hanging out the anus do not pull hard at all as you could cause potential damage to the colon.  If the string is stuck in aways and you pull you could tear or twist or otherwise damage the colon.

Have you talked to a doctor about this just to confirm her eating hair is not harmful to her health (aside from the string issue)? I do  not know if it is true but I have heard that eating large amounts of non-food substances is hard on the appendix.

Hope you find peace of mind in all this.

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