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diaper rash?

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never dealt with diaper rash with my boys, but baby girls got it pretty bad. used zinc oxide all week, but that just made her peel. i need ideas!! i just put some of the nipple cream i made (anti-fungal, antibiotic and antihysteme) on it to see if that helps... she is in cloth diapers... how do we get rid of this??

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You can try breastmilk and naked butt time? Also heard coconut oil is good and not too harsh on cloth.

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I second the coconut oil. If it will wash out of BGs, it will wash out of anything! It's also a natural anti-fungal/anti-bacterial. And if it doesn't work, it's also good in stir fry smile.gif
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I thought about breast milk, but I think its from thrush, so..... would it help or hurt since yeast loves sugar? I'll get some coconut oil too. thanks!!
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If you think it's thrush, I'd avoid the BM. Coconut oil is great at getting rid of yeast though. If you want to be really proactive, you can put 10 drops if grapefruit seed extract in 1oz of water, and spray that on the clean bottom, let air dry, and then coat generously with coconut oil.

If it's yeast, you may want to switch to sposies for a few weeks, and you'll want to treat your diapers (with bleach, or very high heat and sun).
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Naked time for a boy? How am I supposed to do this when he pees and it goes all over the place? Should he be on his tummy? He doesn't really like that too much.

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We are dealing with yeast here too and have a little boy, his got really bad fast the zinc and coconut oil weren't doing anything for it. We gad to get nystatin on the suggestion of my mw and that has been clearing it up. Also when I give him naked time I fold a prefold between his legs and sit him on a towel on me.

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we had left over absobent pads in our birth kit, and been using those for naked time. Starting on one side of it and slowly moving to the other side as she pees on it.. we do not have thrush - or it is not visible by any means but had a yeast rash on her bottom. If the spots are red and raised - the ped said is a good sign. I have used nystatin sparingly and the minute it started clearing attacked w coconut oil (thanks to italiamom!), olive oil and earth mama angel baby bottom balm..soaking the bottom in warm water and lots of air time helped a lot.

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