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I don't know Kate, mine is growing at a rate of approximately 1 finger width ever 2-3 days still. At this point it's just over half way to my belly button and I'm 11 weeks 2 days.

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Well maybe it is then!  That would explain why things seem to be expanding quickly...I keep forgetting the whole "everything is earlier with a second baby" thing.  orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm 10 weeks and can't feel a dang thing when I check for my fundal height.... even with the great tutorial! Maybe this baby is hugging my spine! My thoughts are on the 2nd trimester too. I am so sick of the sick!

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11 weeks today with a new adjusted due date of 4/4 for some reason. MW visit was an hour and a half and really wonderful. We had tea. She measured me at 1 finger width above the pelvic bone. 150bpm for the fetal heart tones. All's well it seems. smile.gif
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Isn't it crazy how the ms comes and goes?  Well, crazy-making, at least for me.  A nice relief but I'm paranoid the next minute!


RosieL-I think we're due the same day:)...although my babies have never come on time so I'm thinking more the middle of the month...fun that you got to hear the heartbeat...I'm very excited for my appt next week.


Adoremybabe-that's cool that you're in WI too!  Such a nice state :)  And, I couldn't feel my fundus either...I was trying to remember, I know the doctor told me once which way my uterus tipped but for the life of me it's not coming back to me.

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It seemed to me that last night I could feel my fundus about half way between my pubic bone and belly button.  I am 9 1/2 weeks.  I had a minor melt down last night.  I don't have super bad MS, just enough to feel like crap most of the day, and I am not showing, just enough to look fat.  I don't know why, but I'm feeling a lot more negative about this pregnancy.  I don't want to get fat - even though I know I'll loose it.  I really want this baby, but I just wish I could do it without nine months of discomfort! 


Okay, enough of the whining.  I really am doing okay. I'm a little nervous about my first appointment, because that was when my sister just found out her baby didn't have a heart beat, but I have no reason to suspect anything.  It's next Wednesday. 


For some reason I've been going crazy over names this week.  I look them up all day long. I have a list on my phone so that I don't forget any good ones.  I love the name game.

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Me too jenny...on names. Hubs won't play with me until we know the sex.. I told him if he won't play we won't find out the sex. I think the surprise would be awesome, he wants to know.
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9 Weeks today!  bouncy.gif


Wasn't able to find my fundus either, but there's just too much padding down there, lol.


Haven't heard back from the MW yet on when my 1st prenatal will be, she said in the interview, it would likely be in October, after I hit 12 weeks, so we have plenty of time to schedule.

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On names, DD keeps asking us, very concerned, what names we want to use, and have we picked any out yet.  She must be growing up to be a planner like me, b/c she is really harping on that, lol.

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on an up note- I am not gagging every second and can do things around the house, yay!  Good thing too bc my sister, BIL, and nephews are coming on Friday, wohoo!


On a super down note- DH has been working over 48 hours straight and I am angry that his work requires him to do so.  That isn't healthy physically, emotionally or relationally.  We want him to get a different job and relocate but he doesn't even have time to look for one!

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Hi all! Popping in to say hello! I haven’t been having much ms (thank god! Those of you that do are real troopers!) but I’ve been more than making up for it in exhaustion and insomnia. It seems particularly cruel to be tired all day long and then not able to sleep. I’ve started having warm milk and honey (like my grandpa used to give me) just before bed and using a sleep aromatherapy spray on my pillow, which seems to be helping. This is all going to end soon and we’ll all feel healthy and well-rested and full of energy and verve, right? Right?

Haven’t gone fundus-finding yet because if I do that I’ll have some confirmation that all of this expanding chub is, in fact, chub and not the baby. And I don’t want to believe it.

Saw my OB last week—she’s so sweet. She had been my regular doc before but changed practices so she could deliver babies again. She has a very hands-off approach to labor, so I think we’re going to get along fine. The idea of a home birth horrifies my DP, so it’s hospital/birthing center for me. Couldn’t hear the heartbeat but saw it on the u/s, and the baby was moving all over the place, which was nice to see. I’m glad to be done with the regular u/s (one more at 20 weeks and that’s it) but it’s sad to not be able to check in on the little guy since I can’t feel him/her yet.

Strange the reactions to HB that you’re getting—it seems perfectly natural to me. But my home town was a bunch of hippies—even my childhood best friend was born at home and her mom is a conservative evangelical WASP-type, so clearly it must have more acceptance around here.

Working out a list of people to call before we go live on FB—any suggestions for how to tell? I don’t want to do the u/s images (since they always pissed me off when I was trying to get pregnant but hadn’t yet). Any cute ideas for telling the wider world?
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mommyrachael - Yay for due date matches. My MW wants mine to be 4/4, based on her calendar, so I have to switch from 4/2. I'm happy to have a couple days added, but I would have argued if she wanted to subtract. 
jennyvangy - Have you seen a HP yet? MW told me we're having one baby, just one. Otherwise my fundus would be four or five fingers above the bone...um...yeah. I'm 11 weeks and you're already there!
flavorfull - 48 hours straight? OMG how is that possible? Does he get to sleep? Yay for MS taking her leave!
Hi pretty! I have had trouble calling people up and just telling them. I feel like somehow I'm asking for attention. But in the end I just call and say that "we wanted to share the news that we're expecting a baby in April." That seems to have gone well so far. As for the wider world? No idea. Part of me wants to "announce" on facebook by posting our 20week ultrasound picture and introducing our baby with his/her name. Or just telling facebook via birth announcement! DH has 1000 facebook friends (he knows them all...quite the networker), and I'm not excited about them all!
On the subject of naming: I thought I was the one who has trouble keeping secrets. DH told our boy name to two of his friends! TWO! I can't believe it. I've been restricting myself terribly, and he just goes and tells! LOL I made him swear to not tell anymore. I'm still not 100% sure of the name; I don't want to spread until we KNOW that will be it. (Everyone has known our girl name for years. Adeline Rose is a family name on both sides and it's kind of a "whomever of the cousins has a girl friend gets Adeline.")
Anyone else have a cold? I rarely get them, and when I do they don't usually get me down too much, just annoyed. But I'm floored by this one. :(
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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

jennyvangy - Have you seen a HP yet? MW told me we're having one baby, just one. Otherwise my fundus would be four or five fingers above the bone...um...yeah. I'm 11 weeks and you're already there!



Honestly, I would love to be pregnant with twins!  We want a big family, so getting two done at once would be perfect.  But, I always measure ahead, even when I'm absolutely sure of my dates, so I'm not getting my hopes up.  I think I just grow fast.  DS1 was premie, so he doesn't count, but DS2 measured big all along and was born just a day after his due date at 8 lbs, so it doesn't seem to mean anything.

In other news, I am totally nesting already.  Well, as much as I can at this point.  We are moving in the next few weeks to a condo.  It's a 2 bedroom/2 bath, so not very big, but it has a full, undeveloped basement.  I can't stop planning on how to develop the basement before this baby comes so that we can have almost double the square footage, and an extra bedroom.  All I do is draw out plans, and decorating ideas, and pin stuff on Pinterest.  I need to get into the house so I can actually get off the couch and start doing stuff.

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Had my first midwife appt today, which was interesting.  Its sort of a mainstream hospital, being military and all, but the midwife today was AMAZING and had a VBAC herself recently.  Said that I could ask for her for every appt if I wanted, and was totally okay with me declining the pap/pelvic exam/vag u/s.  I went ahead with the abdominal u/s because DH seemed to want it.  Definitely a baby in there, moving all around.  By conception I'm 10+5; measuring 11+1.  Fundus was higher than expected, but she said that could be artificially high if my bladder is full. Not sure if that's a second baby thing or not. Don't have to go back for 6 weeks, which means only 2 appts in the first half of the pregnancy, which is great.  I'll get DH to scan the u/s pic shortly... I really wasn't planning on doing it, but it seemed important to him.  Maybe it helps him bond or something.


RosieL, my midwife gave me a few extra days too.  Its funny, depending on which calculator you use, you get a different EDD.  Whatever.  Like you, as long as it isn't earlier, I'm fine.


pretty, I have no idea how to tell. I'm not a facebook-announcement sort of gal, so I'll probably call/email my immediate family and then let my parents and best friend spread the news.

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On the name thing, we've already got both names picked out (and are sharing the info).16 For a boy it'll be Quinn, because this will be our fifth, and the Latin word for 5 is Quinque.16 For a girl, it'll be Chelsea, after one of my best friends who died right after this little one was conceived.16 Absolutely no clue on middle names though.16 For now, baby is just "Bumble Bee".

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Zuzu, DH keeps saying that we should name it Secundus if it's a boy, following the Latin tradition. He's joking, and mean, but I'm amused that you're actually following it (for the record, it would be Quintus if you're going full on Latin naming).

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I had my first midwife appt today too!  It was an interview but I really like her and had already decided she was who I was going to go with!  I am excited to find someone I really like.  She tried to find the heartbeat but couldn't.  I am 10+2 today and knew it was probably a long shot to hear it.  She didn't seem concerned and with how sick I feel and my expanding lower abdomen I feel pretty ok?  There is that nagging feeling of....ok, I am not imagining this right?  DH got to come because he worked from home today bc of the previous 60 hrs straight work thing.  It was really nice to have him come.  My mw is not big on weighing but we don't have a scale and she did in her bathroom and I went in there bc I am curious.  IF her scale is right, I have actually lost five or so pounds which is not good or what I was going for.  It *might* be why I also started eating meat again today.  Like I seriously have been craving bacon, sausage, a philly steak and cheese....oh and I have not had meat other than tuna and salmon in five years!  But, the bacon I had to day, mmmmm hit the spot!


MS is kind of fluctuating but on its way out which makes me happy!  I cannot wait to just eat because I want something to eat instead of because I feel like I am going to throw up!


RosieL- I totally have a cold and it definitely does not help the whole gagging thing, yuck.  I think mine has a lot to do with the weather changing but I could do without all the extra snot! DH is crazy amazing, somehow he worked 60hrs straight, and then wanted to spend time with me and DS before going to bed when he came home.  He is sweet but when he started saying incoherent words....I told him to go to bed!


Jennyvangy- Yes! I am totally nesting and I just got the fabric in the mail that I have ordered for....any project I might want to do lol!  I also got a swatch for fabric I am going to use to make a duvet, totally love it!


prettyisa- I am not sure how we are going to tell everyone. At school with DS I just waited until I was really obviously pregnant and even then some people were surprised.  I am one of those facebook offenders who puts up the u/s pic at 20 weeks, yikes, never really thought about it.  I will have to think of something else.  I am not in a rush to let all the people in facebook land in on my little world.


Justkate- yay for appts and for seeing your babe, how sweet!


As far as names, I feel bad because I started way early with DS but this time, I kind of want to find out what it is and then spend the time to find a name.  Is that lazy?  It does cut down half the work.  Poor second kid syndrome already!


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Yeah, I know but I didn't like Quintus LOL. I'm following it for this one for two reasons. First, I like the name anyway. Second, because I'm a Latin "geek" and I've not yet had a child where I could get away with it and have it sound good ;)

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I'm a language geek and we told everyone my daughter's name was going to be Aethelthryth Brunhilde, and people believed me! It's Evelyn Rose Leslie, ftr.


Morning sickness kicked back in today, and I feel like I'm starting to poof out a bit more. It's interesting having like no bloating this time. I'm still wearing my rings!

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DH and  I haven't even started talking about names. We usually disagree and I think that I was at leat 8 months pregnant with our last before we seriously sat down to talk about names. My fav girl name is Julia and for a boy I really like Henry or Edward. DH is totally put off by the 2 boy names.


Tomorrow one of my sisters is getting married! Today DH took over as stay at home dad so that I could be with my family to help get things done. It really helps me to get out of the house. Tomorrow will be a great celebration but I am looking forward to a bit of rest!


We haven't told our kiddos about the new baby yet. Our oldest is 6 and we want to keep this one a secret at least until I am 16-20. It's so fun for us to suprise people. So far I'm not really showing but we'll see how long that will last. I know that a lot of parents find it important to tell their kids early on but this just works better for our family. The two oldest talk about wanting me to have a baby so I think that they will be happy about the news when we decide to share.


I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!!

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