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"Perfect Size" Diapers?

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My baby shot up to the top of the weight and height charts very quickly. At five months, she is already on the last setting of most of her one-size diapers (with the exception of Bum Genius and Blueberry, which seem to run larger). The diapers that were my favorites--GroVia and Rumparooz--are turning out to be too small. I need to buy more diapers and am wondering if others have had good experiences with "perfect size" diapers as opposed to one size. I'm not sure how much my daughter weighs,  probably close to 20lbs now. Would a large size diaper really last from five months until potty training? Any brands you might recommend?


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We have had great luck with FuzziBunz perfect size.  My older son wore a size M until he was out of dipes and my toddler is currently in a M (he also wears the FB OS diapers and BG 4.0 One size).  They hold up well and do the job, so we're fans!  

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