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I buy it made. Then just spread it on the bread. It is very popular here. As in everyone, and I mean everyone, eats it. Danish people won't touch peanut butter, they hate the taste and texture, but every many, woman and child, will eat leverpostej. I think you have to be raised on it to love it. 

I had to google mac and cheese. Seen that phrase so many times here, but did not know what it was. 


Well, I don't suppose I'll ever get to try it.  I'm happy you're not slaving over a hot stove for it though.  lol  I've never heard of anyone eating pork liver here, but it does seem adding bacon to anything could make it bearable.  My kids tolerate peanut butter pretty well, but I love it.  I think PB itself is a fine food, but all the accoutrements make it pretty questionable  --  gotta have some good jelly or jam, bread, and milk and when all of it is put together it's more desert than anything.  


So, Milo is sick on his birthday.  :(  I got him lots of special stuff for his lunch box today, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.