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Organic Local Apples?

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Does anyone know of  a source for organic local apples in se mass (or elsewhere within a couple hour radius)?  I was planning to buy from Hawk Wing Farm but the hurricane destroyed the apples :(



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I don't know how far you are from Scituate but we love this little farm http://www.elwoodorchard.com/
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Oh, took me forever to realize that place is in Scituate  Rhode Island.


Have you tried looking around this site:


or this one that lets you select organic



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I didn't even know there was a Scituate in Rhode Island!  I was also not aware of the search site.

Thanks for your replies!


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I had NO idea either and got so excited because I'm so close to Scituate, MA!!

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Sorry lol!! I didn't even realize there was a Scituate in MA!! Weird because I grew up in MA...
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Frogpond Farm in Harvard

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