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I have certainly experienced this a lot! I have three boys - two of whom are SUPER MELLOW and one who is really active.  The way that people rack my active child's activeness up to "being a boy" or "having brothers" makes me bonkers.  He is perfect in his active nature, but COME ON he is less like his brothers than lots of girls...people notice info that confirms stereotypes (not just about gender, but about race, ethnicity, what country/region of our country, etc.) more than info that conflicts with it....


No advice, but just wow - yuck & sorry :(  

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I have a boy and a girl, and they both liked wrestling on the front lawn at our old place with the rest of the kids from the neighbourhood. It was probably one of the more organized games they played, actually... they made up their own rules (they have to stop as soon as someone says stop, ouch,etc (any pain sound they immediately stopped) there was no hitting or kicking, only taking each other down, and they stayed on the grass, away from the sidewalk. They figured out pretty quickly which kids were about the same strengths and paired off with their close-to-equals. Someone occasionally got hurt, but no more so than when they were playing tag or riding bikes. None of the parents (4 families involved) seemed to have a problem with this game at all. 


One complaint I DID have about the neighbourhood was that DD was the only girl who regularly spent time outside. Some of the boys she played with had sisters, but they didn't get sent out. Girls need exercise and fresh air and freedom just as much as boys do, outside is the best place for them to play.

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