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I love it when other people update so I thought I will too.  So you don't have to say 'whatever happened with that?'.


For the last couple years I've been talking about our trials and tribulations here.  Most of the mom's here are INCREDIBLY generous, smart and kind.

I don't know if you all remember me but for the ones who have helped me, Thank You!

Our dd has been in Waldorf for grade 3 and 4.  She now loves learning and education, thanks to Waldorf.

There has been problems of bullying.  (My daughter getting bullied).


Anyway, she went back to school this week for grade 5 all excited to LEARN something and was sadly disappointed.  she feels that this teacher doesn't teach educationally things.  She started on about gnomes and fairy's and wizards etc.  My daughter just had enough so we quit and signed her up in a different private school.

We told the teacher and she was Very short with us.  We said that if the other school doesn't work out, we'll come back perhaps.  We don't know.  The school is going to keep 3 months of our money, so about $1500.00 for a 3 month cancellation fee.  :(

Plus the teacher said 'We don't run a drop-in program here so you are not coming back'.  :(  So final.

I hope we're doing the right thing.  She REALLY wants to start learning normal school work.  She did enjoy the fun stuff for awhile but grade 5, she is ready for academics.  It's not normal I don't think for a teacher to baby her kids so much at a waldorf, I think it's just this teacher.  We love the Waldorf system just not this teacher's ways.  :(

Hope we don't mess up our kid's life. 




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Thanks for sharing the update!


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I'm assuming the 5th grade teacher is new to your DD and not her previous teacher? We really love our DD's 1st grade teacher right now, so I'm hoping she sticks with the class through 8th grade and we continue loving her.


Anyway, it sounds like you went with your gut instincts, and that's usually going to be your best bet. As much as I love Waldorf, I would probably do the same if my DD wasn't happy over a period of time. Things will work out if you do what feels right. Good luck!!

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I'm sorry you had such a sour send-off. I hope the teacher did something kind in the classroom with the children for your Dd.


I hope you both find what you're looking for at her new school.

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thank you gals.  :)

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Fortunately, 5th grade is an easier time to transition from waldorf than earlier grades (hopefully).  Good luck,


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