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What did you accomplish today?

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I'll go first:


I finally replaced my dirty, ratty old shower curtain liner with a new one. This new one has metal rings reinforcing the holes so the holes don't tear. :)  :  

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I like this thread. :-)


We went to the farmers market and loaded up on produce (including this afternoon's project - sweet peppers and peaches for the freezer), and so far I have a pork shoulder in the crockpot for pulled pork for dinner. 


You remind me that we need to replace our shower curtain liner soon too....

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I cleaned the cobwebs, hung a picture, and cleaned out the magazine bin. I started dusting but it made me sneezy, so I am taking a break.

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I switched out the kids summer to winter clothes.  Vacuumed all the closet louver doors.  Had a maternity photo shoot.  Washed, dried and put away 4 loads of laundry. Wiped a sick kids back side several times :(  Ate a mini pineapple upside down cake and will soon shower and eat yummy take out for dinner. 

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I accomplished breaking my dresser and strewing my clothes all over my bedroom instead of putting away the laundry. I did find a missing sweater that had fallen behind the dresser.  I sorted through socks and got rid of the ones with holes.


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We made our monthly trip to another town 55 miles away to hit Target and Sam's Club. It was an all day adventure. Now we are trying to cram in dinner and getting ready for school, first the baby needs to be nursed though!

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Cleaned out the fridge and got some packing done. 

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Decluttered and tidied the playroom, bathroom, toilet, bedroom and living room. Everything looks very tidy now, but still isn't clean. I gave up when DS2 went to sleep and have been on the laptop for the last hour or so! LOL

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A nap!!


I organized my head for the upcoming workweek, finalized details with our accompanist, and fed myself healthy food.

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I got out for a 50 minute walk - despite the heat.

I folded a load of laundry.


Considering how I've been feeling lately, these are both good accomplishments.

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I worked on the afghan I'm making for BIL for Christmas. It's their family tartan, so it takes 180 squares, plus the lines in between and a border. I'm on square 17 now.

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Neat thread. :) So far I haven't accomplished gallons, but I've:


-Gotten DD to Playcentre and spent the morning there with her and the baby (no mean feat, as it requires, um, getting out of bed)

-Sewed a fair chunk of a little lined spring jacket for DS

-Applied for a monthly mystery shopping job at a supermarket (not a bad gig if I get it - you have to buy at least 15 items, and get reimbursed $25, so even if it's a more expensive supermarket than my usual, it should be worth it)

-Bathed the kidlings


Right, I should go do something else.




-Sewed some more jacket

-Did a spot of housework, including burnishing a copper saucepan to its original pink brilliance, or pretty close, anyway. This was mostly out of scientific curiosity; I'd heard salt and lemon would do the trick. And it does! I squoze the lemon over the bottom of the saucepan and it pinked up right while I watched. Fascinating. And it impressed the husband.

-Sent a few emails

-Polished off the remains of a chocolate cake (does that count as an accomplishment?)


DS is still, astonishingly, sleeping; so I should keep sewing while I can. Need to wash my hair, too. And DH - who has gone with DD to his mother's house for dinner, including pudding, informed me coyly that he feels like having a lemon sponge pudding as well when he gets home. Some people's tummies...




Finished the jacket! Yay. My sewing skills are (slowly) improving... and a good thing, too. DS is still, astonishingly, asleep. I checked; he's not dead. Spose I should make dinner.

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Took DD and her friend to the pool. coolshine.gif It made their day and mine.
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i think it takes me a weekend to accomplish a day's worth, so this weekend past, i

-went through my closet of doom and hung things and semi organized my sweaters and eliminated some piles.  none of the clothing i can wear atm anyway.

-semi organized the laundry room and eliminated most of the piles and put together most of the pocket diapers for dh

-organized dd's closet so that she can effectively reach the clothing she needs to change shirts 8 times a day and strew the rest around the room

-cleaned pretty well.  dh's grannie came for a visit. 

-baked banana bread.  the best i've ever done, used coconut oil instead of veg oil.  nice. 




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Good thread -- I've spent all morning thinking about the stuff I HAVEN'T accomplished, so maybe it'll help to think of some things I've actually done. 


I haven't don't anything yet today, but yesterday I made a scrumptious black bean salad and got us set up to have a smooth-sailing school week (making sure we had lunch fixings, running the dishwasher, doing laundry, etc.). 

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Today I organized the baby's toy bin (I'm still not sure how I feel about the fact that he's got a full bin of toys and he isn't even born yet...) by putting the older baby stuff on the bottom, and the stuff he'll likely use first on the top, and moved the bath toys to the bathroom. 


And I did half of the dishes, which is better than none of the dishes. :-)

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I swam a mile after not being able to make it to the pool for laps all summer! I probably won't be able to walk or raise my arms above my head tomorrow, but it was worth it.
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I ran four miles at a good pace and finally finished a time-consuming errand that I've been putting off for weeks. I also did all the laundry in the house and spent lots of quality time with my littles. After they're asleep, I plan to work on a knee sock I've been tediously knitting for a month now while I watch something mindlessly trashy on Netflix.


Tomorrow will be crazy busy but today was fairly laid back. We were out of town on a whirlwind cross-country trip this weekend and I haven't really recovered yet. redface.gif

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Made twice-baked potatoes, soaked and cooked beans so I can make refrieds tomorrow, made DH lunch & DS1 a breakfast sandwich ahead of time for the a.m., did dishes, vacuumed, made my bed (well, sort of--I just pull the sheets up), finally wrote DS1's soccer & work schedules into my calendar, took a small dinner to a neighbor with a rotten work schedule, wiped counters and table, made iced tea, took DS1 raspberries and water for his homework time.  Took him to MIL's to cut lawn and then picked him up (45 min. roundtrip).


DS2 got some books read with him, 30 minutes of outside time after supper, nursed, nursed, played with cardboard boxes, bath, that kind of excitement.

I like this thread because I always think I don't get much done.  However, I did not, as a PP did, swim a mile.

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I have another one for today. It's nearly 9:30 at night and I am baking chocolate chip cookie muffins. And I am sooooo happy about it. 

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