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Hope you feel better, kitchensqueen.  I hate the "what I won't be able to accomplish today" lists.


Thanks. I totally didn't get further than good intentions today. The only other "stuff" I did was pick husband up from work and throw out a quart of cherry tomatoes that were attracting fruit flies. I just want to feel better at this point. 

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Well, I'm feeling a little better than yesterday but definitely still sick. I worked from home, so being able to lay in bed while on the computer for most of the day kind of helped. 


- Put the bulk flour in the freezer and the bulk sugar in the pantry (it's been sitting on the counter for four days). 

- Packaged up some sweet peppers and tomatoes that I flash froze too many days ago. 

- Put another round of tomatoes into the freezer. 

- Put freshly harvested cabbage and Brussels sprouts in the fridge to deal with in a few days. 

- Made dinner. 

- Wrote a blog post. 

- Window shopped online for a scrapbook album so I can finish our wedding/honeymoon album (eight years later...)


And that's pretty much it for today. We're going to eat some dinner and watch Downton Abbey. And then an early night for me. 

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Yesterday I spent too much time in the kitchen; I am trying new things because we have been eating the same things too often.

·         made breakfast

·         cleaned the kitchen

·         rinsed/soaked beans

·         played ping pong

·         made lunch

·         cleaned the kitchen

·         helped the kids with their research papers

·         laundry

·         cut the grass

·         picked apples and tomatoes

·         cooked beans

·         made dinner and an apple crisp

·         cleaned the kitchen

·         read with my son (his book club book is a little difficult for him)

·         watched mindless tv

·         didn’t start working until almost midnight and worked for three hours


·         took daughter to doctor

·         went to bakery

·         picked apples

·         schooled kids

·         not feeling well so I took a short nap

·         made an ‘invention’ for dinner

·         sat on deck and talked with hubby

·         cleaned kitchen

·         laundry

·         read with son

·         paid bills

·         made a coffee cake

·         once everyone is in bed I am planning to work for two hours



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Knock on wood... think I may be on the mend. At least I'm no longer blowing my nose every five minutes. I worked from home again today so I'm sure that helped. I'm not looking forward to going out tomorrow though - my nose is red and peeling, and no amount of makeup is going to make me look any less sick. Oh well. There are worse things. Got a few things done - 


- Paid bills. 

- Printed coupons. 

- Wrote out the new grocery shopping list. 

- Sorted coupons (mostly to weed out the expired ones to send to Coups for Troops). 

- Got laundry out of the dryer. 

- Cleaned the stove. 

- Laid out clothes for work. 

- Worked on the family cookbook index. 

- Made dinner. 


I'd like to write a blog post or two, watch the season opener of the Hawks and bake some pumpkin muffins tonight. We'll see how far I get. It'll definitely be an early night here since I'm still a bit sick.

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      I am hoping to get a lot done today.  On Wednesdays my children go to a class all day so it is my one day to catch up but I am not feeling well and am tempted to lie down for a bit.



·         got up at 4:00 with hubby so he could help me tie down the SUP’s in the truck.  (It was supposed to be a beautiful day and luckily the weather broke in the afternoon and it was great.  I was nervous because we were not going to the beach near our house so I needed to drive quite a way with the boards in the back.  I had visions of them flying off on the expressway into a car.  I decided to take the back roads and it was fine.)

·         laundry

·         made breakfast

·         took kids to book club

·         called the dermatologist to make appt for son

·         called the ENT to make appt for daughter

·         called carpet cleaner

·         picked up kids from book club

·         made lunch

·         went to friends house and spent the afternoon at the beach.  The kids paddled and we found beach glass and crinoids to add the kid’s collections.

·         washed and put up the paddle boards

·         made dinner

·         made DH’s lunch

·         stayed up much too late trying to get things done but instead flipped through tv channels – I s/h just gone to bed

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Just a few things today - 


- Printed some coupons and clipped a few (need to clip and organize the rest in a bit). 

- Downloaded some free Kindle books on Amazon. 

- Searched for free Shutterfly codes but didn't find anything new. 

- Caught up with reading the blogs in my reader. 

- Put white beans to soak for dinner tomorrow. 

- Tidied the house. 


And that's pretty much all I intend. Some idle internetting, maybe write a blog post, then off to bed with a book. 

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@kitchesqueen, have you checked out Treat.com yet? They are a division of Shutterfly. If you like their Facebook and give a testimonial, you get a free card. They will mail it on the date you want for 50¢ flat. I made a card for my folks with the baby on it and they sent it to my parents for the price of a stamp. It was fifty cents to have one sent to my husband for our anniversary the 11th. They have some nice ones and I'm really tempted to make cards for everyone in the family for their birthday because I really am getting bad about mailing them out on time. Anyway, check and see if they are still running that!

So yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow the girls have been off school to help their dad get the rest of the hay up. It got cold and rainy here early this year so the hay has been awful and all wet. More work and less money for it. The faster they get it up the better! So I have gotten a lot done, right? Nope. The baby has been into EVERYTHING this week. She's still just cruising, oh boy, when she walks freestyle. =()
Still, today,

Early start sorta to get hubby to work, read my Bible and started her diapers washing.
Nursed and changed and nursed her again. I left her wet diaper (cloth) lying in the crib, like I normally do, when I nursed her again. The crib is side-carred to the bed and is now a glorified changing table with a toy basket in it. I was on my Kindle shopping for diaper covers when she finished and started playing. I was finishing my order when she wanted to nurse more. Wait. She smells like. No she didn't. Oh yes she did. She played with that nasty, wet diaper and I bet had it in her mouth because her face was stinky. The mattress had a wet spot under the soaker and the prefold. That means not only the kid needed a bath, pjs washed, and bedding. Before 8 a.m. Not the way my day plan was supposed to go!
After that, I have done dishes, worked on the diapers, made the Treat card for hubby, straightened her mess several times, made iced tea for hubby, visited with my MIL for about an hour, looked at the mail, brought in the pot for my avocado sprout, watched a couple YouTube garden videos, feed the dogs, made two breakfasts, nursed her down for two naps, now I'm here with her sleeping.

I need to finish diapers, get more dirt for my pot and plant the avocados, make biscuits and noodles for supper, save seeds, preserve the other things that are going to go bad on the counter, clean the fridge, call the Dr to refill some prescriptions, copy papers to send to a woman Dr I'm going to see about some woman things in a couple weeks, clean up after the baby some more, mop and sweep, hang up some clothes, make the crib back, etc, etc, etc.
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Yesterday:  (I was able to do a lot since the kids had class.)

·         made breakfast

·         took kids to class

·         contacted Credo Mobile about error on bill

·         contacted Verizon Wireless about charges on closed account

·         contacted county treasurer about property tax adjustment

·         prepared UNFI deposit

·         went through paperwork

·         cut grass

·         laundry

·         hung out two loads of laundry

·         cleaned piggy cage

·         vacuumed playroom

·         researched math curriculum

·         cleaned kitchen

·         went to bank

·         looked at acreage that just went onto market

·         made enchiladas for dinner

·         took daughter to drama class

·         went to Target, Michaels and Home Depot


Today:  (We had a lazy morning, so nothing was done until afternoon.)

·         made apple crisp

·         schooled kids

·         laundry

·         spoke with realtor and read covenants

·         took kids to art class

·         made dinner

·         helped daughter clean her room

·         read with son

·         tonight we are playing board games

·         I am planning to get to bed early

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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

@kitchesqueen, have you checked out Treat.com yet? They are a division of Shutterfly. If you like their Facebook and give a testimonial, you get a free card. They will mail it on the date you want for 50¢ flat. I made a card for my folks with the baby on it and they sent it to my parents for the price of a stamp. It was fifty cents to have one sent to my husband for our anniversary the 11th. They have some nice ones and I'm really tempted to make cards for everyone in the family for their birthday because I really am getting bad about mailing them out on time. Anyway, check and see if they are still running that!


I've noticed their other brands on the top of their website, but I haven't clicked over to any of them, but I'll have to check them out!


I really have done nothing of value today. I printed a few coupons. And that's pretty much it. 

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Covered a lot of bases today:


- walked dog to drop off the mail (I think it's about 1/4 mile?)

- went to a board meeting

- had lunch

- had an out-back ramble with dog

- made phone calls for major address changes for my mother:  a few banks and the Social Security Administration

- walked down to get the mail with my dog and my mother

- called bank about nonprofit group Tax ID # glitch (look for "I went to the bank" in one of next week's "What I accomplished" posts, ugh)

- made a seitan loaf for DS1's girlfriend

- chatted online with DS1

- chatted online with DS2

- emailed DS2 seitan loaf recipe

- started a loaf of bread for DS1


Preheating the oven, washing a few dishes, and then settling down to read Possession.

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We had a jam packed day today. Husband took a vacation day so we'd have a whole day together as a family, and we crammed a lot in - 


- Drove to our old neighborhood in Chicago where my coworker lives to pick up the PS3 we bought from him. Also got to tour the old neighborhood - still the same!

- Stopped at our favorite bakery in Evanston, Bennisons, for doughnuts for breakfast. 

- Stopped at a Starbucks because I desperately needed a latte. 

- Drove to Wisconsin to go apple and pumpkin picking at Oriole Springs Orchard. We got a peck of apples and two giant pumpkins for $20 and had a great time. 

- Stopped at Harvest Time Orchard for gourds and cider. 

- Stopped at the Woodmans in Kenosha for New Glarus beer. 

- Went to my sister's housewarming party. 

- Drove home and unloaded the car. 

- Got the apple and the beer in the fridge. 


And now husband is setting up the PS3 and I'm going to mindlessly internet a bit. And hopefully and early-ish bedtime since I'm on call for work tomorrow morning. 

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Found another free Shutterfly code - a free magnet, code FREEMAGNET. Expires tomorrow. So with free codes, I just ordered our Christmas cards and the magnet. A $40 purchase for only $10 shipping! 

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Fairly productive day around here, in between playing cars, Lego and doggy with Little Man. Playing doggy is the big new game of the moment and man, is it hard on the knees!


- Put away clean dishes.

- Loaded the dishwasher. 

- Hand washed some dishes. 

- Cleaned the dirt off the pumpkins we bought yesterday. 

- Prepped jalapenos for the freezer. 

- Made pork hand pies for dinner. 

- Started a breakfast casserole for tomorrow - the tater tots are in the oven baking and the turkey sausage is browned. As soon as the tater tots are crispy, I'll add the sausage and eggs and let it finish baking. 

- Clipped and organized coupons. 

- Loaded some deals to my Target Cartwheel account. 

- Entered some Pampers codes into my rewards account. 

- Ordered some free Shutterfly address labels (with free shipping!) for my 3 month Pampers bonus reward. 

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My biggest accomplishment will be climbing out of my mood if I manage to do it.  Have gotten things done though:


- bagged up some books and clothes to donate

- took my mother to her bank to change her address and get paperwork from her safe deposit box

- dropped her at her house (she's not living there any more, must be so strange to just visit) so she could invite a friend for lunch

- took donations by Goodwill

- walked with dog

- started making medical / vision / dental appointments for myself

- left voice mail for a merchant from whom DH ordered something over two weeks ago and who hasn't answered email inquiry

- did more purging and reorganizing, started a new Goodwill pile

- started moving things away from one end of the attic so DH can access the wall where a creature of some sort has settled

- made DH four frozen lunches for work

- sat and flipped through a magazine

- walked down to get the mail with my mother (her friend brought her back home) and my dog

- got the paper recycling bagged and on its way out the door; started a new bag (for some reason this is onerous every single time)

- emailed DS2 about a form he sent us

- chased down records about an auto claim payout for DH from January / February

- listened to way too much pensive, haunting new age music . . . time for some Ella Fitzgerald


Tomorrow is grocery shopping and more shoving-things-around-the-attic.  We've made our bedroom up there since giving my mother the master, so everything is terribly cramped now.  Which means there is no way I am making room for any other living things -- space is limited enough thankyouverymuch.


Hope everyone's been healthy and sleeping enough -- sounds like hectic times for quite a few of you on here.

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Yesterday was a crazy day - we didn't end up getting home until almost 9 pm! So we had one over tired toddler on our hands. While I worked from home yesterday, husband took Little Man out to his parent's house to change the oil on the car, and then stopped at his aunt's where he does housecleaning for her twice a month for a little extra cash. When our daytime stuff was all finished, they picked me up and the whirlwind began - 


- Stopped at Target for my deals - between coupons and Cartwheel, I got free bananas, diaper wipes for 50 cents, and Greenworks cleaner for 90 cents. Plus a few other things we needed. The only thing that I didn't get on a discount was a wooden skeleton Halloween decoration for only $2 that I picked up as a "treat" for myself. All told, I got $65 worth of stuff for $30. Pretty good!


- Stopped for dinner at Wendy's. 


- Stopped at Goodwill where I shockingly didn't find a single thing!


- Went grocery shopping. 


- Put away all of the groceries. 


- Set up my new phone and downloaded some apps. 


- Cleaned up my Google contacts and Drive documents. 


Have gotten a few things done in between working thus far, but my to do list is still long, so I'll just wait to post it all at once. :-)

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Okay, so I did a few things today - 


- Put up a few more Halloween decorations. 

- Reorganized the pantry. 

- Repositioned the photo wall stickers I put up above the television so they were actually hanging straight. 

- Vacuumed the house. 

- Hand washed some dishes. 

- Made a pie crust so I can make a shoofly pie tomorrow. 

- Baked brownies. 

- Clipped and organized coupons. 

- Started the grocery list and the Target deals list for next time. 

- Browsed for Shutterfly codes; found 50 free 4x6 prints - use code 50FREEPRINTS by 11/17/13 and save $10 on an order of $10 or more - use code SAVETEN by 10/13/13.

- Got some bills ready to mail. 

- Put ice cube trays in the freezer to make more ice. 

- Tidied the house. 


Now I'm going to eat a brownie, browse a few cookbooks for dinner ideas for this weekend and maybe read a little in my book. I was going to prep the Brussels sprouts for the freezer but I realized I don't have enough ice for blanching, so I'll have to do that tomorrow. Along with make sauerkraut from the cabbage and prep the last squash for the freezer. Oh, and prep the last sweet and hot peppers for the freezer too. So a lot of food preservation plans for tomorrow, and then that's it fro the garden for this year! 

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Busy morning of running errands here - 


- Went to Payless to buy a pair of mary janes for myself and new sneakers for Little Man with my 30% off coupon. 

- Stopped at two Dollar Trees - picked up some more Halloween decor (a wood ghost sign and some plastic bugs to glitter - hurry if you want their Halloween stuff - they're starting to swap it for Christmas already!) and also found Hunt's ketchup and Campbells tomato soup, which I had coupons for (yes, Dollar Tree takes coupons now!). 

- Went to Target for coffee (that we forgot on our grocery trip, but that ended up being a good thing since the one I had coupons for was also on sale) and also picked up two more of the wooden skeletons for $2 a piece, so I have a trio of them now. 

- Hung up the last of the Halloween decor I bought today (I think the fall decor is finally "finished" for this year, even though I misplaced some things in our last move. I'm hoping it's still in my in-law's attic). 

- Put Little Man down for a late nap. 


I was hoping to take Little Man to the park this afternoon, but of course now it's raining. Go figure. So we'll play cars and Lego and have an indoor day here. I also plan to tidy up the linen closet and put some pumpkin butter to cook in the crockpot. Then after bedtime tonight I have to hop to all the food preservation that needs to get done today! 

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Is everyone else so busy they don't have time to post this weekend, or is everyone on a relaxing vacation without me? ;-)


Another busy day here, as it turned out. My in laws came over and took Little Man out for a few hours this morning, so I did a little bit of running around - 


- Did some office work at the crack of dawn since I was on call today. 

- Put pumpkin butter to cook in the crockpot. 

- Loaded the dishwasher and started it. 

- Dropped husband off at work for a day shift so I could keep the car. 

- Popped in at Five Below to see if they had cases that would fit our new phones. They didn't, but I did pick up headphones that will work with my phone since I didn't have any. 

- Stopped at a different Dollar Tree to see if they had any of the Halloween items left that I was looking for - I found the last three packages of paper silhouettes in the store, of owls that I didn't yet have, fake spider webbing, and another of the black and orange graveyard window stickies that I liked. I also picked up three ceramic houses and two packages of people from the ::cringe:: Christmas section so I could turn it into my version of this haunted village for Halloween

- Came home and spray painted a beech crown molding shelf with black spray paint to spruce it up and better match our decor. 

- Spray painted the three houses and three of the people with black spray paint for the haunted village. 

- Put up the extra Halloween window stickies I bought.

- In laws brought Little Man home, so I fed him lunch and put him down for a nap. 

- I napped while Little Man napped!

- Took Little Man out for Portillos as a treat, where he only wanted to eat ketchup, no fries or chicken tenders. Only ketchup. Sigh. 

- Went to Michaels and picked up a few things for the haunted village. Little Man selected a brown picket fence, and I found mini tombstones and a battery-operated purple light set. I also grabbed a package of paint pens for another project, and some black glitter paint to spruce up the village with. I found about a billion other things I wanted, but used restraint. Sort of. 

- Stopped at Lowes for red spray paint for yet another project (I'm excited to be getting back into my projects, obviously!), and wall anchors to hang the crown molding shelf. 

- Used restraint again (twice in one day!) and did not stop in the Goodwill right next to Lowes because I figured I spent enough money and have enough projects/clothes/books for the moment. Weird for me. 

- Attempted to go to the library, but forgot they close at 5 on Sundays. 

- Stopped at the forest preserve to see the elk (yes, Elk Grove Village actually does keep a herd of elk...) and stayed for a half hour since they were all out really close the fence. 

- Went to Ikea to pick up husband from work and walked around with Little Man for 20 minutes while we waited for him to be done. 

- Drove home (always an accomplishment in suburban traffic, especially when it's dark out). 

- Boiled water for pasta and opened a jar of sauce and called it dinner.

- Baked some pumpkin muffins so we'll have something halfway decent for breakfast in the morning. 


And that is it. I'm thinking about doing the glitter accents on my haunted village, but we'll see. I'm totally freaking tired and I just got the November issue of Saveur in the mail Saturday... I have so many things I want to do in "free time" at night I can never decide which thing to actually do. And thank god we have a dishwasher and nobody cares if there's fuzz all over the carpet and water rings on the coffee table... :-) 

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I'm guilty of being both too busy and too disorganized to post, but here's today's list so far:


- assembled and mailed DS2 his care package

- went to the bank about the checking account for a non-profit I'm with -- tax ID number angst

- walked my dog

- had lunch . . . sitting down!

- pulled together info for DS1 to end his temporary health insurance since his employer provides plans

- printed out tax forms required for same non-profit as above; intimidating

- prepared and printed treasurer's report for ditto

- set up an appointment with a home inspector

- printed agenda and draft outline for a (different entity) meeting I have later on this week

- drafted a letter for my mother to send with a donation she's making

- tried to get the mail but it's not here yet; got a nice little walk with mother and the dog, anyway

- haha, just had to re-send email to board members because I didn't attach my report


The evening looks quiet, unless I've forgotten something else.  More Possession.

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It continues to be insanely busy around here lately. Today got a few things done - 


- Made bacon, eggs and croissants for breakfast.

- Stopped at the bank for quarters for laundry. 

- Went to Target to snag a hugely good deal on toilet paper and get sandwich fixings for our trip to the botanic garden tomorow. 

- Downloaded some free books to my Kindle. 

- Found three new free Shutterfly codes - 1 free card with code CARD4U by 12/5, 30 free prints with code MITTY by 10/28 or your choice of either a free magnet, address labels or 16x20 print with code PICKONE by 10/20. 

- Started some draft blog posts. 

- Sorted laundry. 

- Tidied the house. 

- Reorganized the cabinet under the bathroom sink and the linen closet in order to fit all the toilet paper I bought (probably enough for six months...)

- Browsed the deals blogs to get a handle on shopping this week. 


Not bad, but I've got a few things left to do this evening - 


- Wash and dry a load of laundry. We're out of the essentials.

- Bake some pumpkin muffins. 

- Put beans to soak for tomorrow's dinner. 

- Pack a day bag for our trip to the botanic garden tomorrow. 

- Plan out the November bills. 

- Finish painting my Halloween haunted village so I can set it up this weekend. 

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