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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

-Polished off the remains of a chocolate cake (does that count as an accomplishment?)


i vote yes: therefore, i too have accomplished something today.


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I am so proud of myself today! DH and I have been talking about rearranging the living room for a couple of weeks now. He went out to the pub with his brother tonight and I decided to do it myself to surprise him. It only took about an hour and a half, including moving his gigantic flatscreen mounted on a stand that he kept insisting would take three people to take apart and move (pulled the whole thing inch by inch, no taking apart required!). Then I organized his mess of cables, so all he'll have to do is plug his game systems back in. I even figured out what I had done that turned the internet off and fixed it! So all we have to do now is pick up a floor lamp for this dungeon of a corner and we're good to go.


I also went grocery shopping, took the kids to the library, made an appointment to get DD's picture taken, and got another square done on BIL's afghan. I have had a VERY productive day!

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Yay!  Let's record my achievements!


-Did the first day of a trial run to see if I want to watch a little boy.

-Cleaned a bit.

-Cut the bad parts out of my wormy pears and canned 14 quarts.

-Walked to the MAX station with The Hubby to take him to work, walked to Taco Bell before walking to drop him off.

-Walked back to the MAX, went grocery shopping and scored awesome deals ($2/doz for cage free blahblahblah eggs, $5/half gallon for organic full fat yogurt), walked back to MAX, walked/jogged home.

-Was nice to the kids at bedtime.


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So far:


-Finished sewing a messenger bag for my nephew's birthday party tomorrow

-Blogged about an intriguing legal conundrum

-Did a mystery shop at a supermarket, and even remembered while pulling into the parking lot of Supermarket A that I was supposed to be mystery shopping Supermarket B, which was just as well!

-Baked (at the time of writing) half a carrot cake for Grandma's eightieth birthday celebration on Sunday

-Started work on another birthday cake, for my nephew's birthday... it will be a dump truck, which isn't the sort of thing I do best, cake-wise, but ehh, it'll be edible. And yellow. Oh, so yellow.

-Bit of houseworky stuff


Hopefully by the time I go to bed, I will have done significantly more cake icing, baked the other half of the carrot cake, uploaded my mystery shopping receipt, and blogged again to show off the cute pictures of the messenger bag and the jacket I made for the baby the other day. But Photobucket and WordPress are conspiring against me. WHY can't you rotate images in WordPress, and WHY, if you rotated them already and saved them in Photobucket, do they still show up sideways in WordPress?? Anyone?

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Gone for a 50 minute walk.

Done a load of laundry.

Answered an old e-mail that was hanging over my head.

reapplied for Zipcar so I can get dd to her choir retreat week after next.

Finished one section of my syllabus

Took a walk with a friend.


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Took my kids to a fun birthday party at a park.
Went to the wedding of one of the teen moms I mentor at our Teen MOPS program at church smile.gif
Bathed the dog.
Mopped the kitchen.
Did a load of laundry.
Put a bunch of puzzles together with my kiddos.
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-Did a good half-hour or so of gardening (specifically, pulling weeds out of the gravel driveway... kind of fun, actually)

-Bathed the kidlings

-Did some sewing (overalls for DS)

-Went on a Playcentre trip to feed the ducks

-Folded some laundry


That's not really an impressive list. I'd better go do some more... something.

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Had the 6yo, 8yo and 10yo do math.

Read a history chapter to everyone.

Emptied one of the bookshelves in preparation for our move.

Two loads of laundry.

Two loads of dishes.

Took kids grocery shopping and got $96 of soup and popcorn for $30 (after sales and coupons).

Arranged a playdate for 10yo.

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Not much. I kept the kids alive, loaded the dishwasher, took some trash out, and made a couple of phone calls. That's about it.


In my defense, I'm sick. orngtongue.gif Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive!

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-Made pasta for breakfast (I know, kind of odd, but at least I made an effort!)

-Defrosted the freezer


-More laundry

-Yet more laundry

-Entertained aged relative

-Made curry for dinner

-Hennaed my hair

-Read a bunch of books to DD

-Put oats on to soak for porridge tomorrow

-Cleaned the kitchen

-More laundry. And it's still not all done.

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Ordered this bumper sticker:


I can't wait to get it.
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-Made porridge for breakfast

-Swept floor

-Pesked two editors

-Some more weeding

-Planted beans

-Sorted through old veggie seeds. Turns out some of them expired in 2008. No wonder my germination rates suck.

-Went shopping with aged relative

-Sent off an article, which, if accepted, will eventually result in a payment of $10. HOW RICH I SHALL BE.

-Cut up a pumpkin

-Organised having my family round for dinner on Friday, which now has me panicking because I will need to feed them

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post


-Sent off an article, which, if accepted, will eventually result in a payment of $10. HOW RICH I SHALL BE.


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The most important accomplishment in my day was bringing my son home from the SICU at the hospital. :-) He's currently taking his first nap in his very own crib. 


Which has afforded me a little time to catch up on reading my blog feed and forums. 


We also picked up some movies and books at the library, so we can indulge in some much-needed low-key relaxing while the little guy naps (though we'll be napping when he does a lot as well, I'm sure). I finally feel that after four days of him being there, I can finally breathe and allow myself to recover and relax properly. Good thing the house was perfectly clean and we stocked up on freezer meals before he was born! 

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I got dinner in the crockpot, organized the clean laundry pile in our closet and tidied the house. And I did the dishes. 


What's everyone else up to?

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I showered and made jambalaya to use up food scraps.


I consider today a good day.

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Made the cutest fall wreath, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest -- a knock-off of this one, which sells for $99 -- the materials for mine cost $18!


Made some phone calls that put my mind completely at ease about a situation that's been stressing me out lately. 


It's a good day! smile.gif

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Went on a mish to town with DD and DS. Together we:


-Got some books out of the ibrary

-Bought DD some new shoes (desperately needed - she wore her slippers to town!)

-Took DD's boots in to get fixed

-Posted some business letters for DH

-Had an ice cream with DD because she was good


Now I'm exhausted. :p Going to town leaves me shattered these days. And we were only out for, like, an hour and a half. It's now 1PM and I need to give us lunch and have a nap!




-Went to the dump shop to try to find some furniture to do up and sell. Unsuccessful.

-Went to bookshop to sell a bunch of old books. Sold some of 'em for $70 - not too shabby. Mum's going to put some of the others up on a homeschooling book swap board, too.

-Iced cupcakes with DD




-Cleaned the stove

-Listed some books to sell online

-Went to the Playcentre AGM, but skipped out in a cowardly fashion partway through because it was running overtime and I'd left the baby with DH

-Stopped at the supermarket for soup ingredients

-Realised as I walked in that I was still wearing the hat from the Playcentre AGM, which was themed "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" - yes, apparently they theme their AGMs. In last-minute underachieving fashion I was simply wearing an ill-fitting trilby with a toothbrush stuck in the brim, but still.

-Got to the checkout and realised I'd left my purse at home.

-Drove home, rescued the baby and sent DH off to pay for the veggies.


Best. Wife. Ever.

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Originally Posted by limabean View Post

Made the cutest fall wreath, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest -- a knock-off of this one, which sells for $99 -- the materials for mine cost $18!

Oooo I want to make one now too! The dollar store usually has moss and little faux gourds this time of year too... I think I may have to go out on Saturday to see if I can find the materials! 


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We took the baby out for the first time (other than to the doctor's office). We walked to the library and popped into the store for a few groceries. It was a beautiful fall day. Didn't find the things I needed for the wreath mentioned above, but I'm keeping my eyes open. 

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