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I love the Tudors! Queen Elizabeth I is one of my all-time favourite people. She was awesome. (Not awesome in a morally virtuous and inspiringly productive way, awesome in a larger-than-life-personality-and-interesting-to-read-about way... but still awesome.)


Well, today was DD's birthday party. I got up obscenely early - well, 7:45, but I'd been up after midnight doing her Cinderella dress, and it's a Saturday! - and we went to music lessons, during which I managed to finish the buttonholes on DS' shirt. Got home, got ready for the party, finished icing the cake, finished the Cinderella dress and headband and choker about ten minutes before we had to leave, and went.


The party was good. One family didn't show up; my in-laws were an hour late and didn't speak to me; and DD got black icing all over the Cinderella dress. But still, it was pretty nice. :) A perfect day in the end - not too hot, even some clouds (yay!) - and the kids ran around the rose gardens and climbed trees and played on the playground, while us adults sat in the rotunda and chatted. She got a few gifts, but not an overwhelmingly ghastly lot; and there was a decent selection of food for the gluten-free-ites.


We just got back now. I also baked a milktart and some cookies this morning, so I don't have too much to do for tomorrow. I just need to:


-fill the alfajores

-shape and bake the maslenki dough (I'll fill 'em tomorrow)

-sprinkle cinnamon on the milktart

-sew the buttons on DS' shirt


Oh, and make dinner, which we forgot about. Still, that's not too bad. I might read my book for awhile...


Also, I'd sorta forgotten that DH's birthday is in five days... so yeah, that sloth thing might have to wait. :p

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Cool thread. Never saw it before. Today I:

had breakfast with DH and kids

dropped 15 envelopes at the post office for my solo exhibition next friday

worked at my studio from 10:30 to 5:30 - normally I do not work weekends but there is a big group show of 60 artists so had to be there

had lunch with two friends at same studio

sold a painting

continued painting a breastfeeding scene (in protest against the TIME magazine breast feeding cover)

made dinner - chorizzo and ploenta with marscapone, yum, but kids don't like it

put kids to bed

wasted time on the computer - RIGHT NOW - I don't want to have to look at my vacation pay, I hate finances!

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Today I got dressed and brushed my hair and teeth before the baby was squealing to be picked up. That was a good sign. I got her in the Bumbo before hubby came out and started dishes. I felt awful last night so that was just not high on the priority list. Then I made eggs for us, talked to hubby for a bit, nursed the baby off and on all morning, got his lunch and super, did dishes again, half cleaned the freezer, checked emails, put in a Shutterfly order, got a all the laundry fine AND out away, diapers in the washer now. gO also got through a couple of piles of paper that have been driving me nuts. So far, so good!
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- Called the doctor for a test result and got good news - i.e. all normal! 

- Made breakfast. 

- Cleaned the master closet for about the sixteenth billionth time. It's a cesspit for crap. 

- Did a load of laundry, including actually putting away. 

- Reorganized some of Little Man's toys a books, bringing a small basket of them out to the front room.

- Got corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot for dinner. 

- Packed up lunches for tomorrow. 


Still need to finish up the blog post I've been working on for half a century, as well as make up a small batch of pear puree and a baked sweet potato for Little Man. 

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Had a pretty lazy day today. Got up gloriously late. Then:


-Helped DD write a thankyou letter to Grandma, and added a note of my own

-Started making DD a blouse

-Made creamy garlic pasta for lunch and stuffed baked potatoes for dinner

-Did a load of laundry

-Organised a few photos

-Booked the restaurant for DH's birthday party and arranged babysitting with Mum


Then had a nap in the afternoon and another long laze on the bed with DS this evening, while he had the milks and I read The Woman in White. I'm greatly enjoying it.


DH is working late again, so I guess I'll keep working on DD's blouse.

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

I love the Tudors! Queen Elizabeth I is one of my all-time favourite people. She was awesome. (Not awesome in a morally virtuous and inspiringly productive way, awesome in a larger-than-life-personality-and-interesting-to-read-about way... but still awesome.)


Have you read the Philippa Gregory historical novels? She wrote "The Other Boleyn Girl", which got made into a movie with Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana (Star Trek's Nero). The book is about a thousand times better than the movie. And it's part of a larger series called The Tudor Court. And if you like that series, there's a series called The Cousin's War, which focuses on the previous generation during the War of the Roses. Riveting stuff. I wish she'd hurry up and write more, because I've read pretty much everything she's written at this point. 


Mildly productive evening here after I put Little Man to bed -


- Baked a coffee cake. 

- Cooked some noodles to go with the last of the chili.

- Packed lunches for tomorrow.

- Picked up the toys and tidied the front room and kitchen.

- Laid out my clothes for tomorrow.


Husband picked up a shift at work tonight, so I'll probably head into bed with my book soon. As soon as the coffee cake is cool enough to put the lid on the pan, anyway.  

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Today I:


-made macarons (first time - not particularly successful, look- and foot-wise, but they tasted nice)

-churned up some coffee straciatella ice cream

-had a friend over for lunch (easy - leftovers!)

-wandered round the orchard with her getting apples

-did some homeschooling with DD

-cleaned and vacuumed a bit

-shaped and baked a loaf of bread

-organised to go to work tomorrow (just for a few hours - they're understaffed)

-made corn and ham chowder

-made garlic cream cheese butter

-made sunken chocolate cakes, which were kind of a disaster - wouldn't come out of the pans

-had Mum and two of my little sisters over for dinner

-practiced violin with one sister

-watched The African Queen with them all while we ate

-chatted until 11PM


And now it's time for bed! A very pleasant evening.


Kitchensqueen, I can't remember if I've read any Philippa Gregory or not! I know I've seen her name around, and I saw the movie (meh)... I'll give her a shot when I've finished my current batch of books.

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Spent the morning with my elderly dad, took him to the dentist. He uses a walker and is very slow moving.  Think Prisoner of Azkaban, little old lady crossing the street, almost run over by the Knight Bus.


Cleaned out more of the old house, hauled hundreds of pounds of rubbish to the curb for county pick-up today.  Yay!  Dirty work, but I'm so glad it's done. 

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Hubby's clothes are washed n dried. That's good or he'd have to go commando tomorrow. :{
Dishes were done, still have the ones from dinner.
Made chocolate chip cookies AND burgers while hubby watched a movie and rocked DD to sleep.
Made the bed and got dressed
Read a few chapters in my book.
Checked emails.
Talked to my mom and sister on the phone
Nursed this little Titty Monster about 45 times. She's attached all day sometimes and this afternoon is no exception.
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Yesterday I:

-- Helped coach DS's running club before school
-- Went for a 6-mile hike with a friend
-- Picked DD up from school and had lunch with her at home
-- Picked DS up from school and gave them after-school snack
-- Played with the kids (Simon says, guess what animal I am, hokey pokey, etc.) until DH got home
-- Made dinner (pizza and salad)
-- Checked DS's homework
-- Read my book while DH put the kids to bed
-- Watched an episode of Dexter with DH
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After really slow going yesterday, today went along more easily.  So far I:


- did physical therapy

- talked on the phone with my mother

- walked with my dog; I'll ask DH to take his snowshoes out to pack down the path more, we were post holing a bit

- washed dishes

- got some wallpaper samples temporarily hung up on the stair landing to test drive them

- skyped with DS1

- made soup for dinner

- picked out more wallpaper samples

- kept the fire going

- wondered who would hang the wallpaper if we ever decided on any

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Another decent evening around here - 


- Stopped at Target for hair color and a new pair of heels for a Christening that I have to go to Saturday. Also got some seed-starting medium.

- Made dinner.

- Updated some apps on Google Chrome (since they're getting rid of Reader!)

- Tidied the kitchen. 

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My bigger post is the what I didn't do thread....

So I've nursed her about ten times, she's on there now.
Made some time for hubby when she took a little nap this morning
Made dinner
Got a short nap with her
Took her outside twice for a few min, still a bit cold
Watched a short comedy thing on the computer while she nursed
Made hubby's lunch
Took pics and wrote the info while my sister in law weighed the pups
Ordered some things I've needed from Amazon
Found out Ana is going to have another double cousin this fall, my brother is married to hubby's sister and they have the cutest kids!
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Today we got rid of things!


- finalized and placed an order for more wallpaper samples

- hauled old computer hardware to Goodwill for recycling

- hauled a couple bags of donations to Goodwill

- picked up a couple kitchen things for DS2 (baking sheet, grater)

- got groceries at our coop

- made tonight's dinner and started tomorrow's soup

- chatted on skype with DS1

- folded laundry, washed and hung another load

- started care packages for DS1 and DS2


Time to sit down with a book.

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Well is Sunday, so not much planned. I've played with Ana, watched Veggietales, made the dough for my pizza, got hubby's lunch ready, changed three poppy diapers, got a call that my aunt died last night, and currently texting my brother.

I have to finish writing out some letters, now some sympathy cards too, a couple thank you cards need done, I need to feed the dogs again, work on a photo book, do hubby's laundry, fold diapers, bla bla bla. None of it will take long, just need to do it!
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Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

got a call that my aunt died last night


Sorry to hear that. :-(


I had a fairly productive day in and around quality time with Little Man, and husband before he went to work. 


- Made a breakfast casserole for brunch today and leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. 

- Did three loads of laundry. 

- Vacuumed.

- Changed the sheets on Little Man's bed. 

- Baked a giant batch of mini banana muffins. 

- Made Thai noodle soup for lunch. 

- Steamed and pureed a butternut squash for kiddo food. 

- Baked a batch of jumbo chocolate chip muffins. 

- Organized the chest freezer and the fridge freezer. 

- Cleaned out the fridge. 

- Pulled out a few things from the freezer to defrost - chicken for tomorrow's night dinner and chili for lunch for husband and the kiddo tomorrow. 

- Cleaned the fingerprints and spills off the coffee table. 

- Roasted four sweet peppers for the roasted red pepper pasta sauce I'm going to make in a bit. 

- Picked up all the toys in the front room and tidied up. 

- Made the bed and tidied the bathroom. 

- Took apart the computer that blew up a few weeks after and put it in our bedroom until we can figure out where to recycle it. 

- Organized some clothes that can be donated to Goodwill.


I still need to make the roasted red pepper pasta sauce (for Little Man - the kid wants to live almost exclusively on noodles, so I'm trying to mix up the sauces), lay out my clothes for tomorrow, organize my work bag, and start the dishwasher. Then I'm going to bed early with my book - it's a library Kindle that expires in three days, and I'm only halfway through... got to get on it! 


Oh, and my husband fully cleaned the bathroom and swept and mopped the kitchen floor, so I didn't have to do that. :-)

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Sorry about your aunt, MrsKoehn.


I should be on "didn't accomplish" but I got a couple of my major goals hit:


- baked rolls for DS1 and DS2 -- care package day tomorrow, and I get my counter space back!


- made "Easter money" for DS1 and DS2.  Got a roll of quarters for each of them, covered with yellow construction paper, put on a little orange beak, little inked eyes, little triangle wings, and left a little pointy tail in back.  (I started doing this when I ran out of origami paper money animal ideas.)


- ordered snow boots at 40% off, my old ones didn't provide any support and my knee has been screaming

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I have designated this week Getting Long-Overdue Stuff Done Week.


Today I:


-Made laundry powder

-Tidied up a bit

-Rang someone about food for the Easter Convention (annual church thing)

-Homeschooled DD a bit

-Went to drycleaners

-Visited a few op shops looking for buttons (no luck)

-Did a mystery shop

-Printed out some photos

-Made lunch (fried potatoes and gravy)

-Laundry. Lots.

-More homeschooling

-Cleaned out and vacuumed the car; washed the floor mats; hosed down and vaguely swiped over the outside

-More cleaning

-Drew with DD

-Read DS a book and fed him things until he became happy


-Cleaned and vacuumed the bedroom

-Vacuumed the living room and hall

-Cleaned a few windows

-Helped make dinner (steak and veggies)

-Sewed the buttonholes and buttons on my dress; got DH to measure the hem


Yawn. I was going to start hot cross buns tonight, but it's 11:07 and I can't be bothered. Feel virtuous, though. :p

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I just finished with school for the day and Ana's padded out in my lap. She really needs this nap, she was getting SO grouchy.
I put away the laundry I did Thursday (oops) and started some more. That was a big accomplishment
Gave Ana a quick bath
Told the girls if they love me, there's some jobs they could do to help. (yes, my love language is totally acts of service) Now my baby trees are watered, lawn picked up, trash taken care of, and dog food in the bin. smile.gif I love them too, they all get a Get Out Of Jail Free card.
I worked on a photo book a bit. I a few one from Shutterfly if I order by tomorrow. Might get it done....
I did some general straightening and so forth last night. Made me feel so much better. Ana fell asleep for an hour on hubby so I ran with it. smile.gif Last night I also got some checks, bills and sympathy cards out.

Thank you for your kind sympathies on my aunt. She was the one I haven't seen since I was little, but it was a hard situation all around. If any of you pray, remember my family if you will. My other aunts and dad are taking it hard. She was the baby of the eight kids and grew up my dad's best buddy. She'll be missed.
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We celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday (a week late because we were sick the previous weekend). We had neighbors over to join us, so yesterday I:


-- Boiled 2 corned beef briskets, glazed them, and put them in the fridge to bake before serving

-- Made 2 loaves of Irish soda bread, one with and one without currants and caraway seeds

-- Made scalloped potatoes with homemade cheese sauce and put them in the fridge to bake before serving

-- Made a cabbage salad and dressing, then stored them separately in the fridge to dress before serving

-- Put beer in the fridge to chill

-- Fed the kids lunch

-- Cleaned the downstairs (kitchen, bathroom, dusting), and DH vacuumed and mopped the floors

-- Put the potatoes and corned beef in the oven

-- Made guacamole from the avocados my in-laws brought us from their tree a few days ago, and put that out with chips

-- Had a great night dining and hanging out with my family and neighbors -- I even got to snuggle their adorable newborn girl love.gif

-- Went to bed at 9:30 because I was wiped out, and then woke up even more tired than usual today -- why does that always seem to happen? The earlier I go to bed the harder it is to wake up in the morning!

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