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Dry Climate / Bloody nose? (Update after pedi visit)

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Anyone live in a dry climate and have an infant with a bloody nose.  I noticed some brown streaks in DS' spit up last week and thought it might have been some dried blood.  DH dismissed it.


Well today I saw some more brown streaks in his spit up and when changing him I noticed he has dried blood in his nose.


He has some other things going on (weird bruising) so I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else.


Any thoughts?


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Blood plus weird bruising would have me talking to a doc.

Otherwise, yeah, dry air causes adults to get bloody noses, can't see why it wouldn't happen to a baby, too :)

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i am quite reluctant to seek out the care of a doc.... and yet, the bloody nose and bruising in my infant wou;d have me at the office

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We are heading to the pedi today.  I called last week for an appointment and the pedi told me the bruising was "normal."


If you can see these things there is no way that this is normal.  They have little hard nodules underneath them.  They progress like a bruise and disappear but when he got four more over the course of last week it was enough for me regardless of what the doc says.

I'm not a big doc person either but the bruising has me totally freaked out!  He's normally a pretty mellow little guy.  He rarely fusses and he's been screaming his head off the last two days if he's not sleeping-- so something is amiss. 


I will just feel better knowing I had it looked at and not just describing it over the phone.


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So I took DS to the pediatrician yesterday to show him the bruises that I noticed 2 weeks ago.  I called last week about them and described them as bruise colored patches with hard nodules under them (at the time he only had 2 or 3.  He said they were "normal" without even seeing him.  I had a feeling otherwise but he's the doc --right?He said to call back if he got a bunch more or a fever.  Over the course of the week he got 4 more so I called and made an appointment yesterday.  When he saw them his response was "OH heavens my...that's not normal"  What hospital was he born in?  When I told him he was born at home, he inquired about the vit K shot.  I told him we opted out and his reaction was quite alarming.  He ended our appointment right then and there and told me to go to the ER right away (X3).  He said he would call ahead and let them know we were coming.


So I drove to the ER feeling like the worst mother ever thinking that whatever he has going on I could have prevented by a simple shot or oral drops but based on my research, I opted out.

The ER doc looked at them and didn't seem to think they were a big deal.  He's older and didn't think the whole vit K was a big deal.  Actually, he didn't even know why they gave infants vit K.


So they drew some blood and we waited.  Poor DS was exhausted from crying...we had a bad couple of days with upset tummy.  If he wasn't sleeping, he was screaming in pain--it was horrible and made me very sympathetic for moms with colicky babes. 


Blood work came back to show that his white count was elevated and his platelets were also elevated.  The ER doc consulted with the on call pediatrician because they expected the platelets to be low.  We now have a referral to a pediatric hematologist.


It could be something as simple as anemia (fingers crossed) or something as horrible as leukemia.  Now we play the wait and see game.  I'm trying not to worry but how can you not.


At least we had a better night last night.  He finally stopped crying and would happily nurse.  His diapes also fit better so I'm guessing his tummy was really bloated from all the gas.  He woke up all smiles this AM

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Well, that was dramatic and scary! And I can't really think why he'd be freaking out about the vitamin K - that's for intercranial bleeding, really.


I'm so sorry. I'm glad you at least have attentive medical care when you go in and I hope you get good news soon!

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